Sensual Treasures



Sensual Treasures for Women

Sensual Treasures for Women is a rich and transformative day designed to support you to learn about your sexuality and grow your sexual confidence.

When we truly learn about how our own bodies and our pleasure work, this changes the quality of our sexual experiences whether solo or with partners and this confidence ripples out into all aspects of our lives. Yet most of us have little if any education and learn through experience which is not always positive and which can deeply affect our confidence and self belief.

“Life changing workshop. Transformative work.” (Participant, November 2016)

In this one day workshop we will:

  • Discover the sensual treasures that are the keys to experiencing unlimited pleasure including understanding of our sexual anatomy, arousal and desire
  • Powerful Tantric and Taoist practices to support you to unlock and cultivate your sensual and sexual energy including Sensual Yoga and breast massage
  • Understand why so many of us experience challenges with sex
  • How to communicate and create the pleasure we desire with our partners
  • Be empowered and inspired, supported by the magical alchemy of women’s circle

Sensual Treasures is for those seeking to grow their sexual confidence and also those wanting to deepen their understanding of their sexual self.

“Even if your unsure about attending – do it! I feel complete with a positive attitude going forward not just sexually but in all aspects of my being and my life. Being in a circle of women made me feel like I am “normal” and I am enough! Sarah is incredible. I feel refreshed!” (Participant, April 2017)

This day is facilitated by sex, pleasure & intimacy coach Sarah Rose Bright. Fourteen years ago Sarah had little sexual confidence, knowledge and self esteem. Sarah embarked on a journey of healing and exploration which has transformed her life so greatly that her love is to share this with others. She is passionate about bringing women together to support each other to do this work. Sarah creates a safe and nourishing circle where you are supported to learn and explore.

Sarah is an experienced Sex, Pleasure & Intimacy Coach and Teacher inspiring women to erotic freedom through pleasure. Her mission is to awaken sexuality out of the slumber of performance based, goal orientated sex to the expansiveness of conscious, pleasure focused sex and intimacy: from performance based sex to sex with a purpose. With this bringing more happiness, pleasure and vitality into your life. She blends ancient wisdom with modern sexology and alternative approaches distilling this into knowledge and experiences that can make a real difference in your life.

This day is open to all self-identified women. Women of all sexual orientations and relationship models are welcome. Sensual Treasures is a clothes-on events.

Time: Arrive 9.30am for 10am start. Finish 6pm.
Date: Saturday 3rd March, 2018
Venue: Blisslands, Congleton
Please bring fresh and healthy food to share for lunch.

Investment: £65
A non refundable deposit of £30 secures your place. Contact Sarah to book or if you have any questions.

“The body is an instrument which only gives off music when it is used as a body. Always an orchestra, and just as music traverses walls, so sensuality traverses the body and reaches up to ecstasy.” Anaïs Nin

Here’s what others say…

“Sarah has a beautiful, ‘earthy’ and ‘big sister’ kind of energy. She’s the sister you wish you’d had growing up. The sister with whom you could talk about all things sexual and receive her wisdom and knowledge all head in a place of great love, enthusiasm and encouragement.”

“Just the start. A tantalising taste – so much more to discover. Wish it was a whole weekend.”

“Life changing. I was heading for divorce as so disconnected from my husband, now I have hope for our future :-)).”

“I got permission to meet my own desires and acceptance of the needs of my partners.”

“Sarah is a really great teacher. She holds space in a light and informative way making everyone feel safe, relaxed and welcome. She knows her stuff too. her experience shines through shining a wonderful light on the often unknown territory of sexual expansion.”

“I feel that the most valued aspect of the day is that I feel I can reconnect with my partner and my understanding of sex has completely changed.”

“Sarah has a way of offering this information which can be taboo or often deemed embarrassing or cringing in a way that’s accessible and fully embodies the sacred nature of sexuality.”

“This was a beautiful gift to myself. Through the practices I was really able to connect and go within myself which felt really special and expansive in my heart. Thank you x x x”

“Today has exceeded my expectations. I thought I would get some new bits of information, but instead I feel like I’ve been given tools for transformation. A lot of things have fallen into place from this one day workshop. I can’t wait to explore more.”

“Sarah creates a safe space for people to explore and discuss some sensitive issues. She embodies her teachings and understands deeply which means learning is easily transferred. Thank you Sarah.”

“A day to reconnect and awaken the divine, juicy self within. My eyes, ears and heart are open.”

“It was an experience of release and feeling honoured in where I am right now. the day was both empowering and centering.”

“Amazing Sarah, thank you. Inspiring, gentle and fun.”