Sex & Pleasure Coaching for Sexual Confidence

Is this you? 

You are successful in life. Yet you are stressed. Your thoughts are constant, often critical and you wish you could turn down the volume of your mind. Something in life has got you reflecting. You may be approaching a milestone birthday or the kids have left home.  There’s part of you feeling off track and wondering what’s the point; is this it? There’s little relaxation and enjoyment. If you’re in a relationship you may be wondering if it’s the right one. You know that avoidance is not the answer. Something in you wonders what’s possible and you feel that if you don’t try now, it will be too late.

Sex has been ok, maybe good or even great at times but you’re not sexually fulfilled, you may even be frustrated and you sense there’s more to discover. Even though its really important to you, sex has taken a back seat.

You may have sexual concerns; you’re ejaculating earlier than you’d like. Your erections may have lessened in strength and frequency, your sex drive/sexual confidence maybe low.  You may feel shame, sadness or disappointment about your sex life. It worries you that you think maybe there’s something wrong with you.

“If you don’t change it, you choose it.” Richard Strozzi-Heckler


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You want to wake up with a smile on your face and feel that anything’s possible. It is. 

You want your sexual concerns and worries to be a thing of the past.

You want to reignite your sexuality and feel sexually confident.  You want to discover what you love in bed and in life, what really turns you on.

You want the best sex education. You are ready to learn.

Life may be known and routine and you want to freshen up the familiar, get comfortable with the unfamiliar and say YES to life, right now.  You want to be fulfilled in life and experience intimacy, happiness, relaxation, pleasure and adventure.

You want to look after yourself, your body and feel good.  You want the courage to unleash the “you” that is buried beneath the stress.

You’re ready to let go of whats holding you back and unlock the power and potency of your sexual energy, your life force and channel this energy towards creating transformation in your life.

You’re looking for someone who’s ‘been there’ to support you in a space without judgment and criticism. You want support from someone who sees and believes what’s possible for you, and who only has your best interests at heart.

If you are feeling the call to make this transformation in your life or you are curious to see if this is really possible for you, do get in touch.  It may be that not all the above is true for you, but much of it resonates deep inside. I take on clients who are ready to invest in themselves and make changes in their life. I ask for nothing less than full commitment. Are you ready for transformation?  Then get in touch to find out more about this bespoke Sex and Pleasure Coaching Programme, crafted just for you.

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”  Neale Donald Walsch

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