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About Sarah

Hi! I’m Sarah Rose Bright, a Love, Sex and Intimacy Coach, authorised teacher of The Making Love Retreat®, host of the Love, Sex and Intimacy Podcast and a Gene Keys Guide. I help women and couples just like you to reset their sex and intimate lives away from goal-based sex and to discover deep intimacy and expansive pleasure so that they feel confident in who they are and have intimate relationships that are happy, loving, passionate and sustainable.

I am not in this work because I was amazing in bed or I had fantastic relationships. It was exactly the opposite! After being in an emotionally abusive relationship as a teenager, I found myself trapped in the good girl/people pleasing syndrome, feeling that I was never good enough, stuck in my head with a rampant inner critic, loathing my body, with zero sexual confidence, I was terrified of sex, attracting unhealthy and unfulfilling relationships and wondering is this it for my life? Does any of this sound familiar?

I felt alone and ashamed and I thought there was something wrong with me when everyone else seemed to have these areas of their lives sorted (I now know they didn’t!).  I had no-one to talk to about it and a big part of me never thought change was possible, but a small spark inside of me kept taking the next step. A tiny part of me that believed that there had to be more to life than what I was experiencing and I am so glad it did! 

After years of suffering and challenges, I’ve spent many years understanding and discovering why my life was that way and learning how to feel good about myself, to feel confident as a sexual being, to create an incredible sex life and a thriving intimate relationship. Even when I have challenges in my life or in my relationship I can navigate them with so much more ease. 

Having struggled so much with sex and intimacy, what fuels my fire is not only supporting so many people stuck in these areas which deeply affects their quality of life, I also want to call out the myths and the untruths that we have been taught about sex and intimacy and hold the torch for what is possible so that the world can know the depths of love, intimacy and pleasure that are available. 

I live in my homeland of Somerset in the UK with my partner, fiancé and co-teacher, Graeme Waterfield.  At 50, I have never been happier. My work is a joy. I am surrounded by beautiful countryside where I walk most days and my relationship continues to get better and better. I am a devoted explorer of this magical life and I love learning, adventure, being outdoors, making love and and laughing so much that my belly aches. 

I work with women and couples across the globe and facilitate groups, workshops and retreats. I also co-teach courses for couples with my partner, Graeme Waterfield, and Graeme runs courses on Sexual Energy Mastery for Men.

Sexologist, Sarah Rose Bright speaking in red dress
Sexologist, Sarah Rose Bright speaking in red dress

For over twenty years, I’ve studied and explored the fields of sex and sexology, intimacy, relationships and healing. With 15 years of working with 1000s of students and clients, I’ve witnessed many incredible transformations. 

A pioneer as the UK’s first certified sex coach, I have trained extensively, travelling around the world studying ancient wisdom and modern sexology from the world’s leading sex and intimacy pioneers. 

I am a Gene Keys guide and work with both Human Design and the Gene Keys within my sessions. These are two incredibly profound systems that support you to connect to your body’s intelligence, to know yourself more deeply and to consciously work with your shadows, strengths and gifts so that you can be kinder to yourself and bring more of your natural magic into the world. 

I am certified in: 

  • Certified Professional Sex Coach from Sex Coach U (SCU)
  • Certified Sexological Bodyworker (CSB) from the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco
  • Certified Somatic Sex Educator (CSSE) from the Institute of Somatic Sexology in Australia
  • Certified Universal Healing Tao (UHT) Instructor
  • Certified Healing Love Instructor with UHT
  • Certified Tao Tantra Facilitator
  • Certified HNLP Coach
  • Certified NLP and HNLP Practitioner
  • Urban Tantra Professional Training Programme
  • Masters in Sustainability and Responsibility, University of Bath Management School
  • BA Hons in Modern History and Politics from Liverpool University

Additionally, I have over a decade of Neo-Tantra training and I taught Neo-Tantra for six years, completed four years of intensive training on a Shamanic path with the Deer Tribe, have a decade of studying Taoism with Barry Spendlove of Healing Tao Britain and Minke De Vos, author of Feminine Treasures, and a decade working with plant medicines. 

I am a member of the World Association of Sex Coaches and the Association of Certified Sexological Bodyworkers and I follow the code of ethics from the Somatic Sex Educators Association of Australasia (SSEAA).

What Does Coaching with Me Look Like?

Intimacy Mastery is my unique system of practical intimacy and sex coaching and education, which has been developed from 15 years of working with clients. Intimacy Mastery gives you the structure and tools to support you to reset your sex life and intimate relationships in a way that feels true to you. We do this through a mix of coaching, education and practices.  

My approach is gentle. Sex and intimacy are deeply vulnerable topics and gentleness gives space for people to go at their unique pace, which I believe is key to creating lasting change. This is not about a ‘quick fix’. It’s about taking the space and time to explore what great sex and intimacy is for you. 

If intimacy and sex have been a source of stress or worry, my intention is that these sessions bring fun and lightness to these areas of your life.  

Coaching – From understanding your sexual story to exploring and transforming beliefs about love, sex and intimacy, my approach is holistic. We may look at all areas of your life as the patterns showing up in your sexual and intimate life can be reflected elsewhere and sometimes we need to address other aspects of your life, such as stress at work for you, to create space for your intimate life.

Education –  There is so much to learn about how to move beyond goal-based sex, how to create a sex and intimate life that feels good to you, connecting to your body, desire and arousal, becoming masterful lovers, healthy communication and relating and SO much more. 

Practices – This is a transformative programme because it is experience-based learning.  You practice and embody what we explore and this is what creates lasting change. 

Well, that’s me! Now, over to you! You can book a complimentary call with me to explore what is possible for your sex and intimate life. During the call we’ll get clear on what you would really love for yourself and what the most significant blocks are to that. If I can help, we’ll map out a bespoke solution for you and I’ll share exactly what that would look like. 

Sound good? You can book via this link or get in touch via the contact page. I look forward to meeting you! 

With love,

Sarah xxx

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