Ignite the Erotic: Freedom through Pleasure



Ignite the Erotic: Freedom through Pleasure

– an online course for women

Ignite the Erotic is a gift to yourself: a rare opportunity to give yourself the space and time to connect to and nourish your erotic, sensual sexual self and to reflect, learn and flourish within a small and supported community of women.

This seven week online course includes a weekly themed 1.5 hour live online class exploring who you are as an erotic, sensual sexual being, discovering your erotic personality, self love, body love, the power of pleasure and desire, female pleasure, and partner intimacy. Each week has teachings, practices and an opportunity for Q&A supported with a private Facebook group – seven weeks of online sisterhood where we’ll share our explorations and discoveries and support, inspire and celebrate each other. This course is for 12 women.

If your reading this, chances are your ready to make some positive changes in your life. I’d love to help. It’s my passion. This is about your flourishing. You’re not broken, and there is nothing to fix. Just as an acorn holds everything within needed to blossom into an oak tree, you’ll discover that you have everything inside you that you need.  This is about you getting to know your erotic, sensual sexual self, how your body and pleasure works, how to express your natural erotic self, to love yourself and feel good about who you are.   Ignite the Erotic offers the structure, knowledge, practices and support to help you to do this.

I invite you now to simply consider these questions.

Are you

  • Wondering who you are as a sexual person, how you got here and what your sexual future looks like?
  • Going through the motions day to day, whether single or in a relationship, and wonder is this it for your sex life? You might be having any sex at all or what your having is simply not fulfilling.
  • Do you ever wonder how others seem to have a great sex life?
  • Wishing you could experience the sex education that you never had?
  • Someone who doesn’t have anyone to really talk honestly and openly to about this area of your life?
  • Feeling that you can’t switch off your negative mind chatter and relax?
  • Feeling that you’re lacking in sexual confidence, wondering if there is something ‘wrong’ with you, if you are ‘normal’ and whether you’re doing ‘sex right’ as you don’t have anyone to talk to openly and honestly about this area of your life?
  • At a time of transition? You could be going through a divorce or relationship break up, approaching a significant birthday, recently had children or an illness? You might be in menopause or peri or post menopause.
  • If you have answered yes to any of these questions, Ignite the Erotic is for you.

Ignite the Erotic is for anyone who wants to do ANY or ALL of the following:

  • Even though it may be uncomfortable, you know this is an important area to address in your life.  You don’t want life to be the same as it is 5, 10 , 15 years from now.
  • You’re curious. You might have heard someone talk about infinite erotic possibilities and your wondering if this is true.  You hope and dream that there has to be more than this. You want to get out of this funk and discover what’s possible. You want to experience truly fulfilling sex, intimacy and pleasure.
  • You want to feel good – in your body, about who you are and learn to express that as a confident sexual woman. You want to let go and enjoy yourself.
  • You might want to ignite an erotic spark that’s never been lit or reignite it.  You’re ready to ignite something deep inside of you that you feel is totally buried: to awaken your sexuality. You might be looking to find the pilot light that’s ready to burn bright or your erotic light might be burning and your looking to nourish your fire.
  • You want the best sex, intimacy and pleasure education.
  • You want to unlock the vitality and potency of your sexual energy, your life force: for your sexual ‘beingness’ to be integrated into your whole life.
  • You’re ready to say YES to your erotic sexual self, YES to pleasure, YES to sensuality, YES to you!
  • You’re wanting to share this experience and make these changes with a positive and supportive group of women who are all ready to ignite their erotic fires

You’re looking for someone who’s ‘been there’, who’s got the experience and expertise to support you. You want support from someone who knows and believes what’s possible for you.


This is just some of what you’ll experience and learn:

  • Breakthrough limiting beliefs and patterns so you feel freer.
  • Permission to be an erotic sensual sexual being so you can be at ease with who you are and enjoy yourself and your body.
  • A toolkit of incredible and powerful tools and practices to grow your self love and body confidence, cultivate aliveness, relaxation and to support you to keep the flame of your erotic fire burning.
  • Discover new possibilities for sexual and sensual intimacy, exploration and expression.
  • Gain clarity about your erotic, sensual, sexual needs and desires and how to express those.
  • Communication skills to support you to healthily navigate your erotic world.
  • The ability to allow and receive more pleasure in all aspects of your life.
  • Feel revived, nourished and inspired by spending seven weeks in a supported small community of women.

