The Temperatures of Pleasure

The Temperatures of Pleasure and more…

Welcome to my latest blog and newsletter. I hope you enjoy reading my blog on the temperatures of pleasure (below). I have been inspired to write this as it is an area I frequently explore in my client sessions.  As my clients start to discover the full spectrum of pleasure available, this can help them resolve sexual concerns and enjoy a different and more fulfilling quality of pleasure. For some it’s literally mind blowing and totally life changing!  After my blog there is a list of up and coming workshops including:

An Evening of Erotic Yoga – 15th Feb & 15th March 2017, 7 – 9 pm, Liverpool. Women only. Cost: £15

Introduction to Conscious Love Making for Couples with cacao ceremony, co-hosting with Gavin Kendrick – 19th February 2017, 10.30 – 5pm, South Liverpool. A space for one couple has become available – if you are interested contact me asap

Own Your Magic: Love Your Body – 11 March 2016, 10 – 5.30pm, South Liverpool. Women only, Cost: £60

And much much more! Scroll down below my blog for full details.

If you have concerns about sex and intimacy please get in touch. I offer bespoke Sex & Pleasure Coaching Programmes to support you in transforming whatever is holding you back so you can flourish.  I offer in-person programmes at my practices near Liverpool and in Manchester, and also via Skype. I have openings for two new clients coming up in March. Do get in touch if you’re interested. I’d love to hear from you.

With pleasure,

Sarah Rose Bright xx

The Temperatures of Pleasure 

When it comes to pleasure people often want it hot, hot, hot. And yes hot can be great, right? Though this is often coupled with a belief that hotter temperatures of pleasure are somehow better than the cooler end of the spectrum. They are seen as a hierarchy however I invite you to shift your perception and see them simply as a range of temperatures of pleasure that are available to us. Neither are better or worse – they are just different.

The belief that ‘hotter is better” creates pressure, that if pleasure is not continually ‘hot’ then something is not right either with an individual or a relationship.  Individuals can feel there is something wrong with them if they don’t get ‘hot’ fast enough yet we’re all totally different when it comes to pleasure and your individual arousal patterns can change due to stress, ageing, illness etc

Some sexologists say that men get ‘hot’ quickly whereas women take time to warm up. Whilst this has some truth the opposite can also be true. Again, neither is better or worse – they are just different. And for couples, acknowledging and celebrating these differences is the way forward, not trying to change your arousal to fit with someone else’s pace.

Getting ‘hot’ quickly is a particular issue for men experiencing ‘early’ ejaculation (commonly known as ‘premature ejaculation’) where men go from ‘cool’ to ‘hot’ sometimes in seconds without enjoying any of the temperatures in between. This affects other sexual challenges too. Women seeking to experience orgasm or men with erection challenges (commonly known as ‘erectile dysfunction’) try going harder and faster to achieve their desired goal of orgasm or stronger erections. Yet what’s often needed is the opposite. To relax and savour all temperatures of pleasure.

So whats the benefit of exploring all temperatures of pleasure?

Firstly, it takes the pressure off. With the focus on ‘hot’, the goal becomes to keep the pleasure ‘hot’ yet your pleasure naturally ebbs and flows between the cooler and hotter realms. When you allow your body to experience the full spectrum of pleasure available, this creates space to both deepen and expand your pleasure.  You have more choice and possibility.

The cooler realms ask you to slow down, relax and savour your pleasure.  And as you slow down and are present to the subtler sensations, you can feel more and those sensations get more and more delicious.  Instead of focusing on the goal of ‘hot’, the goal changes to ‘pleasure’ – whatever the temperature. For many people this shift in focus is a huge relief enabling them to really relax and enjoy their pleasure.

Because of the belief that ‘hot’ is best, many people have never experienced and don’t know how to enjoy the cooler levels of pleasure. When people first try this they may find they aren’t able to feel much sensation as it’s subtler or they find it’s ‘boring’ as the cooler levels don’t have the intensity they are used to.

