Sex & Pleasure Coaching for Ejaculation Control

Is any of this true for you?

  • Are you ejaculating sooner than you or your partner/s wishes?
  • Is this causing you frustration, anxiety or embarrassment? 
  • Is this affecting your relationship or are you avoiding intimacy because of this? 
  • Is this affecting your confidence and well being day to day? 
  • You’ve tried other techniques but none have worked and maybe even reduced your pleasure

‘Premature’ or ‘early’ ejaculation is when a man ejaculates sooner than they or their partner/s wishes.  The length of time it takes to ejaculate is only an issue if either you and/or your partner/s is upset about it. Early ejaculation is one of the most common sexual concerns, affecting men of all ages.

You may ejaculate sooner than you would like to. You may find this happens only when you are with a partner/s or this may be happening when you masturbate too.  You may ejaculate before penetration or it may only be an issue during penetration.  You may come in seconds, it may be minutes. Regardless of time, it is an issue for you. This may have started recently or you may have been experiencing this for years.

Would you like to…

  • Learn how to control your ejaculation so that you can choose when you ejaculate? 
  • Learn how to do this in a way that increases your pleasure?
  • Resolve this for the long term?
  • Receive personalised sex education including understanding how your sexual anatomy and arousal works and expand the spectrum of pleasure that you experience?
After the break up of a long term relationship, I was severely lacking in self confidence. I struggled with premature ejaculation and would avoid intimacy with women as I felt like I couldn’t talk about this to anyone. This is when I went to see Sarah. Following a few visits to see Sarah and the exercises she introduced me to, my confidence was immeasurably improved. I am now confident and comfortable with my body and am in a relationship in which sexual issues are discussed openly, I also don’t struggle with premature ejaculation any more. Thanks very much Sarah!!
James, 39, Solicitor 


Why this programme? 

To succeed, there are some essential components you need and this programme offers them all…

Knowledge: To learn how to control your ejaculation, you need to know how your body, your arousal and your pleasure really works. I’ve studied this for over a decade and helped many many clients overcome early ejaculation. I weave the best of modern sexology and sex education with Tantric practices and alternative approaches so that people can experience the most fulfilling sexual pleasure. From this, I’ve created a tried and tested structure to support you to learn the skills you need to end early ejaculation for good.

Structure: By breaking the essential skills you need to learn into small, sequential steps, this will help keep the momentum going towards your goal of controlling your ejaculation so that you can resolve this for the long term.

Practice: To learn new skills we need to practice, practice, practice, not just in the sessions, but outside too. In between the sessions, there will be exercises to do at home for you to practice, explore and integrate what you are learning. These are tailored to your needs and lifestyle and are to be enjoyed!

Tailored support: The sessions are designed to give you the support you need. Even though some sequential steps are the same, you are unique, so the sessions are tailored to meet you where you are at. Each session is unique because it is a reflection of you, of your individuality, your concerns, interests and desires.

I am here to guide and encourage you, and gently challenge you if needed! I’m here to support you, to celebrate with you when it goes well and to learn with you when it doesn’t so we can keep moving towards your goals.

Is this right programme right for you?

This programme is for you if you are ready to invest in you to make the changes you desire and that your committed to the sessions and the practice in between sessions to get the best results.

This programme isn’t for you if your looking for a quick (and temporary!) fix or your looking for someone else to sort it for you.

In this program you will learn…

  • Personalised and pioneering sex education including understanding how your sexual anatomy and arousal works and how to increase your pleasure
  • The skills and techniques to regulate your arousal so you can choose when you ejaculate
  • Breathing, relaxation and mindfulness techniques to quiet your mind and enhance your sexual pleasure and your life
  • How to connect more to the feelings, sensations and wisdom in your body, increasing the spectrum of pleasure you experience
  • How to enjoy the more subtler levels of pleasure

And most importantly the tools and experience to end early ejaculation for good. 

And finally, 

If you’ve read this far, you really want to be able to choose when you ejaculate. Your saying YES to enjoying pleasure and intimacy. And knowing that you’ll feel better in the rest of your life too. I may not be the coach for you. That’s totally okay. But do find someone who can support you on this journey.  You don’t want to be where you are a year from now. Life is too short and you can change this and as I’ve seen, time and time again with my clients, it is SO worth the effort.  There’s no need to struggle with this alone when support is there. Take action, now is the time.

Ready to take the next step? 

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