Sarah Rose Bright and Steph Magenta

Dream Quest 2022

by Sarah Rose Bright and Steph Magenta
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Dream Quest 2022

Quantum Leap your way into 2022 with breathwork, shamanic practice, chi-gung/movement, deep inquiry, sensuality, visioning manifestation & more!

The Dream Quest is here!!

Last year was all about adaptation to rapid change and this year has been about doing our best to integrate all of that, navigate the extraordinary events that continue to unfold in our world, and coming to recognise our core values along the way.

Life will continue to teach us that we cannot take ANYTHING for granted and so what will we do with these precious moments we have right here, right now? For many people, this has meant deep questioning around what is truly important in our lives, what it is we really value and what needs to change. 

Our Dream Quest offers space out of the pace of your every day for you to connect to your hearts dreaming for 2022 within the magic of our online community. 

What previous participants have said:

“Dynamic & Life Changing! Absolutely Incredible Experience”

“If anyone is wondering whether this workshop is for you, just do it. You won’t regret it.”

However your 2021 has panned out, whether every day has brought a new upheaval or adjustment or whether your life has shifted for the better, the beginning of a new year is a time to go inwards and connect to what to dreams and visions you hold for the year ahead. 

Dream Quest Quantum Leaping is an active technique for gaining real clarity on your dreams, vision and purpose. It offers the opportunity to take a moment to become still and and deeply listen to the wisdom of your body and heart.

Every year for the last decade Steph and Sarah have run these enormously popular Dream Quests, connecting you to your dreams, accessing your powerful imaginations and unleashing your full potential. Previous participants have quite literally changed their lives after attending!! 

What will YOU do with this one precious life? What will YOUR legacy be?


-Tune in to the deep wisdom of the body and the heart

-Listen to each other with open hearts and minds

-Inspire each other to grow great dreams and visions

-Let go of stagnant habits and call in ways of thinking and being that feel expansive and alive

-Support each other to rise and flourish

-Practice various Quantum Leaping, Shamanic Breathwork and chi gung based movement techniques to assist you in getting so focussed on your path and your purpose that you will find anything not in service to that will drop away.

Come join us for this powerful medicine work!…/dream-quest-2022-with…

“The way we imagine our lives is the way we are going to go on living our lives. For the manner in which we tell ourselves about what is going on is the genre through which events become experiences” – Joseph Hillman

The last quote sends shivers down our spines….never have those words felt more poignant! We truly ARE the ones we have been waiting for, so let’s make our lives count.

“Thanks for your amazing work! You guys always plug me back in and hold the space for me to reconnect! Deepest gratitude.”


Tickets for this evening are available through Eventbrite which means that during the busy time over the festive season, we’re not stuck doing tons of admin! We have absorbed the ticket fees at our end so please don’t ask us if you can pay us directly – Eventbrite makes it super simple for you but do let us know if you have any problem booking.

There are two ticket prices:

Early bird £30 up to 21st December – after this date tickets are £35

There are no refunds available for this event. If you cannot attend you can transfer your ticket to someone else but please let the organisers know in advance. 

There are also three bursary fully gifted tickets for those who would really love to join but for whom money is an issue at this time in your life.

Please email us at to apply for one of those places.

(**please note that this is a women only event**)…/dream-quest-2022-with…

“I encourage anyone contemplating attending a dream quest to just do it, dive straight in. Your soul, and your dreams will be glad you did.”


Steph Magenta is a breathwork trainer and facilitator, shamanic practitioner and licensed bodywork therapist with a passion for returning to simple, nature based ways of living in community and connection. 

Sarah Rose Bright is a sexuality educator & sex, pleasure and intimacy coach, on a mission to inspire women and couples to discover your sexual pleasure and awaken your sexually confidence, so that you can truly enjoy sex create healthy relationships, and your life can fully blossom.

and finally…

‘Last year I went to Steph and Sarah’s Dream Quest and when I look back over what I wrote that day, almost everything came into my life, including the big things I previously thought I had ‘no chance’ of achieving or receiving! Steph and Sarah share a wealth of knowledge, personal experience, ancient practices and practical steps to help you envision your best life, and they fill you with the confidence to know that not only do you deserve it, but that you can go and get it as well… ‘Dream Big’ Thank You both for being such a huge part of my Journey, and for empowering women everywhere to turn on their own light.’

‘Having been to three dream quests in the past five years I can’t stress just how I take away from them everytime. Having a dedicated day / space to dream and share with other women is invaluable and in past years, has really helped me to focus my mind on what I want. Sarah and Steph are such lovely, genuine, playful souls whose close bond ripples love through the group tangibly. For anyone unsure of where their going or what their want, dream quest is a powerful tool to refocus your mind and show you if you really aren’t heading in the direction you want to be going in!’ 



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2022-01-08 - 07:00 PM
2022-01-08 - 10:30 PM


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