“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” ― Roald Dahl 

Bespoke programmes

“I worked with Sarah for six months and my transformation has been remarkable. When I look back at the version of me that started this work I’m grateful that I had the energy and courage to contact Sarah and am amazed and proud that I did. I wanted to improve my relationship as sex was routine and to overcome the shame and guilt I felt around sexuality. Both of these are being achieved plus many more exquisite and wonderful bonuses. Sarah is a wonderful teacher who has insight and compassion. She imparts a wide range of embodiment practices that anchor the things I learn as a felt experience and provide a firm and enduring platform for further growth. Finding the courage to arrange a session with Sarah ranks amongst my most important achievements.”

Peter, 53, Writer

“From the bottom of my heart. You have helped to repair my body, heart and soul. Thank you Sarah.”

Cliff contacted me after having his prostate removed due to cancer. When he got in touch, he was worried that he would not experience sexual pleasure again and he was feeling low. Working together he has not only discovered new ways to experience pleasure for himself, he and his partner have rekindled intimacy after a five year gap and he feels healthier and happier. You can find out about Cliff’s transformation here.

“Sarah put me at ease from the first moment we met and I found myself able to open up and talk honestly about myself in a way I had never done before. In doing so I learnt that my problems are not necessarily where I had thought them to be, and gained new insights into myself that I have carried forward into other aspects of my life.  Sarah is reassuringly unjudgmental and accepting. Under Sarah’s patient but challenging tutelage I leant to shed my inhibitions and insecurities; to own my sexual energy and to express myself sexually.  You have so much to teach, and I had so much to learn. This is something I should done years ago but Sarah has shown me it is never too late.”

Jeremy, 54, Director

“The whole experience has truly been life changing for me and has vastly improved my own sexual awareness and overall confidence in myself. I have learned so much and yet I only feel like I’ve just started. I cannot stress enough how amazing this programme has been and how professional and supportive Sarah is as a mentor!! It was fun and exciting whilst being professional!! Sarah put me at ease right away and the whole experience was a pleasure… pun slightly intended!!!

I was raised Roman Catholic and in addition live in a society (which many of us do) that sex and anything surrounding it is dirty, taboo and unprofessional. We also perceive sex solely as an act and, in worst case scenario, an act purely to produce life. A turning point in my journey was an amazing book that Sarah recommended on female anatomy and erectile networks and my goodness – as someone with a PhD in pharmacy with extensive anatomy training was shocked at just how little the textbooks tell you!! The other aspects that really hit home with me were a) the importance of self love and getting to know your own body and b) that sexual energy is a natural part of our beings and it shouldn’t be something we fear or shy away from. Embracing all of that energy (not just the orgasm at the end) has really made me so much more appreciative and connected not only with my partner, but with my interactions with the outside world.

Sarah really is an amazing mentor and confidant and I know that she herself has been through the journey and is such an inspirational person. I hope that I can do her proud and help spread the word of sex positivity. As I said previously, I cannot sing her praises loud enough and learning to accept and enjoy sexual energy and all of its guises is one of the most fulfilling experiences I have ever have!!!”

Dr Sarah G, 27, Pharmacist

“I came to Sarah worrying that my sex life was over – that maybe I was too old, too tired, too tied up in career and motherhood to be able to relate sexually to anyone – least of all myself. I felt broken, dysfunctional and drained.  My sessions with Sarah have helped me on a number of levels – she’s provided a safe, nonjudgemental space to talk, that I couldn’t really get anywhere else, tools and practices to reconnect with myself sexually and ideas to help me communicate better about sex.  My partner and I are now having the best sex of our lives and we’re communicating and just functioning better as a couple.  She is a remarkable person and I’m grateful every day for the help she’s given me. Once again, thanks. You have rescued my relationship and changed my life.” Joanne, 42, Project Manager

Thank you for opening my head and my heart to freedom and happiness. I can’t believe what a difference you made to the way I think and in such a short time. I finally feel able to be me, know that being me is enough and that I can ask for whatever I need and feel able to give back in the same way to my partner. Thank you thank you xxxx”

Julie, 44, Charity Manager

“After the break up of a long term relationship, I was severely lacking in self confidence. I struggled with premature ejaculation and would avoid intimacy with women as I felt like I couldn’t talk about this to anyone. This is when I went to see Sarah. Following a few visits to see Sarah and the exercises she introduced me to, my confidence was immeasurably improved. I am now confident and comfortable with my body and am in a relationship in which sexual issues are discussed openly, I also don’t struggle with premature ejaculation any more. Thanks very much Sarah!!”

