About Sarah

My name is Sarah Rose Bright. I’ve supported hundreds of women and couples across the globe to truly enjoy sex and pleasure and create / deepen intimate relationships that are passionate, happy and healthy.

I know you sense there is more possible for sex and intimacy in your life but you are not sure how to get there. My passion is to help people just like you to move from feeling stuck and disconnected to feeling empowered and excited. Allow me to be your guide.

To create a sex and intimate life that is fulfilling to you isn’t about learning a heap of techniques (though that can be great fun!). It’s about unlearning how most of us have learnt to ‘do’ sex and intimacy and exploring what a great sex life and relationship looks like to you. The result? You discover your desires, awaken your sexual confidence, activate your pleasure and create deeply fulfilling intimate relationships.

Sex coach, Sarah Rose bright in purple top

How Sarah’s Intimacy & Sex Coaching is Changing Lives

I’ve never before felt this enthusiastic about my sex life. Being confident was just unimaginable before we started.

Alex, 39

My whole life has changed.  I put myself first – what do I want my life to be, how do I have more pleasure, how can I be happier, it’s wonderful.  What I’ve learnt will change more in the future – it’s a starting point, what can I achieve with this?  It’s limitless.

Marion, 42

I feel sexier and more alive; I’ve got a new appreciation of my body and I feel a new sense of freedom and possibility.
Sarah, 56

I cannot sing her [Sarah’s] praises loud enough and learning to accept and enjoy sexual energy and all of its guises is one of the most fulfilling experiences I have ever have!!!
Dr. Sarah G., 27

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