Create time to practice exploring pleasure in the cooler levels. This removes the pressure of ‘knowing what to do’ or ‘getting it right’. You can do this during self pleasure or with a partner, through for example, erotic massage or love making. If the temperature rises, either stop or slow down and breathe. Notice how the experience feels. If you rise to the hotter temperatures, was anything different as a result of hanging out in the lower temperatures? What did you enjoy? What was challenging? Share your experiences below. I’d love to hear from you.

If you’re curious to explore the cooler temperatures in love making, we have one space that has become available for the workshop “ An Introduction to Conscious Love Making for Couples” in Liverpool, Sunday 19th February.  Message me to find out more.


Workshops for Spring 2017 and other news…

I am delighted to share with you my teaching schedule for Spring 2017 and some gorgeous workshops ran by colleagues. Please get in touch with me if you would like to book on any of these events. There is every chance that all of the workshops and retreats will sell out so if you want to guarantee yourself a place, get in touch soon.  

Erotic Yoga

15th Feb and 15th March 2017, 7 – 9 pm, South Liverpool. Women only. Cost: £15

Erotic Yoga is inspired by the amazing work of Joseph Kramer who amongst many things empowers people to take responsibility for their pleasure and to become erotically self sufficient with the ability to generate and cultivate your own sexual energy whether on your own or with a partner/s.

In my workshops I share many practices and this class is an opportunity to learn and explore these in a deeper way. During these unique yoga classes, we’ll be exploring practices that support you to connect with and expand your sexual energy benefitting not just your intimate life but your every day health and vitality. Practices from Tantric and Taoist traditions will include energy work, chakras, breathing and movement. The more we practice the more these practices come to life!  This is a non intimate, clothes-on event.

Introduction to Conscious Love Making for Couples with cacao ceremony, co-hosting with Gavin Kendrick

19th February 2017, 10.30 – 5pm, South Liverpool. Open to 6 couples. SOLD OUT

Cost: £150 per couple including beautiful vegetarian lunch and block of ceremonial cacao to take home (worth £25)

Most of us have learnt about sex in a way that focusses on goals: arousal builds to erection, orgasm and completion, and pleasure is generated from tension in the body – contracted muscles, shallow breathing and intense stimulation.

For many people, this short and sharp excitement leads to routine and unfulfilling sex in a remarkably brief process. This is usually experienced as a falling away of desire for your partner, but did you know there is a simple predictable biochemical basis for this reaction? And did you know that this process can be reversed in ways which turn everything you know about sex upside down?

We offer an inspiring and liberating day, exploring lovemaking practices that shift the focus of sex from erections and orgasms to slowing everything down, entering states of deep relaxation and savouring each delicious moment. The body unlearns existing habits of lovemaking and discovers new dimensions of pleasure leading to deepening intimacy between lovers and a renewed playfulness in relating.

The day will begin with a beautiful cacao ceremony to open our hearts, and includes sharing, teachings and a number of gentle practices that couples can explore at home. A safe space will be created to support the deepening of each couple’s relationship. All exercises are fully clothed.

Erotic Yoga at Thrive Festival

4th March, All Day, The Wonder Inn, Manchester

I am delighted to be sharing Erotic Yoga at the Thrive Festival. Tickets cost £15 in advance

The Thrive organisers say: “We invite you to come and join us for this wonderful one day festival. We would love absolutely love you to be a part of it! Our intention is to bring together the conscious community for an amazing day of uplifting activities to include dance, transformational healing, music, celebration, singing, yoga and a variety of inspirational workshops, we have some amazing people on the line up (please take a look at the discussion where you will find info on many of the wonderful people contributing to the day). There will also be a selection of holistic light and body workers offering their amazing treatments, a charity dance event, a fun, quirky photo booth and a swap shop where you can leave behind what no longer serves you and leave with something new. It’s going to be amazing and we’d love you to be there!” You can find out more here.

