From Women 

You opened the door to something that I haven’t touched for nearly twenty years. My whole life has changed. Just looking at the chances that I’ve taken this year, I just wouldn’t have done them. I’ve been saying for years that now is not the right time, but there’s never a right time. I went for it, I went for things I just wouldn’t have gone for.  And I’m thinking more about who I am, what I put out into the world and how I look, which is something I’ve never really thought about before.

I put myself first – what do I want my life to be, how do I have more pleasure, how can I be happier it’s wonderful.  The more pleasure I feel in all parts of my life the more I become the person that I’m aiming to be, which is one that feels more alive and vital and happy. That makes me healthier for everyone around me. What I’ve learnt will change more in the future – it’s a starting point, what can I achieve with this?  It’s limitless!

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Marion, 42

Listening to my body and my sacred intelligence has been a game changer for my whole life. Knowing that pausing and listening to my system is more valuable than pushing through anything really, and accepting what is instead of trying to make things as they ‘should’ be. 

I have a different relationship with my body. It’s a sacred part of me. It’s not an object that I command. It’s rather the opposite. It’s insignificant whether I’m five kilos more or five kilos less…the ups and downs of that used to frustrate me a lot. Now I consider them a small thing…I used to think I only deserved pleasure if I looked like a model and sometimes I refrained from having relationships if I wasn’t thin at that time. I am so proud of that relationship and also having more intimacy with my Yoni [Tantric name for vulva and vagina], looking at her and knowing how she changes and having a relationship with her. I thought it was a forbidden area.

(You can read Anthi’s story here including how this work impacted her relationship.)

Anthi, 44

To learn about my body and my sensuality has changed my life and for that I have to thank Sarah, working with her has been a revelation and a privilege. It has taken me days Sarah to find the right words and they have brought tears to my eyes. Thank you.

It has been an amazing journey and worth every moment. I wouldn’t and couldn’t be in this relationship without our work.

Sally, 59

I feel sexier and more alive; I’ve got a new appreciation of my body and I feel a new sense of freedom and possibility.

Sarah, 56

I’ve never before felt this enthusiastic about my sex life. Being confident was just unimaginable before we started.

Cara, 39

It is liberating not to have that worry and stress anymore. This has given me so much confidence going forward.

Lisa, 38

Thank you for opening my head and my heart to freedom and happiness. I can’t believe what a difference you made to the way I think and in such a short time. I finally feel able to be me, know that being me is enough and that I can ask for whatever I need and feel able to give back in the same way to my partner. Thank you thank you xxxx

Jess, 44

The whole experience has truly been life changing for me and has vastly improved my own sexual awareness and overall confidence in myself. I have learned so much and yet I only feel like I’ve just started. I cannot stress enough how amazing this programme has been and how professional and supportive Sarah is as a mentor!! It was fun and exciting whilst being professional!! Sarah put me at ease right away and the whole experience was a pleasure. Embracing all of that [sexual] energy (not just the orgasm at the end) has really made me so much more appreciative and connected not only with my partner, but with my interactions with the outside world. Learning to accept and enjoy sexual energy and all of its guises is one of the most fulfilling experiences I have ever had!!!

Dr Sarah G, 27

I came to Sarah worrying that my sex life was over – that maybe I was too old, too tired, too tied up in career and motherhood to be able to relate sexually to anyone – least of all myself. I felt broken, dysfunctional and drained.  My sessions with Sarah have helped me on a number of levels – she’s provided a safe, nonjudgemental space to talk, that I couldn’t really get anywhere else, tools and practices to reconnect with myself sexually and ideas to help me communicate better about sex.  My partner and I are now having the best sex of our lives and we’re communicating and just functioning better as a couple.  She is a remarkable person and I’m grateful every day for the help she’s given me. Once again, thanks. You have rescued my relationship and changed my life.

Joanne, 42

From Couples

You’ve rescued our sex life from the shadows. It’s a completely different world.

Rachel, 35 and Alex, 39

I felt dead inside and really calling to awaken my femininity and feel you have been brilliant guiding us towards that. We feel so much more closer in our relationship and feel totally different and really exciting. Feels like a huge transformation.

You were absolutely the right person to help us at this time.  You are very professional, yet you are caring with a soft touch, you set great boundaries, you are very disciplined, you know the material so well, you are very caring on a human level and you also bring great skills to it.  We felt safe with you from the very beginning.  We felt in confidence with you from the very beginning.  Anyone that is working with you who is remotely open will get great, great value out of it.  You are a true professional.

Alice, 39 (partner of Mark, 47)

Before it was a great relationship yet big hole in this. Sex was a negative area in our life and a thing causing stress and anxiety for both of us. We have achieved an intimate and fun sex life which has brought us together as a couple more as well. This is something we wouldn’t have been able to do on our own. It’s something we knew we needed to up level so we called the expert.

Mark, 47 (partner of Alice, 39)

If every man knew what I know now, porn would disappear tomorrow…I’ve nothing but glowing praise for the work Sarah does and cannot recommend her highly enough. I no longer feel confused or helpless. In fact, I feel more in tune with my ‘self’ and my body than ever before in my life.  Sarah has opened a door into a world of wonderful opportunities, feelings and positive energy. I know I still have work to do but am so looking forward to stepping through that door and continuing my journey.

Luke, 44 (partner of Jenny, 43)

Working with Sarah was such an eye-opener for me and my husband. Before the programme, we had almost stopped talking about sex and being intimate with each other completely. Our relationship was great apart from this, so it took a while for us to decide to tackle this area of our lives. But, once we did and we found Sarah, it was really powerful to open up the lines of communication around this specific area of our relationship.

We loved having the focused time to openly communicate about our relationship, sex and intimacy. We’ve now become much more willing to discuss sex without putting pressure on ourselves that it should ‘be’ a certain way. The focus on sex being about pleasure and not performance has been really powerful and has allowed us to explore ourselves and each more without expectations.

Our open communication about sex and letting go of expectations of performance have been really powerful. It’s been really freeing to release the pressures around what sex should look like in a relationship. That’s definitely given more space to enjoy other areas of our lives even more. 

As with everything, it’s an ongoing journey – but we’re definitely loving being able to be more intimate and open with each other – and we’re looking forward to continuing to explore this in the future. 

Thanks so much for your amazing support, Sarah! Your knowledge in this area, as well as your wonderful ability to hold space for two unique characters, has been invaluable!

Jo, 39 and Rob, 41

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