DEVOTION – Embracing pleasure & feeling good about who you are

A 12 week online group programme for women with Sarah Rose Bright, starts Tuesday 2nd May

Are you wanting to connect (or deepen your connection) with your body and your pleasure, your sexuality and sensuality?

Are you wanting more from sex and intimate relationships than you are experiencing (you’re just not sure how to get there…)?

Are you longing for some time and space just for you?

To truly enjoy sex and have thriving intimate relationships, it’s vital to have a committed relationship with yourself.  A relationship where you are connected to what deeply matters to you and what lights you up, where you are tapped into your power and you are friends with your body and the pleasure and wisdom available there.

DEVOTION is designed to support you to explore what you want and who you are as a sensual, erotic woman  (even if you might not feel like that right now!), to awaken / deepen your orgasmic pleasure and create a sex life and an intimate life with meaning and purpose.  DEVOTION offers the education, inspiration and guidance to create new behaviours and patterns to transform your relationship to sex and intimacy in your life.

In times of such fast change, having a strong connection with ourselves has never been more important.  DEVOTION is a place for you to connect to your inner strength, to embrace the power of pleasure and to cultivate a relationship with your erotic nature, your life force. This is saying YES to you.  

To be truly devoted to yourself isn’t a self-centred act. It is opening your heart to a deep love for yourself and this devotion ripples out to everything in your life. DEVOTION is a place to be inspired and supported by a small and intimate community of women.  DEVOTION will give you the space and the tools to connect to your pleasure and sensuality, to nourish and recharge yourself from within and feel good about who you are. 

I have gained my sexuality back from after two children. Finally I desire and feel sexual once again xxx

Kate, 45

This course showed me what I can do when I focus on myself.

Ju, 43

What will DEVOTION cover?

A 1 hour 1-1 session with Sarah to look at the foundational parts from your Human Design and Gene Keys. These are two incredible systems that support you to know and love yourself, to listen to and trust your body’s intelligence and to own your power and your gifts.  

Over the 12 weeks, we will explore the best sex and intimacy education including Taoist and tantric practices, sexual vitality, chi gung and more. 

DEVOTION – Saying YES to you, finding your NO and connecting to what really matters to you and what lights you up

TAPPING INTO YOUR POWER – nervous system awareness, unwinding stress and feeling the power inside your body 

REST – the magic of rest and relaxation

AWAKENING YOUR PLEASURE BODY – exploring practices to awaken and cultivate pleasure

CULTIVATING SENSUALITY – touch as a meditation and opening to the subtle realms 

CULTIVATING SEXUAL ENERGY – breast massage and sexual energy vitality practices 

VULVA LOVE – befriending your vulva and vagina and exploring the pleasure and power available 

OMG YES!! – orgasmic pleasure and orgasms 

COMMUNICATION – speaking authentically from the heart 

By the end of DEVOTION you will…

Connect to a deeper knowing of who you are and what really lights you up

Increase your sense of aliveness, vitality and personal power

Increase your capacity for being kind and loving to yourself

Feel connected to your desire and sexual energy and how to cultivate it

Grow your confidence in your pleasure and develop a personal pleasure practice

Release guilt, shame and fear and patterns of shutting down/withdrawing

Learn new tools for intimacy and relating and expand your capacity to communicate with and guide lover/s or partner/s

Expand your capacity for love, presence, pleasure and sensuality

Feel more in-powered in trusting, valuing and acting on your inner knowing

This unique programme is designed to guide you through transformation in your intimate life so that you can feel connected to who you are as a sensual and erotic woman. Packed with the best practical sex and intimacy education and the tools and practices needed to support you to thrive, DEVOTION will not only transform your relationship to who you are as an erotic being, it will transform your whole approach to it.

I feel like I’ve woken up sexually and feel lighter like a big weight is off my shoulders. Thank you for everything, this course really has changed life for me in so many ways xx

Jenny, 43

I feel sexier and more alive; I’ve got a new appreciation of my body and I feel a new sense of freedom and possibility.

Susan, 59

This is a course for women who…

(You may be one or more of these things!)

