Sex coach, Sarah Rose Bright on the beach
Sex coach, Sarah Rose Bright on the beach

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Sex coach, Sarah Rose bright in purple top


As a Sex Coach, I’m on a mission to inspire women to discover your sexual pleasure and understand what it is to feel sexually confident, so that you can truly enjoy sex, create healthy relationships, and ensure that your life can fully blossom into the incredible potential you deserve.

My vision is a world where every woman truly knows and loves who they are, so you can live your most authentic, beautiful and sexy life, sharing your unique gifts with the world.

Find out more about my personalised Sex Coaching programmes for women and book a free consultation call with me, where we explore what is possible for you.


I believe in 2 things above all else:

That your sexuality is your personal power source and a portal to the deepest self love, abundant pleasure, creativity, natural radiance and vitality.

That creating a fabulous sex life and having vibrant intimate relationships is something you can learn to do.

As a Sex Coach, it’s my life’s passion to guide and teach women the tools and practices to discover your sexual pleasure, awaken your power and take your place in the world.

Sex coach, Sarah Rose Bright in red dress

How Sarah’s sex coaching is changing lives

I’ve never before felt this enthusiastic about my sex life. Being confident was just unimaginable before we started.
Alex, 39

My whole life has changed.  I put myself first – what do I want my life to be, how do I have more pleasure, how can I be happier, it’s wonderful.  What I’ve learnt will change more in the future – it’s a starting point, what can I achieve with this?  It’s limitless.
Marion, 44

To learn about my body and my sensuality has changed my life and for that I have to thank Sarah, working with her has been a revelation and a privilege. It has taken me days Sarah to find the right words and they have brought tears to my eyes.  I wouldn’t and couldn’t be in this relationship without our work. It has been an amazing journey and worth every moment. Thank you.
Sally, 59

I cannot sing her [Sarah’s] praises loud enough and learning to accept and enjoy sexual energy and all of its guises is one of the most fulfilling experiences I have ever have!!!
Dr. Sarah G., 27

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Ignite Your Sexuality, a self study course for women

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Ignite Your Pleasure: Coaching for Couples

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