Own Your Magic: Love Your Body

11 March 2016, 10 – 5.30pm, South Liverpool. Women only

Cost: £50 early bird (before 31st January), £60 after 31st Jan

We only have one body and it is utterly precious. Our body is our bridge to the world, and how we think and feel about it affects all of our interactions.  Yet many of us spend our lives being continually critical of our bodies and how we look, comparing ourselves to others and trying to make changes that are based on punishment rather than positivity. We wouldn’t stand for it if our loved ones treated us this way, so why do we do it to ourselves?

And when it comes to sex, you ain’t never going to fully enjoy it if you’re not comfortable in your own skin! How you feel about your body will prevent you from losing yourself in the moment and really enjoying pleasure.

Join me to discover the practice of BodyLove, connecting you to the magic and magnificence of your body and providing practical, everyday approaches on how to accept, embrace and celebrate the body you have. During the day you will discover how your beliefs and feelings about your body affect you and how you can transform them, connecting you to your unique beauty so that you can flourish.

“I feel like I’ve stepped through a doorway I couldn’t even contemplate opening before and its like a garden blooming with flowers in front of me. I never imagined I could feel this happy in my body. I feel set free to explore life with infinite potential now. No limits. Woo hoo!” 

Jackie, 2015 participant 

Own Your Magic is open to all self-identified women. Women of all sexual orientations and relationship models are welcome. This is a clothes-on events.

Sukha Udaravastha 

pleasure, happiness, joy; expanded state

A stand-alone retreat for all Tantrikas

29 March – 1 April 2017, Dower House, Hexton, Nr. Hitchin, Hertfordshire

Pleasure is our birthright

“As I receive pleasure the whole universe receives pleasure with me”

This four day workshop is a new creation from Shakti Tantra, exploring the expanded state of pleasure, diving deeply into our own bodies and moving through the the four gateways until we reach the highest state of divinity….

1.    In action to be total
2.    To be in knowing… not of the past or the future
3.    Being in this moment now
4.    Then the 4th gateway opens and we can meet and merge with the Divine

We will be drawing from the ancient Tantric principles of love and acceptance, being total with our extended pleasure.

As this is a new workshop with new content, we are offering 4 days for the cost of a 3 day event.

“As we know our sexuality and draw knowledge from it, we are filled with love, beauty, creativity and vitality, then we can only attract the same into our life….greeting the other with Namaste “I honour you as an aspect of myself.”

Venue:         The Dower House, Hexton, Hertfordshire SG5 3JF

Start time:    6.00pm for dinner at 7.00pm on Wednesday 29 March.

End time:     4.00pm on Sunday 1 April.

Cost: The total cost is £720 which includes food and accommodation.

If you have any questions or require further details email

Sensual Treasures for Women

8th April 2017, 10 – 5.30pm, South Liverpool. Women only.

Cost: £50 early bird (before 31st January), £60 after 31st Jan

Sensual Treasures for Women is a rich and transformative day designed to support you to learn about your sexuality and grow your sexual confidence.  When we truly learn about how our own bodies and our pleasure work, this changes the quality of our sexual experiences whether solo or with partners and this confidence ripples out into all aspects of our lives. Yet most of us have little if any education and learn through experience which is not always positive which can deeply affect our confidence and self belief.

“Just the start. A tantalising taste – so much more to discover. Wish it was a whole weekend.”

In this one day workshop we will:

  • Discover the sensual treasures that are the keys to experiencing unlimited pleasure including understanding of our sexual anatomy, arousal and desire
  • Powerful Tantric and Taoist practices to support you to unlock and cultivate your sensual and sexual energy including Sensual Yoga and breast massage 
  • Understand why so many of us experience challenges with sex 
  • How to communicate and create the pleasure we desire with our partners 
  • Be empowered and inspired, supported by the magical alchemy of women’s circle  

Sensual Treasures is for those seeking to grow their sexual confidence and also those wanting to deepen their understanding of their sexual self.  This day is open to all self-identified women. Women of all sexual orientations and relationship models are welcome. Sensual Treasures is a clothes-on events.

