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Liberating Sexuality – A weekend retreat for women with Sarah Rose Bright and Steph Magenta

Join us for another powerful and transformative weekend retreat for women following the theme ‘Who Am I’, this time in relation to the expression (or repression) of our sexuality.

We will gather on magical and powerful Sacred Shamanic land at Unstone Grange in the Peak district, Derbyshire, for a full weekend of exploration of the many facets of our sexual and erotic maps for pleasure. This retreat is a deep dive into the intentional healing and liberating of all aspects of your sexual self.

Come and join us to really get to know your erotic self, your wild self, your powerful self your gentle and vulnerable self. Come be with us as we create a map for self awareness that will free up energy that may be locked in that passion killing trio – fear, guilt and shame.

What are our stories, how have we been influenced and conditioned and by whom, and how has that shaped what we believe? Where do our ‘beliefs’ create inner conflict when what we have been told doesn’t match up with what we feel, experience or see? Can we release the grip of these old stories and come to know ourselves in new ways, ways that call in integrity, authenticity, intimacy and joy in our sexual connections?

We will be looking at our sexual histories in a safe, held and respected way. You will have the opportunity to be heard, to be seen, and to be witnessed in your truth. Steph & Sarah hold a very strong, safe and loving container in which that can happen.

We will create rites of passage for all that has been lost, sacrificed and known but never honoured.

We will explore sexual archetypes; Goddess, Priestess, Queen, Seductress, Wild Woman, Kinky, Tantric, Romantic, or perhaps a combination of all of those aspects of the sexual self. When our energy is free, we can allow all of these parts of ourselves to show up. You will be able to explore new ideas and expressions as we take you on a journey of discovery into all aspects of our sexuality, using Tantric, Taoist and Shamanic practice to clear ancestral burdens, tune into the body as a vehicle for immense self love and then explore new possibilities together, returning to a natural and guilt free expression of sex and sexuality, intimacy and love.

By bringing this energy out into the open, with consciousness and love, we can heal and liberate ourselves, allowing us more room to breathe, more space to shine and for our sexuality to be rooted in true presence and personal power.

You will leave feeling lighter, nourished, inspired and empowered with clear next steps to continue to liberate your sexuality.

Steph & Sarah are two women who both work with sexual healing and somatic bodywork through their own personal journeys and their professional practice. They support women to define their sexuality for themselves.

Sarah Rose Bright is an experienced and inspirational Sex & Intimacy Coach and Teacher inspiring women to erotic freedom through pleasure. To awaken sexuality out of the slumber of performance based, goal orientated sex to the expansiveness of conscious, pleasure focused sex and intimacy. From performance based sex to sex with a purpose. With this bringing more happiness, pleasure and vitality into your life. Sarah blends ancient wisdom with modern sexology and alternative approaches distilling this into knowledge and experiences that can make a real and immediate difference in your life.

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Steph Magenta is an experienced shamanic energy healer and bodyworker, juice detox cleanse specialist, workshop & retreat leader, events host and inspirational life coach. She has also worked extensively in the field of sexual freedom activism and campaigning for over 25 years. Twice nominated for awards for both her blog and campaigning work in this field, Steph maintains an active investment in sexual healing, her own journey having taken her through sex work, BDSM and kink, tantra and sexual healing bodywork, now culminating in the calling in of conscious connection and radical honesty across all areas of life, and in particular in our sexual union.

Her passion in her life and work is born of a deep knowing of the importance of living in our true potential and integrity, coming from a place of grounded, authentic communication. Her work is primarily designed to support you in clearing anything that limits you from living a juicy life of passion, purpose and pleasure.

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This weekend is open to all self-identified women. Women of all sexual orientations and relationship models are welcome. Liberating Sexuality is a clothes-on workshop.

Dates: Starts 7pm, September 8th, ends 4pm Sunday 10th 2017

Where: Unstone Grange, Peak District, Derbyshire. Unstone Grange is close to the motorway networks for Manchester, Liverpool and London, has free on-site parking, and is a full residential retreat centre run as a conscious community collective. It has a long history of use for shamanic practice and ceremony. We welcome you there!

Investment: £275 full price or £250 earlybird if paid in full by August 1st.
A non-refundable deposit of £100 will secure your place.

Fully residential, price includes all accommodation, tuition and food. Our food is provided by the Glory Kitchen, organic, plant based high vibrational food to support your process with love.

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The retreat is fully residential, and the price includes all accommodation, tuition and food. Our food is provided by the Glory Kitchen, creating organic, plant based high vibrational food to support your process with love!