  • Identify as a people pleaser, a good girl, a perfectionist or workaholic. You don’t find it easy to say ‘no’. You might be familiar with one or all of these! You want to find a different way to be
  • Are tired of goal-based sex (whether with yourself and/or partners) and you just know there’s something more
  • Are feeling disconnected from your sexuality and feel little or no sexual desire and you want to ignite it 
  • Are not sure what you want and/or how to ask for it and you want this to change 
  • Feel stuck in your head and you want to get to know your body 
  • Are at a time of transition and you don’t want to repeat past patterns of intimate relationships 
  • Want to gift yourself some time and space that is just for you with time to reflect and explore who you are at this time, what you truly want and what’s possible 
  • Would benefit from the support, structure and the magic that happens in a group. It is so deeply healing to be in a group of women sharing and learning together!

This is for you if you’re in a relationship, single or dating.  And, all this information is transferable to an intimate relationship too. This is also for you no matter what stage of life you’re in – I work with women of all ages, from their 20s all the way through to post menopause.

This course is not a good fit for those who may be currently feeling very destabilised or traumatised or if you have serious sexual trauma that you have not addressed. 

Course format

  • 12 weeks from May 2nd to July 18th 
  • During the 12 weeks there are 10 live calls on Tuesday nights from May 2nd to July 18th at 7-9pm.  Note – There are no live calls May 30 or June 27, these are integration weeks
  • A small and intimate group of women
  • Private facebook group for connecting, sharing and questions 
  • Resources, worksheets and guided audio practices to support your explorations and learning 
  • Access to recordings if you miss a live call

This is a transformative programme because you practise and embody what you explore and this is what creates lasting change. All practices are optional and any intimate practices that are done as a group are in your own private space with cameras and microphones switched off.


Early bird – £997 / Payment plan – 3 instalments of £347. Early bird available until midnight 23rd April.

Regular price – £1147 / Payment plan – 3 instalments of £397   

Do reach out if another payment plan would work for you. 

Please note that you need your birth time for Human Design and the Gene Keys. If you don’t have an accurate birth time there is an additional cost of £55 (if you have an estimated birth time) or £99 (if you don’t know what time of day you were born). This is to work with a specialist to find your birth time.

Praise for Sarah’s programmes for women:

I came to this course needing to rediscover my connection to my sexual self after child birth and after my relationship ended. It has been a transformative experience. I felt that my sexuality was ‘in a locked box’. I now feel that my sexuality is integrated as part of me. I feel that I understand myself as a sexual being with light and shade and moods and desires and that all of that is a part of me. Sex is not a thing to be done, and it is not simply the result of desire and arousal. It is the expression of a whole load of desires and moods and thoughts, movement, fantasies and feelings, as deep and complex as me.

Rebecca, 37

This course will challenge, guide, lift the veil, bust the myths; it has helped me look at myself, my pleasure, my happiness, my body in the safest, most protective and beautiful way I probably ever have!

Meera, 38

I’ve been guided through a process I wouldn’t have been able to do it on my own.

Polly, 54

Your Teacher, Sarah Rose Bright

Intimacy & sex coach & host of The Sexy Life Podcast

I’m Sarah Rose Bright. My passion is helping women just like you to discover what they desire, experience passionate and fulfilling sex lives and to create/deepen intimate relationships that are happy, healthy and passionate.

You know that fulfilling sex and intimacy is the missing piece in your life but you feel stuck and don’t know how to move forward to what you sense is possible I get it, I’ve been where you are; fulfilling and passionate sex and intimacy felt like a mystery to me, something I thought everyone else was amazing at and wondered why it was such a struggle for me. I’ve committed to finding out why and how and now I feel deeply connected to my sexuality and my erotic nature and l am in an incredible relationship and it’s my joy to help others do the same.

DEVOTION weaves together the best of my twenty years of exploring intimacy, sexuality and pleasure and over a decade spent coaching and teaching 1000s of clients and students with powerful results.  Committing to DEVOTION will offer you the knowledge, guidance and structure to make significant shifts in your life.  The result? You can awaken your pleasure, your desire and sensuality and create meaningful and passionate intimate relationships.

Sarah is extremely gifted in holding space and her care feels genuine. She imparts knowledge that seems so authentic to her own experience with humility. This makes it very easy to open your heart and mind to the teachings. She has often gone above and beyond with personal messages and sharing of resources to make you feel supported but empowered at the same time. She makes this field of sexuality which often seems daunting and vast very accessible.

Polly, 54


Should you have any additional questions, our support team is ready to assist.  Send an email to [email protected]. If you would like to arrange a chat with Sarah to find out if DEVOTION is a good fit for you, you can book a call here and if none of the times work for you, message Sarah directly to arrange.

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