Pleasure Mastery

A 6 month programme for women to awaken your sexual confidence and pleasure and feel good about who you are

With personalised 1-1 coaching and the best intimacy, sex and pleasure education, transformational Intimacy and Sex Coach, Sarah Rose Bright, is here to support you to discover what you truly desire, to grow your sexual confidence so that you can enjoy sex and pleasure and feel empowered to create / deepen intimate relationships that are happy, healthy and passionate.

Whether you are single, dating, in a new intimate relationship or in a long term partnership, let me support you on your journey.

Is this you?

  • You want sex and intimacy that is deeply fulfilling and a part of you knows there has to be more to sex and intimate relationships than you are experiencing. You know sex and intimacy is the missing piece in your life.
  • You feel shut down or disconnected from your sexuality and you are wondering why you feel no/little sexual desire.
  • Sex is a source of worry. You feel you are lacking in sexual confidence, experience and knowledge. You know this is holding you back from having the intimate relationship/s that you sense is possible.
  • You only climax in one way (or not at all) and it doesn’t feel very satisfying
  • You don’t know what you like or desire sexually, or if you do, you don’t know how to make it happen
  • You identify as a people pleasers, good girl, perfectionist or workaholic. You might be familiar with all of these!
  • You grew up in a family / society that didn’t talk about sex or shamed sexuality. Talking about sex can feel uncomfortable
  • You may have brought some sex toys, read some books, maybe even signed up for an online course but nothing has really changed. You don’t know where to start but you know it’s time face your fears and you’re ready to do this.

Pleasure Mastery is…

Pleasure Mastery is a 6 month personalised 1-1 journey, that is tailored to your needs and to your life. This unique programme is designed to guide you through significant transformation in your intimate life so that you can feel excited about sex and intimacy in your life and a deep and growing connection to who you are as a sexual woman, to your power, your desires, your body, your sensuality and your orgasmic pleasure.

Packed with the best practical sex and intimacy education and the tools and practices needed to support you to thrive, Pleasure Mastery will not only transform your sex and intimacy in your life; it will transform your whole approach to it.

It will clear unconscious blocks and beliefs that you currently hold about your intimate life and release guilt, shame and fear that can hold you back from what your heart desires. You will see this ripple out into other areas of your life as you connect with your personal power and feel more confident in who you are, what matters to you and what lights you up.

In addition to coaching and education, this is a transformative programme because it is an experience based learning meaning, you don’t just sit around and talk about sex and intimacy. You practice and embody what you explore and this is what creates lasting change.

Pleasure Mastery will help you to:

  • Clear shame, guilt, fears and ‘shoulds’ so that you can find kindness for yourself and feel good about who you are
  • Awaken a deep inner knowing so that you can feel empowered and confident as you learn to trust your body and your inner guidance
  • Awaken and explore your pleasure and sensuality so that you can feel good in your body
  • Discover what you truly need and desire and how to give this to yourself and how to confidently express and communicate these with others without feeling guilty, selfish or indulgent
  • Grow your confidence in your abilities as a lover and learn new ways to experience pleasure and intimacy with partner/s
  • Create happy, healthy and passionate intimate relationships (whether you are single, dating or in a relationship)

Whats included:

The 3 stages of Pleasure Mastery, each building on the next, creating strong foundations from which sex, pleasure and intimacy can continue to grow in your life for years to come:

  • Empower – a holistic exploration of your life, from healing your sexual story to looking at what’s currently draining your energy
  • Intimate Sexuality – my unique model developed over a decade so that you can create a sex life that you desire
  • Intimate Relating – how you bring your self into intimate relationships whether current of future ones including how to confidently communicate and how to create delicious pleasure

12 x 75 minute 1-1 sessions over 6 months.

6 months of Voxer access to Sarah

1 x 45 minute session at the end of Pleasure Mastery to reflect on your transformation and your next steps

Your Pleasure Guide – your personalised guidebook with home explorations, practices and resources to support your transformation

Guided Audio Practices

Pleasure Mastery is designed to support you to do the deep inner work, to clear what is holding you back, to explore what you want and who you are as a sexual, sensual and erotic woman at this stage in your life, to awaken / deepen your orgasmic pleasure and the education, inspiration and guidance to create new behaviours and patterns and bring your hearts desires into reality.

This is all the sex and intimacy education that you never had! Pleasure Mastery weaves together the best of Sarah’s twenty years of exploring intimacy, sexuality and pleasure and over a decade spent coaching and teaching 100s of clients and students with powerful results.

I know that you don’t want to waste anymore time worrying about or avoiding sex and intimate relationships and I promise it is never too late for this to change. There is nothing broken and nothing for you to fix. A plant needs the right conditions to grow and when it gets them, it flourishes. Pleasure Mastery is the place where you can heal, discover, explore and grow and you will reap the benefits long after you complete the programme.

Say hello to your coach:

I’m Sarah Rose Bright. My passion is helping people just like you to discover what they desire, experience passionate and fulfilling sex lives and to create/deepen intimate relationships that are happy and healthy.

You know that fulfilling sex and intimacy is the missing piece in your life but you feel stuck and disconnected and don’t know how to move forward to what you sense is possible.

I get it, I’ve been where you are; fulfilling and passionate sex and intimacy felt like a mystery to me, something I thought every one else was amazing at and wondered why it was such a struggle for me. I’ve committed to finding out why and how and now I feel deeply connected to my sexuality and my erotic nature and l am in an incredible relationship and its my joy to help others do the same.

Few of us have had quality sex and relationship education and great role models in these areas of our lives. Not to mention the influence of our life experiences, education, the media, culture and more!

Just as you might have 1-1 support such as a personal trainer, life coach or therapist, I am your guide for intimacy and sex. Creating great sex and intimacy happens like any learning skill, with time and practice. Committing to Pleasure Mastery will offer you the knowledge, guidance and structure to make significant shifts in your life. The result? You can awaken your sexual confidence, pleasure and desire and create epic intimate relationships.


I’d say definitely do bite the bullet and speak to you, because you’ll be really really pleased that you did and it’s not as scary as it seems.
Emily, 35

I finally feel able to be me, know that being me is enough and that I can ask for whatever I need and feel able to give back in the same way to my partner. Thank you thank you xxxx
Jess, 44

It is liberating not to have that worry and stress anymore. This has given me so much confidence going forward.
Lisa, 38

To learn about my body and my sensuality has changed my life and for that I have to thank Sarah, working with her has been a revelation and a privilege. It has taken me days Sarah to find the right words and they have brought tears to my eyes.  I wouldn’t and couldn’t be in this relationship without our work. It has been an amazing journey and worth every moment. Thank you.
Sally, 59

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