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I’m Sarah Rose Bright and I’m so happy you are here! I’m here to help you reset your sex and intimate life so that you can feel confident in who you are, discover expansive pleasure and deep intimacy, and have relationships that are happy, loving, passionate and sustainable.

Creating a deeply fulfilling sex and intimate life isn’t about learning a heap of techniques as you might think. It’s unlearning everything we have been taught about sex and embarking on a journey of exploration and discovery, rooted in the body.

This is sex and intimacy as a journey of discovery – getting to know a deeper level of who you are and what lights you up, feeling good inside, becoming an incredible communicator, and exploring the depths of pleasure, love and intimacy available inside yourself and with each other. 

With over 15 years of professional experience and personal exploration, working with thousands of women and couples across the globe, I have seen first hand the powerful transformations that can happen. I want this for you. 

Whether sex and intimacy is simply uninspiring, you feel stuck or disconnected, or you know there is something deeper available but you don’t know how to get there, allow me to be your guide! 

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I want to contribute to making the world a better place and I am passionate about transforming the quality of sex and intimacy that people experience. Supporting people to move beyond the goal-based sex that most of us learn to re-imagining what is possible for sex, intimacy and love today.  

Sex and intimacy can affect every aspect of your life – your sense of self, health, relationships, work, creativity, parenting etc. When sex and intimacy is a source of stress and/or you feel something is missing, this can zap your energy and deeply affect how you feel about yourself (and each other if you are in a relationship).

When you feel good about sex and intimacy, these feelings ripple out and light up your life. You can feel happier, healthier, kinder, vibrant, passionate, creative, grounded and more resourceful. You have more to share with the world, whether that’s your immediate friends and family, your wider community or the world at large. In these rapidly changing times, these are qualities the world needs.  

My mission is to help women and couples to reset their sex and intimate lives so that they can discover the depths of intimacy and pleasure available and enhance the quality of their sex life, relationships and life. 

How Sarah’s Love, Sex & Intimacy Coaching is Changing Lives

I’ve never before felt this enthusiastic about my sex life. Being confident was just unimaginable before we started.

Alex, 39

My whole life has changed.  I put myself first – what do I want my life to be, how do I have more pleasure, how can I be happier, it’s wonderful.  What I’ve learnt will change more in the future – it’s a starting point, what can I achieve with this?  It’s limitless.

Marion, 42

I feel sexier and more alive; I’ve got a new appreciation of my body and I feel a new sense of freedom and possibility.
Sarah, 56

I cannot sing her [Sarah’s] praises loud enough and learning to accept and enjoy sexual energy and all of its guises is one of the most fulfilling experiences I have ever have!!!
Dr. Sarah G., 27

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