Sex & Pleasure Coaching Programmes FAQs

Why choose Sex & Pleasure Coaching Programmes?

You want the best and that’s what these programmes offer.

“I worked with Sarah for six months and my transformation has been remarkable. When I look back at the version of me that started this work I’m grateful that I had the energy and courage to contact Sarah and am amazed and proud that I did. I wanted to improve my relationship as sex was routine and to overcome the shame and guilt I felt around sexuality. Both of these are being achieved plus many more exquisite and wonderful bonuses.  Finding the courage to arrange a session with Sarah ranks amongst my most important achievements.”

Peter, 53, Writer

I’ve studied sexuality and well being for over a decade and helped hundreds of clients to transform their lives. It’s what I love to do. I weave the best of modern sexology, sex education and coaching with Tantric practices and alternative approaches so that people can experience the most fulfilling sexual pleasure and experience relaxation, happiness and transformation in their lives.

These programmes are designed exclusively for you offering a dynamic blend of personalised sessions, which may include talking, coaching, sex education, meditation, mindfulness, breath work, body awareness practices and pioneering body based experiential learning.

Practice makes good progress and in between the sessions there will be exercises for you to explore so you can integrate what you are learning. These exercises are crafted just for you and it’s not your usual homework! This is about exploration, discovery, pleasure and transformation!

I am here as your guide and supporter and I will be honest with you. I am here to help you celebrate your successes, learn from any difficulties and to gently challenge you if needed so that you can keep the changes growing and see the seeds flourish in your life.

“Under Sarah’s patient but challenging tutelage I leant to shed my inhibitions and insecurities; to own my sexual energy and to express myself sexually.  You have so much to teach, and I had so much to learn. This is something I should done years ago but Sarah has shown me it is never too late.”

Jeremy, 54, Director

 Where do the bespoke programme sessions take place? The sessions take place in person at either of my practices near Liverpool and central Manchester and/or via Skype. Clients can have a mix of in person and Skype sessions.

Why do you only offer programmes? I want to support your sexual and personal growth, so that you make a real difference in your life and that happens over time with commitment, learning, practice and exploration.  I work with people who are committed and ready to invest in themselves. Working together, we create momentum to ensure lasting transformation that grows in your life.

I feel nervous about contacting you. You may have never shared what you may share with me and understandably may feel nervous. I create a safe, confidential, non judgemental and sex positive space for you to talk openly and honestly about your concerns, experiences and desires.

This bespoke sex coaching programme is for personal growth, education and learning.  I do not offer sexual surrogacy or sexual services.  The programme can benefit individuals and couples of any gender, sexual orientation and relationship model.

“Sarah really has helped me and opened my eyes. Its like a different world of wow. Her advice has helped me no end and if you are thinking about using her service, then stop thinking and just book! She is really comfortable to talk to and very understanding. Its been one of the best decisions I’ve made, as its had such an influence on my mind and way of thinking. It’s helped improve me massively.” 

Julie, 47, Business Owner

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Life is short. You don’t want to be where you are a year from now. If you’re ready, transformation can happen. I’ve seen time and time again with my clients and as Art Williams famously said “I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy – I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it”. There is no need to be alone with this when the support is there for you.

I’d love to hear from you. Do send me a message sharing why you are interested in this programme via my ‘Get in Touch’ page. We then schedule a complimentary 20 minute phone call to see if we are a good fit to work together.  I look forward to hearing from you.