Welcome to my newsletter! I hope life is flourishing for you. I’ve just landed after a couple of amazing retreats. First, co-teaching level 6 of the Shakti Tantra mixed programme with Hilly Spencley. The week was a juicy combination of Tantra and Shamanism and was called “Bliss” and and bliss it was! The magic culminated with a powerful fire walk under the full moon. Check out the Shakti Tantra programmes – it’s life changing work.

Then to the magical Cae Mabon in Wales to run a wild woman retreat with my beautiful friend and colleague Steph Magenta. We spent a weekend discovering and celebrating the beautiful and powerful women we are. Steph and I are currently cooking up some more delicious offerings. More to follow…

BodyLove: How to Love Your Body and Feel Great, June 11th, Manchester 

I am very excited to be running my workshop BodyLove again. This workshop is for any woman who doesn’t love her body and how she looks. Join me to discover the practice of BodyLove, connecting you to the magnificence of your body and providing practical, everyday approaches on how to accept, embrace and celebrate the body you have.

“I recommend this for anyone with a body! We all deserve to love our bodies. Thanks for helping me recognise this.”  

During the day we will discover how your beliefs and feelings about your body affect you and how you can transform them, connecting you to your unique beauty so that you can flourish. Watch my video to find out more and you can book tickets here.

Here’s a link to a blog I wrote a couple of years ago on how to learn to love your body.

I was interviewed by the gorgeous Lucy from Sensual Healing Harmony who hold luxury retreats and workshops for women. I am delighted to be a senior guide on the Sensual Healing Harmony team. Lucy asked me all about self love and how we can have more in our lives. 

My next women’s circle is Wednesday 20th July and on Wednesday 6th July I am hosting an Introduction to Essential Oils evening. The evening will be with the very gorgeous doTERRA oils and there will be a special Q&A on essential oils for the bedroom! You can find out full details here.

If you are concerns about sex and intimacy please get in touch. I offer bespoke Sex & Pleasure Coaching Programmes to support you in transforming whatever is holding you back so you can flourish.  I offer in-person programmes at my practices near Liverpool and in Manchester, and also via Skype.

Do get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.

With pleasure,

Sarah Rose Bright xx



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