Spark To The Flame – A Transformational Weekend Retreat For Women

28 – 30 April 2017, Cae Mabon, Women only

Cost £255 Earlybird before 28th Feb 2016, £285 after 28th Feb


Join Stephanie Magenta and Sarah Rose Bright for our third full weekend retreat for women. Once again we will gather in the beautiful Welsh landscape of Llanberis, nestled in the foothills of Snowdonia, to celebrate Beltane, a most potent time on the Celtic wheel of the year.

For this weekend the focus will be “Who Am I?” All too often we are pulled in so many different directions; mother, lover, wife, sister, daughter, carer, boss, colleague, employee, but who are we inside? Who are we in that soft wild place deep within ourselves where the voice of our soul yearns to howl at the moon and run with the sun?

Are we really nourishing our deepest desires, inner passions and fires? Are all the seeds of ourselves given space – the Witch, the Crone, the Huntress, the Healer, the Wild Woman, the Shaman, the Medicine Woman, the Wild Dancer, the Priestess….we could go on… Which speaks to you? Do you know her? Is she given full expression in your life? And if not, how can you bring that expression to life.

Coming home to the physical, we will take time out to re-connect, listen and reflect on our innate body wisdom. If this is a sense that’s lost or unknown, we will find it and re-build it, cultivating desire, energy, body love and purpose, and letting go of all of the expected roles of womanhood as we speak, see and share our Truth. If your body wisdom connection is strong, expect to take it up a notch with this powerful retreat.

Join us for ritual, meditation, movement practice, sexuality teachings, taoist and tantric work, shamanic practice and more, all supported by clean, wholesome and incredible life force food by the Glory Kitchen.

You will leave with a strong and clear sense of who you are, who you are not, and in which direction you wish to move in as you go forward into the peak energy of summer and the rest of the year. Vision your life as YOU dream it!

Your investment for this retreat is £285 with a non refundable deposit of £130 securing your place. The Earlybird rate is £260 if paid in full before the end of March (deposit also applies to early bird rate). This rate includes all food, snacks and drinks, fully residential accommodation and teaching.

Our second retreat of the year will be 8 – 10 September 2017, Unstone Grange near Sheffield. 

In other news….

Shakti Tantra Women’s Programme begins

Women’s Invitation Workshop, 17 – 19 February, The Dower House, Hexton, Hertfordshire. Cost £470 per person.   

This 2-day residential workshop provides an opportunity for women to start to heal inhibitions and negative feelings they carry around their bodies and sexuality and to feel vibrant and energised. This workshop allows women to share their experiences and support each other in a safe and nurturing way.

I highly recommend this workshop. Please contact


My friends and colleagues Ali Grace Ali Grace and Fia Harrington are running this new workshop in Liverpool
Sunday, March 12, 2017, 11:45am  7:00pm, The Yoga Hub, Liverpool

In everyday life touch receives the least attention of all our senses, yet many of us have a longing to be touched in the the way that we want, to feel deeply met by that touch, and by the presence of another. Those of us already aware of this are looking for ways to improve the quality of the touch we wish to give and receive to enrich our pleasure and our relationships.

If this feels like you, come and join us on a Consensuality workshop where we teach a practice known as The Wheel of Consent developed by Dr Betty Martin, one of the leading world educators in sexuality. We create situations where you and another can practice asking for, as well as giving and receiving the touch that you want. This is a caring, comfortable and confidential environment that allows you to relax and experience the power of this practice for yourself.

We also teach tips for sensual and nurturing touch that will enhance the pleasure of your relationships. You will discover in a non-judgemental and safe way that your boundaries and pleasure are your responsibility and that there is a wonderful freedom in being able to clearly state what you would enjoy giving as well as well as receiving. You can find the full information here.


You can buy beautiful ceremonial grade cacao, sourced from a small cooperative in Peru. This cacao makes a delicious, sensual and heart opening drink. Special to share with your partner in intimate moments or on your own. We’ll be using this cacao in our Introduction to Conscious Love Making for Couples workshop. You can buy it here.


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