James, 39, Solicitor

“I didn’t quite appreciate it at the time, but four years ago Sarah’s warmth, compassion, wisdom, expertise, empathy and professionalism were instrumental in changing my life. Given the chance, I’d hug her close and thank her with all my heart.”

David, 45, Journalist

“You lit a fire within me that had been laying dormant. Thank you so much.”

John, 52, Business owner

“I would recommend this to any woman who wants to feel positive about their sex, about their body and about what they desire. Worth every penny, I left each session with increased confidence. You are a wonderful coach who makes me feel at ease whatever I want to discuss.”

Belinda, 35, IT Manager

“Working with you has opened me up to new possibilities in life, you helped me to get a fantastic shift in an area of my life where I felt stuck.”

Pam, 50, Therapist

“To me this was the last chance saloon situation. My mind was all over the place due to becoming a widower and later on my conflicting sexual needs.  I am now back to my happy and sane self. All the guilty feelings have gone and I am now looking forward to new experiences and to go with the flow. How lucky I was to have found your website.”

Sam, 73, Retired

“I first sought help because I felt trapped in my situation and nothing I could think of was working for me I really did not see a way out.  I am completely over any anxiety in terms of erections around her…in fact I cant keep it down! It was always in my head and I feel like I have beaten it. I have not been this happy in years. I feel normal again. There is no way I would of ever given this a go without all of your help, support and advice. It shows how effective your advice is and I can’t thank you enough.  Hope you help more people like me and thanks a million!”

Julian, 36, Programmer

“You should be awarded an OBE for your services. An unsung hero to the community. You are worth every penny.”

Jeff, 50, IT consultant

“Sarah really has helped me and opened my eyes. Its like a different world of wow. Her advice has helped me no end and if you are thinking about using her service, then stop thinking and just book! She is really comfortable to talk to and very understanding. Its been one of the best decisions I’ve made, as its had such an influence on my mind and way of thinking. It’s helped improve me massively.”

Julie, 47, Business owner

I started seeing Sarah after my therapist suggested she might be able to help regarding three issues that were holding me back. These issues were a common male body image issue, significant fears regarding intimacy (performance) and a general lack of confidence. The first thing I would say about Sarah is that if she tells you she will do something then she always does. For me this was really important because, from the start, I felt I could trust her.

After six sessions I am very much a work in progress but Sarah’s presence inspired in me both trust and a confidence I previously lacked. This coupled with the techniques she employs meant that I was challenging my body image issue immediately after our first meeting. As the sessions progressed I continued to place myself in situations that were massively out of my comfort zone and my confidence has significantly increased.  To anybody considering using Sarah’s services I would definitely say do it. In my experience you will only gain strength and confidence from her.

James, 45, Accountant

“I am a woman who has been married for 36 years. My husband is the only sexual partner I have ever had. We have three adult children. For at least the last ten – and probably more – years, our marriage had lacked intimacy, and sex had become something that used to be a part of our lives. This does not mean that I wanted this to be the case. It had just happened, as I suspect it just happens to lots of people: familiarity, lack of effort, failure to communicate, busy lifestyle, the omnipresence of children, tiredness, inertia, irrational feeling that the partner should instigate sex and should understand me enough to know I want it, fear, vulnerability, goal-oriented focus and just general life all seem to get in the way. Sometimes we made love once or twice a year, whereas in others we did not have sex at all. Meanwhile, silently and solitarily, I lived with frustration and did not know how to deal with the problem.” Anna, 58, Therapist. You can read Anna’s full story here.

Evening classes

“You create a lovely, safe and nurturing space for me to be myself Sarah – much gratitude to you.”

“This was a lovely, gentle way of starting to explore what feels like experiences of huge potential.”

“It was a real pleasure and a wonderful way to connect the body and mind into another unique experience.”

“I found that it’s okay to be open and talk about experiences. Most enjoyable. Thank you!”

“An enlightening evening. Very enjoyable.”

“A beautiful safe space in divine atmosphere.”

“I want to engage my Pleasure Detective!”

“Sarah set and held an easy, warm atmosphere. I learnt some great simple tools that I know I can take into my daily and sex life and has left me with an excited curiosity about Tantra.”

“I loved the comprehensive detailed approach in a safe environment and really expert guidance. Totally great.”

“To hear that other women share the same concerns and issues that i do is both confidence boosting and reassuring.”

