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Welcome! I’m Sarah Rose Bright and I am on a mission to awaken sexuality out of the limitations of performance based, goal orientated sex, moving it into the expansiveness of conscious, pleasure focused sex and intimacy. Awakening sex from performance to purpose and bringing more happiness, pleasure and vitality into your life.

Sarah SpainMy passion and love is to inspire, guide and support you; to hold the highest vision possible for you and your life. 

I am one of the UK’s leading Sex Coaches, a Certified Professional, Sex Coach and Certified Sexological Bodyworker. From my own experiences and working with hundreds of others, I see the limitations of conventional sex therapy and the medical approach to sexual problems and the massive impact due to the lack of sex education. Many of us are asking profound questions about the state of our sex and intimate lives, with so many people struggling and unhappy, unable to find solutions that work.

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” Anaïs Nin

I love this work; it has totally transformed my own life. At the age of 29 I was a single parent, terrified of sex, and ashamed of my fantasies. I didn’t know what I wanted and thought there was something deeply wrong with me. I didn’t like my body or my genitals, I didn’t even like myself or know who ‘Sarah’ was. On the outside I had very “successful” corporate career, full of the status items that go with that, but inside my soul was dying. I was avoiding facing this by numbing out on destructive addictions. My body loathing was so bad I was heading towards my 30th birthday, contemplating labiaplasty to get my genitals reconstructed. I remember thinking ‘there has to be more to life than this’ but I didn’t know what it was. My biggest fear was sex and I knew this was what I had to look into more. Browsing for books to help me I found a book on Tantra, and just six weeks later I was at a Tantra workshop. That weekend changed my life and started me on a journey of healing, discovering who I was as a sexual being and knowing myself as my own best friend.

Our sexuality is natural and healthy. It is a powerful resource for our growth and vitality. When we work with it consciously, we can heal our past, align with who we really are and create an incredible life of pleasure, passion, health and beauty. 

My life now is unrecognisable  from what it once was. It has been a challenging process but it has woken me to the miracle of my life and a life full of pleasure. I have created a life that is deeply fulfilling, doing work  I love, with the most incredible friends and partner, spending time doing what gives me joy. Now I ask myself – “what else is possible?” I am fascinated by our human potential and what the world would be like if we all lived to our optimum potential on every level – physically, emotionally, mentally, sexually and spiritually.

Margot Anand, a leading figure in tantra says “I realised that life was not about having more and better orgasms, but about being orgasmic in every moment.”To me this is about being so connected, present and alive in every moment that life is pure pleasure whether walking on the beach, eating a meal, having a conversation or making love. When I first read this quote over ten years ago I said to myself, I want to find out what that’s like;  I have and this quote is like my north star that continues to guide me.

I have trained with some of the worlds best sexual pioneers, weaving together what works from modern day sexology and ancient wisdom, distilling this into knowledge and experience that can make a real and immediate difference in your life.

In addition to my full time practice of 7 years offering 1-1 sessions, I run workshops, events, and retreats. I love to speak and host workshops at conferences, events, festivals and groups including women’s networks and charities.

I love to spend my time doing things that feed my soul with people I love, whether singing or dancing, yoga, chi gung, studying, exploring life, meditating, cooking, time outdoors or travelling.

Thank you for visiting my site; I’d love to hear from you. Here’s to living a happier, vibrant, pleasure filled and passionate life.

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“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.”

Joseph Campbell