For women

Have you ever thought about sex “Is this it?”  You are not alone. Women are often conditioned to be ‘good girls’ from an early age, and to not ask for what we want. The message is that if we follow our desires, it will get us into ‘trouble’.  So many women learn to ‘settle’ for things in life; sex and relationships hat aren’t even deeply fulfilling. ‘It’s good enough’ is a phrase I often hear.

This can leave women struggling with sex and intimacy, inhibited, unable to relax or enjoy ourselves, not talking about it, even shutting down and avoiding intimacy completely. 

Many women don’t know how to create the sex and intimate life they want; they may not even know what it is they want or what is actually possible. In our culture sex is ubiquitous, yet positive role models of female sexuality are few. We have no helpful sex education, so how can we truly enjoy sex when we don’t really know what we are doing or learn what we love. Few have had the opportunity to learn and explore their sexual and heart’s desires in a supportive and inspired place.

Our busy lives aren’t fertile grounds for great sex and intimacy either. We are often stressed, unable to switch off, often stuck in negative thinking, disconnected from our bodies with little time for pleasure, and when we find time for pleasure, we are often feeling guilty about taking time for ourselves or unable to relax.

You may be experiencing the following:

  • No/low libido
  • Poor/no sex
  • Poor body image
  • Don’t like your genitals
  • Low/no sexual confidence
  • Performance anxiety
  • No orgasms with self and/or partner/s
  • No/little pleasure in sex or life
  • Shame and guilt about fantasies or experiences
  • Challenges with sex and intimacy after life changes (childbirth, illness, menopause, ageing etc)

You want:

  • Your sexual concerns and worries to be a thing of the past.
  • Freedom from shame, guilt and worry about sex. to feel good about who you are.
  • To awaken or reignite your sexuality and feel sexually confident.
  • A supportive space to discover who you are as a sexual being, what you really want and how to communicate and express that.
  • The best sex and intimacy education.
  • To move beyond goal orientated pleasure.
  • To know that there is more.
  • To know what that it is and experience truly fulfilling sex, intimacy and pleasure.
  • To let go and enjoy yourself.
  • To learn how your partner/s (current or future) desires, pleasure and sexual psyche works so that you can create incredible pleasure together
  • To unlock the vitality and potency of your sexual energy, your life force; for your sexual ‘beingness’ to be integrated into your whole life
  • To live more fully – you don’t want life to be the same as it is 5, 10 , 15 years from now

You’re looking for someone who’s ‘been there’, who’s got the experience and expertise to support you in a space to listen without judgment. You want support from someone who sees and believes what’s possible for you.

The good news is this is not just in sex and intimacy. Sex is intimately connected to all aspects of your life so this work ripples out in positive ways.  My clients regularly experience more of the following in all aspects of their lives:

  • Confidence
  • Love
  • Happiness
  • Pleasure
  • Compassion
  • Peace of mind
  • Fun
  • Relaxation
  • Meaning
  • Courage
  • Honest communication
  • Fulfilling relationships and deeper intimacy
  • Vitality, health and well being
  • Fulfilling careers
  • More of what they love in life

If you are feeling the call to make changes in your life, or you are curious to see if this is really possible for you, do get in touch. It may be that not all the above is true for you, but some of it resonates. I take on clients who are ready to invest in themselves and make changes in their life. Are you ready? Get in touch to find out more about this bespoke Sex and Intimacy Coaching Programme, designed just for you.

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