Ignite the Erotic brings you into alignment with your erotic essence and this will benefit all aspects of your life as you cultivate your confidence, vibrancy, magnetism, beauty and power.


Each week we’ll explore a different theme. 

Week 1: Self Love: Appreciation and Celebration 

We’ll explore:

How to be your own best friend and to find the joy and pleasure in being who you are. This is foundational to your erotic flourishing.

Week 2: Who am I as an Erotic Sensual Sexual Being?

We’ll explore:

Who am I now, how did I get here and where am I going? We have a sense of this in many other areas of our life except sex!

Messages and myths about sex.

The performance to pleasure model of sex.

Coming home – back to the body, feeling and pleasure.

Week 3: Body Beloved 

We’ll explore:

Your relationship to your body, not just how you look. This is getting to know your body and her language so you can connect to your innate erotic wisdom.

Your relationship to your genitals as a pleasure and power source.

Week 4: Permission for Pleasure and Desire

We’ll explore:

Your beliefs about pleasure and desire, what limits your pleasure and how to allow more pleasure into your life.

Worthiness and deservingness.

How to cultivate pleasure and desire in all aspects of your life and what really turns you on.

Week 5: Intentional Self Pleasure

We’ll explore:

Self pleasure as a practice for learning, growth, discovery, confidence building, self and body love and of course, pleasure!

All about desire, arousal and pleasure including your sexual anatomy for pleasure.

Your erotic toolkit – the keys to cultivating pleasure and arousal.

Week 6: Your Erotic Personality 

We’ll explore:

Your erotic, sexual, sensual personality. Discover what you desire, what turns you and you’ll create your erotic vision for the future.

You’ll get to know your unique sexual brakes and accelerators – the things that accelerate your sexual pleasure and those that put a stop to it.

Week 7: Deepening intimacy 

Now that your erotic fire is well and truly lit, how can you share this with another? We’ll look at how to create nourishing and healthy relationships and great pleasure and how to communicate in intimate situations.

This course is open to all self-identified women and women of all sexual orientations and relationship models are welcome.

This unique course is created and hosted by me,  Sarah Rose Bright. 

I love this work; it has totally transformed my own life (you can read about my story on my website).  I am an experienced Sex, Pleasure & Intimacy Coach and Teacher inspiring women to erotic freedom through pleasure.  My mission is to awaken sexuality out of the slumber of performance based, goal orientated sex to the expansiveness of conscious, pleasure focused sex and intimacy. From performance based sex to sex with a purpose. With this bringing more happiness, pleasure and vitality into your life. I blend ancient wisdom with modern sexology and alternative approaches distilling this into knowledge and experiences that can make a real difference in your life.

There is SO much more to sex, pleasure and intimacy than we are taught, and here I refer to ‘sex’ in the broadest sense. Great sex and intimacy is something you learn and develop throughout your life. If you wanted to learn to play a musical instrument or to dance the tango you would need guidance and mentors and you would practice!  This huge lack of sex education and learning, and a focus on ‘goal orientated’ sex, alongside the cultural view that sex is somehow ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’ are just some of the reasons why many people are struggling with this area of their lives.

Sex is not just something you ‘do’, it’s a vital and natural part of our wellbeing and of being human. When we look at this area of our lives, even though it can feel uncomfortable at times, it can offer so many gifts. I know this to be true as I have had the joy of seeing many lives flourish as my clients begin to experience more pleasure, intimacy, happiness, vitality and purpose in their lives.

Life is short and precious! Say YES to you today and get in touch to Ignite the Erotic in you!


Dates: The online weekly class is on a Tuesday night on the following dates: Jan 16th, 23rd, 30th and Feb 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th. Sessions will be recorded in case you cannot make any of the dates.
Investment: £275 Earlybird if paid in full by 8th December 2017 or £295 full price to be paid in full by 12th January. A non-refundable deposit of £100 secures your place. Do contact me if it helps you to spread the payments. A payment plan can be arranged

Next Step

Get in touch with me if you have any questions or to book your place.

I look forward to a powerful and transformative course filled with adventure and pleasure!