I offer inspiring and transformative workshops and retreats, some on my own, others with colleagues. I am passionate about creating strong, safe and powerful spaces to learn and explore about sex and intimacy.  Click on the links below to find out more. New events are added throughout the year so do sign up to my newsletter if you’d like to be the first to find out as the events frequently sell out.


an evening of erotic yoga

An Evening of Erotic Yoga: More dates to follow soon for 2018!

Erotic Yoga is inspired by the amazing work of Joseph Kramer who amongst many things empowers people to take responsibility for their pleasure and to become erotically self sufficient with the ability to generate and cultivate your own sexual energy whether on your own or with a partner/s.

In Erotic Yoga I share many practices that support you to connect with and expand your sexual energy benefitting not just your intimate life but your every day health and vitality.

Practices from Tantric and Taoist traditions will include energy work, chakras, breath work, Chi Gung and movement. The more we practice the more these practices come to life! Find out more here.



Enter The Temple: A Jade Egg Initiation Weekend

More and more women have heard of the jade egg. You may have even got one (possibly lost somewhere in your home and never used!).  Many women have asked me what to do with their jade egg so I have created this workshop just for you!  And if you are already using the jade egg, this is an opportunity to deepen your practice. So whether you’re a convert or curious this weekend is for you!

During this initiation weekend we’ll be:

  •  Learning about Taoist philosophy on cultivating energy and the jade egg
  • Creating a new relationship or deepening our existing relationship with our vulva/vagina and our erotic, sensual self
  • Practicing Chi Gung to open up, clear and transform our energy
  • Sexual Vitality Chi Gung to activate, sublimate & circulate sexual energy
  • Exploring practices to cultivate pleasure and sensuality
  • Practicing with the jade egg so you can deeply connect with your inner temple
  • The weekend will culminate with a beautiful ritual to seed your intentions and set your commitments

Find out more here.



Ignite the Erotic: Freedom through Pleasure

Ignite the Erotic is a gift to yourself. A rare opportunity to give yourself the space and time to connect to and nourish your erotic sensual sexual self and to reflect, learn and flourish within a small and supported community of women.

This seven week online course includes a weekly themed 1.5 hour live online class exploring who you are as an erotic sensual sexual being, discovering your erotic personality, self love, body love, the power of pleasure and desire, female pleasure, and partner intimacy. Each week has teachings, practices and an opportunity for Q&A supported with a private Facebook group – seven weeks of online sisterhood where we’ll share our explorations and discoveries and support, inspire and celebrate each other.

If your reading this, chances are your ready to make some positive changes in your life. I’d love to help. It’s my passion. This is about your flourishing. Your not broken, there is nothing to fix. Like the acorn has everything inside it needs to blossom into an oak tree, you’ll discover that you have everything inside you that you need.  This is about you getting to know your erotic sensual sexual self, how your body and pleasure works, how to express your natural erotic self, to love yourself and feel good about who you are.   Ignite the Erotic offers the structure, knowledge, practices and support to help you to do this. You can get the full details here.





“It has changed my life…I will run naked in the gardens and beach….well not sure about the beach! :-)” Participant 2017

Do you:

~ look in the mirror and criticise what you see?

~ maybe even avoid looking in mirrors?

~ avoid getting partially or fully naked in front of others?

~ hold yourself back from certain situations because you’re not comfortable in the skin you’re in?

~ compare yourself to others and wish you could change your body?

“I recommend this for anyone with a body! We all deserve to love our bodies. Thanks for helping me recognise this.”  Participant, 2016

If you’ve answered yes to one or more of the above, would you like to:

~ learn to see yourself and your body through new eyes?

~ learn powerful yet simple tools that you can use everyday to be kinder to yourself and your body

~ tap into the joy, pleasure and wisdom available when you really live in your body?

~ be supported by an incredible group of women who feel similarly (you are definitely not  alone with this!)?

~ learn to celebrate, even love your body?

Join me to discover the practice of BodyLove, connecting you to the magnificence of your body and providing practical, everyday approaches on how to accept, embrace, celebrate and listen to the body you have. During the day you will discover how your beliefs and feelings about your body affect you and how you can transform them, connecting you to your inner knowing and unique beauty so that you can flourish. Find out more here.




Sensual Treasures for Women

Sensual Treasures for Women is a rich and transformative day designed to support you to learn about your sexuality and grow your sexual confidence.  When we truly learn about how our own bodies and our pleasure work, this changes the quality of our sexual experiences whether solo or with partners and this confidence ripples out into all aspects of our lives. Yet most of us have little if any education and learn through experience which is not always positive which can deeply affect our confidence and self belief.

“Life changing workshop. Transformative work.” (Participant, November 2016)

In this one day workshop we will:

– Discover the sensual treasures that are the keys to experiencing unlimited pleasure including understanding of our sexual anatomy, arousal and desire

– Learn powerful Tantric and Taoist practices to support you to unlock and cultivate your sensual and sexual energy including Sensual Yoga and breast massage 

– Understand why so many of us experience challenges with sex

– Learn how to communicate and create the pleasure we desire with our partners 

– Be empowered and inspired, supported by the magical alchemy of women’s circle  

Sensual Treasures is for those seeking to grow their sexual confidence and also those wanting to deepen their understanding of their sexual self.  This day is open to all self-identified women. Women of all sexual orientations and relationship models are welcome. Sensual Treasures is a clothes-on events.

“Even if your unsure about attending – do it! I feel complete with a positive attitude going forward not just sexually but in all aspects of my being and my life. Being in a circle of women made me feel like I am “normal” and I am enough! Sarah is incredible. I feel refreshed!” (Participant, April 2017)

Full details available here.



Liberating Sexuality – A transformational weekend retreat for women
with Sarah Rose Bright and Steph Magenta

Join us for another powerful and transformative weekend retreat for women following the theme ‘Who Am I’, this time in relation to the expression (or repression) of our sexuality. We’re blessed to gather on the magical and powerful sacred land at Cae Mabon at Solstice weekend, the time of year when the earths life force is at its peak of abundance. We’ll be working with this energy for a full weekend of exploration of the many facets of our sexual and erotic maps for pleasure.

Come and join us for a deep dive into healing and liberating aspects of your sexual self. This is a rare oppportunity to really get to know your erotic self, your wild self, your powerful self your gentle and vulnerable self. Come be with us as we create a map for self awareness that will free up energy that may be locked in that passion killing trio – fear, guilt and shame.

By bringing this energy out into the open, with consciousness and love, we can heal and liberate ourselves, allowing us more room to breathe, more space to shine and for our sexuality to be rooted in true presence and personal power.  Find out more here.


Other Events…

Future Soul Circle: A bi-monthly women’s circle. Dates for the rest of 2017 TBC.

Find out more here.