Sexuality & the Medicine Wheel

Sex and medicine wheel-women-retreat


Sexuality & the Medicine Wheel with

Steph Magenta & Sarah Rose Bright

28th/29th October, Manchester, non residential weekend

You can watch a Facebook live video with Steph and I talking about the weekend here.

Journey through the Medicine Wheel as we explore our sexuality and sexual expression using this Sacred Map as our guide.

How well do you know your sexual essence and all that this world within you contains? Do you know your (sexual) story, and does this limit or liberate you? Are you carrying your own beliefs or those of your ancestors, society or other life experiences?

Using the Medicine Wheel as our tenplate, we will travel through the seven key directions (N, E, S, W, above, below and the central self) to explore our conditioning and our potential, release old programs and create the freedom and space to know ourslves well and become more comfortable in this key area of our womanhood and our lives.

East – new beginnings, blossoming and creation. Fire element and the burning away and releasing of old stories. Perspective, illumination & clarity.

South – return to innocence, playfulness, trust and surrender. Water element and going with the flow. Working through fear.

West – physical body, dreamtime, shadow aspects, the dark Goddess, where and how does your sexuality work through the body. Earth element and getting grounded. Stillness and meditation.

North – wisdom and ancestry. Moving to crone energy, the breaking down of the story to move to transformation and self mastery. Air element blowing away the cobwebs and allowing analysis, mental evaluation, reasoning and truth.

Above – connecting in with your higher self, inspired action, insight and intuition, sexual connection to the sun/moon, divine masculine & feminine, calling in balance. Star beings reflected inside of us as well as externally. The personal cosmos.

Below – Mother Earth; the one true Mother. Connection to the greatest sense of our place in the Universe. Everytihng connected. The oneness of life and the passage of time upon her (earth) belly. “We are from the stars and to the stars we must return” – the recycling of all that has ever been and ever will be. Giving birth to your sexual self.

Centre – You at the centre of your Map. The heart as our greatest teacher, and how to listen to it and let it lead you. Coming home to sexual wholeness however that looks for you.

This is a strong weekend intesive working with and through our sexual energy as mapped by the Medicine Wheel. It is a clothes on, non invasive workshop/non residential retreat but intimacy is not only invited but is a pre-requisite for attending, in other words, a willingness to show up with an open heart and mind will be really useful as an immersion into this work.

Your facilitators:
Steph Magenta is a shamanic sexuality practitioner with over 25 years of experience in sexual freedom activism, exploration and campaigning. She has been working with energy healing, massage & bodywork, and juice detox cleansing for as many years as she can remember, calling people into balanced wellbeing through the body, recognising how much we can transform with the combination of our attention and intention. She is also a great advocate for pleasure and has a fondness for playful kink based upon open communication and healthy boundaries.
Steph has trained with a wide range of truly inspiring teachers including Shakti Tantra, Northern Drum School of Shamanic Studies, Ya’acov Darling Khan and 5 Rhythms movement practice, and many more. She is currently training as an Alchemy Of Breath dynamic breath work practitioner.
Twice nominated for her work in sexuality, she maintains a passion for healthy sexual communication & authentic intimacy.
Sarah Rose Bright is an experienced Sex, Pleasure & Intimacy Coach inspiring women to erotic freedom and to know and love who they are. She is on a mission to awaken sexuality out of the limitations of performance based, goal orientated sex to the expansiveness of conscious, pleasure focused sex and intimacy. From performance based sex to sex with a purpose. With this bringing more happiness, pleasure and vitality into your life. Sarah blends ancient wisdom with modern sexology and alternative approaches distilling this into knowledge and experiences that can make a real difference in your life.
Total investment for the whole weekend is £150, with a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of £75 securing your place. You can then either pay the remaining balance on the day, or in advance to receive a £10 discount.

All deposits are non refundable from 30 days before the event.

Any enquires or deposit details should be directed to: