Press & Media

I love to share my passions, experiences and knowledge especially in the area of sex and intimacy where there are many myths of how things ‘should’ be and a lack of quality information.

It is a privilege to be featured in the press, media, and online resources, and to speak at workshops, events and conferences. I love to share insights, knowledge and practices that can make a genuine difference in peoples lives. Please get in touch if you would like to interview me.

I am available for interview or to offer my views on the following:

  • The myths and limits of ‘conventional’ sex and what is really possible for sex, pleasure and intimacy
  • Sex education
  • Resolving key sexual concerns
  • Growing sexual confidence
  • Reviving a sexless relationship
  • Creating and sustaining fulfilling intimacy long term
  • Conscious love making
  • Reigniting sexual desire
  • Practices and techniques to enhance pleasure and deepen intimacy
  • Women’s sexual empowerment
  • The healing power of sex
  • Body image issues
  • Self love
  • Taoist techniques for health and vitality
  • The differences between sex coaching and sex therapy
  • Why pleasure is vital for a fulfilling life


Links to a selection of some of my media interviews:

Sunday Times, 2016

I was interviewed by the Sunday Time Style magazine about my women’s circle which has been running for nearly 3 years. We meet bi-monthly and connect on many issues including sex and relationships. You can find out more about my women’s circle here.

Everybody Chant Now page 1

Everybody Chant Now page 2

Sensual Healing Harmony, 2016

I was interviewed by the gorgeous Lucy from Sensual Healing Harmony who hold luxury retreats and workshops for women. I am a senior guide on the Sensual Healing Harmony team. Lucy asked me all about self love.

What is self love and how can we have more in our lives?

That’s TV, 2015

For Behind Closed Doors, I talk about some of the myths about how sex “should” be, how these myths affect our sex lives and what’s really true.

Behind Closed Doors, Part 1, December 2015

Behind Closed Doors, Part 2, December 2015

Huffington Post, 2015 

14 Ways to Go From ‘Mum to Yum’

Men’s Health, 2015

Four Ways to be Better in Bed

The Eternities, 2015 

I was interviewed about my work by The Eternities which creates podcasts on consciousness and human potential. You can listen to the interview, From Shame to Shamanism.

Sunday Times Style Magazine, 2014

Sunday Times Style Magazine journalist Jessica Brinton participated in Shakti Tantras Women’s Invitation workshop in April 2014 which I co-taught with Sue Newsome. Jessica shares her experience and interviews Sue. You can read the article here.

Single Professional, 2o14

I was interviewed by Single Professional where I share what Tantra is and some practical insights on things you can do to make a meaningful difference to improving sex and pleasure in your life. You can listen here.

The Journal of Sex and Relationship Therapy, 2013

I have been honoured to co-author an article with one of my mentors, Dr Patti Britton. Entitled, “Extraordinary Sex Coaching: An Inside Look”, we explore the growing niche of sex coaching. Dr Patti wrote The Art of Sex Coaching and it was this book that inspired me to train as a Sex Coach. The article is published in the Journal of Sex and Relationship Therapy. You can read the article abstract and buy the full article here.

Sex & Happiness Web Talk Radio 

Wonderful internet radio show with Laurie Handlers. I am  joined by my colleague Sue Newsome to discuss sexual confidence and why people are not enjoying their pleasure and their bodies with simple tips and advice to help you build your confidence. In the second segment of the show, Laurie interviews Barbara Carrellas about her new book Ecstasy is Necessary which is highly recommended. You can download the show here.

The Journal of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care

Article in the Journal of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care by Susan Quilliam entitled ‘Psychosexual bodywork: should we refer our patients, and if so why? You can view the extract here and purchase the full text online.


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Conferences and workshops 

I have given talks and workshops at various groups including women’s networks and charities and the following conferences.

UK Tantra Festival, September 2015

Own Your Throne: Looking into the mirror with radical tenderness

Tantra is called the Royal Path. In “Own Your Throne”, Sarah Rose Bright invites you to connect to the Queen/King/Sovereign within. Sarah will be sharing simple yet profound practices so you can witness and celebrate yourself through new eyes with radical tenderness.

Between the Sheets 2013-2015

This is a unique annual conference in Liverpool ran by the pioneering HIV support charity Sahir House. The conference creates a space for women with HIV to explore issues relating to sex. Every year I have ran workshops on sex and pleasure.

College of Sex and Relationship Therapist (COSRT), 2013

I was a keynote speaker at COSRTs annual conference with a presentation entitled “Sex Coaching, A New Paradigm to Help Clients Overcome Sexual Challenges.”

First International Eco-Sex Symposium, 2013

Presentation on Erotic Yoga