“I recommend this for anyone with a body! We all deserve to love our bodies. Thanks for helping me recognise this.”  Participant, 2016

“It has changed my life…I will run naked in the gardens and beach….well not sure about the beach! :-)” Participant 2017

Do you:

~ look in the mirror and criticise what you see?

~ maybe even avoid looking in mirrors?

~ avoid getting partially or fully naked in front of others?

~ hold yourself back from certain situations because you’re not comfortable in the skin you’re in?

~ compare yourself to others and wish you could change your body?

“Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief she herself is beautiful.” 

Sophia Loren

If you’ve answered yes to one or more of the above, would you like to:

~ learn to see yourself and your body through new eyes?

~ learn powerful yet simple tools that you can use everyday to be kinder to yourself and your body

~ tap into the joy, pleasure and wisdom available when you really live in your body?

~ be supported by an incredible group of women who feel similarly (you are definitely not  alone with this!)?

~ learn to celebrate, even love your body?

We only have one body and it is utterly precious. Our body is our bridge to the world, and how we think and feel about it affects all of our interactions.  Yet many of us spend our lives being continually critical of our bodies and how we look, comparing ourselves to others and trying to make changes that are based on punishment rather than positivity. We wouldn’t stand for it if our loved ones treated us this way, so why do we do it to ourselves?

And when it comes to sex, you ain’t never going to fully enjoy it if you’re not comfortable in your own skin! How you feel about your body will prevent you from losing yourself in the moment and really enjoying pleasure.

Join me to discover the practice of BodyLove, connecting you to the magnificence of your body and providing practical, everyday approaches on how to accept, embrace, celebrate and listen to the body you have. During the day you will discover how your beliefs and feelings about your body affect you and how you can transform them, connecting you to your inner knowing and unique beauty so that you can flourish.

“I feel like I’ve stepped through a doorway I couldn’t even contemplate opening before and its like a garden blooming with flowers in front of me. I never imagined I could feel this happy in my body. I feel set free to explore life with infinite potential now. No limits. Woo hoo!” Participant, 2016

This day is facilitated by Sex, Pleasure and Intimacy Coach Sarah Rose Bright. Nearly fifteen years ago, Sarah hated her body.  She knew she had to do something about it because it was negatively affecting her whole life. Over time she has shifted from self-loathing to self-acceptance and self-love (most of the time :-)). Through her own experiences, Sarah knows that life-changing transformation is possible, and she is passionate about bringing women together to support each other to do this work.

Sarah inspires women to erotic freedom and to know and love who they are. She blends ancient wisdom with modern sexology and alternative approaches distilling this into knowledge and experiences that can make a real difference in your life. You can find out more about Sarah

“Every woman needs and deserves to attend this workshop. You are worth it!” Participant 2017

BodyBeloved workshops are open to all self-identified women. Women of all sexual orientations and relationship models are welcome. BodyBeloved workshops are clothes-on events.

This workshop always sells out so if one or more of the above statements is true for you and this workshop is calling you, book now to claim your place and join us for a powerful and transformative day.

Time: Arrive 9.30am for 10am start. Finish 6pm.

Date: Saturday 3rd February 2018

Venue: Kapucia, 27, Lord Street, Liverpool L2 9SA

There will be beautiful and really reasonably priced raw food available to buy for lunch or you can bring your own.


Early bird £55 – before January 5th 2018

Full price £65

Do get in touch to book a place as this workshop always sells out.

Get in touch with Sarah to book a place.