Future Soul Women’s Circle

“I love the circles… learning tools to increase my self love and meet like(love)-minded people. I feel as I work on loving myself it has a knock on effect on the rest of my life… everything improves… so making time to focus on this is very important to me. Thank you Sarah. Thank you ladies xxx”

Alex, 33, Entrepreneur

“The women’s circle has quickly become an important part of my life. I feel an instant bond with all the women who come to the gatherings, even those who only come once, as we share what we have in common and also what is to unique and individual to each one of us. The time spent informally and socially, both before and after the meetings, is always a lovely way of making and growing friendships and connections, not to mention drinking copious quantities of tea and eating whatever you or anyone else has provided. The meetings themselves are a great mixture of talking, reflecting, listening, sharing, meditating and working through structures. I particularly like it when we explore more practical activities.”

Debbie, 61, Therapist



“I feel like I’ve stepped through a doorway I couldn’t even contemplate opening before and its like a garden blooming with flowers in front of me. I never imagined I could feel this happy in my body. I feel set free to explore life with infinite potential now. No limits. Woo hoo!”

“I recommend this for anyone with a body! We all deserve to love our bodies. Thanks for helping me recognise this.”

“Sarah’s passion and compassion for what she creates space to explore is felt from the minute you begin the day, and I believe it is this gentle fire that helped to facilitate a deeply powerful, nurturing and authentic heart space that allowed us all to drop deep and show up so courageously. Thank you Sarah.”

“A powerful space for women to connect, heal and create.”

I have Sarah Rose Bright to thank for helping me become more confident about my body. She has been a tremendous support throughout my dark times. xx”

Sexual Anatomy for Sensual Adventure 

“Just the start. A tantalising taste – so much more to discover. Wish it was a whole weekend.”

“You held the space with grace and joy in support of us each exploring our relationship with our bodies and sensuality. Its been a delight to participate.”

“It has more than exceeded my expectations and then more. Its been massive for my self development and exploration of understanding myself.”

“An enchanting evening, sharing with beautiful women. An experience of love, honesty, self love and self awareness.”

“The evening was brilliant and way exceeded my expectations. I learnt lots but want to learn more. You are a brilliant, inspiring and compassionate teacher. Full of wisdom, humour and honouring. I can’t wait for more.”

“Sarah is a really great teacher. She holds space in a light and informative way making everyone feel safe, relaxed and welcome. She knows her stuff too. her experience shines through shining a wonderful light on the often unknown territory of sexual expansion.”

“I learn so much every time. Sarah is an inspiration to me.”

“A lovely, insightful and nurturing evening.”

Erotic Yoga 

“Its so cool to be able to ask questions and have a place to learn about sex, self love, energy work and self discovery through this practice. Thank you.”

“This work is transformative. Can’t wait to get practicing. Thank you Sarah.”

“Really informative. Sarah holds a clear and safe space for this type of work to be explored.”

“It was so lovely to be in a gentle safe space, giving myself time to listen in on my own needs.”

“A truly embracing experience.”

“Transformative and healing on many levels.”

“Great reminders and ideas of how to better connect with myself in mindfulness.”

Sensual Touch 

“Beautifully held space and so safe. really permission giving.”

“Sensual touch takes me to a very grounded conscious place. Sarah held a beautiful space in order for me to really do this. So thank you Sarah and thank you Shakti Tantra”

“A gentle, sensual day of connection with other women”

“I had a beautiful day of laughter, intimacy and deepening practice with a gorgeous group and felt safe and well held”

“Sarah you have a gifted, clear and potent way of teaching”

Women’s Invitation co-facilitated with Sue Newsome

“My first proper introduction & already I feel like I am home.  The quality of the facilitators is absolutely incredible & the level of care, wisdom & fierce loving compassion allows every single woman to be where she is at & to take transformational steps into her own courage & power.  Amazing ability to meet every individual need whilst also connecting the collective need to a brand new possibility.  Needed – by the world!”

Shakti Tantra practice days 

“Sarah brings such fun and passion to a subject close to her and all our hearts – our sex and pleasure. The workshop was simple, embodied and inclusive yet covered what can feel really difficult, namely taking responsibility for your own pleasure, in such a profound way. Really looking forward to practicing the simple new tool we used with myself and lovers henceforth! Thanks loads Sarah!”

“Your clarity, softness, allowing, playful and still professional way of holding space so safely earned both my respect and trust.”

“I found the day profound, grounded, healing and very powerful. You hold the space in a way that allows all to be where they are at in a safe, fun, healing and beautiful way. I feel very grateful and intrigued to see what will unfold as the day integrates into my everyday life. Thank you.”

“Sarah holds a strong loving space for Shaktis to step into and be fully themselves and more self by the end of the day. And she’s funny and playful too”

“Such powerful work. it can only empower my life”

“Sarah is a wonderful, knowledgeable and incredibly experienced holder of sacred sexuality space. Absolutely beautiful day. Women come!”

“A day of feeling fully accepted and encouraged and of giving total presence and acceptance.”