About Sarah

Hi! I’m Sarah, an Intimacy and Sex Coach, and the founder of the Love, Sex and Intimacy Podcast. My passion is helping people just like you to understand and clear what’s keeping you stuck and to support you to find out what a pleasure filled sex life and fulfilling intimate relationship looks like to you so that you can create a sex life and relationship that you truly desire.

After being in an emotionally abusive relationship as a teenager, I found myself stuck in the good girl/people pleasing syndrome, feeling that I was never good enough, stuck in my head with a rampant inner critic, loathing my body, with zero sexual confidence, attracting unhealthy relationships and wondering, is this it for my life?

Does any of this sound familiar? I’ve been where you are; I’ve experienced the pain and the suffering and the longing – and I’ve spent many years discovering and understanding why my life was this way. A big part of me never thought change was possible, but a small spark inside of me kept taking the next step and over the years, that spark grew into a strong flame and I can now say that I deeply love and value myself and have a life, work and a relationship that I truly love.

Based in the UK, I work with women and couples across the globe. I also facilitate groups, workshops and retreats.

Sex coach, Sarah Rose Bright in red dress
Sexologist, Sarah Rose Bright speaking in red dress

For nearly twenty years, I’ve studied and explored the fields of sex and sexology, intimacy and healing and have over a decade of working with 100s of students and clients. I’ve supported deep transformations for my clients, helping them to move beyond the limits of the goal based pleasure that most of us learn, to discover what lights them up, how to feel their pleasure and sensuality, how to confidently communicate and create healthy intimate relationships.

A pioneer as the UK’s first certified sex coach, I have trained extensively, travelling around the world studying ancient wisdom and modern sexology from the world’s leading sex and intimacy pioneers.  I also work with two incredible systems, Human Design and the Gene Keys, that support you to know and love yourself, to listen to and trust your body’s intelligence and to own your power and your gifts. I am certified in:

  • Certified Professional Sex Coach from Sex Coach U (SCU)
  • Certified Sexological Bodyworker (CSB) from the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco
  • Certified Somatic Sex Educator (CSSE) from the Institute of Somatic Sexology in Australia
  • Certified Universal Healing Tao (UHT) Instructor
  • Certified Healing Love Instructor with UHT
  • Certified Tao Tantra Facilitator
  • Certified HNLP Coach
  • Certified NLP and HNLP Practitioner
  • Urban Tantra Professional Training Programme
  • Masters in Sustainability and Responsibility, University of Bath Management School
  • BA Hons in Modern History and Politics from Liverpool University

Additionally, I have over a decade of Neo-Tantra training and I taught Neo-Tantra for six years, completed four years of intensive training on a Shamanic path with the Deer Tribe, have a decade of studying Taoism with Barry Spendlove of Healing Tao Britain and Minke De Vos, author of Feminine Treasures and a decade working with plant medicines.

I follow the code of ethics from the Somatic Sex Educators Association of Australasia (SSEAA).

What Does Coaching with Me Look Like?

Intimate Sexuality and Intimate Relating are my unique systems of practical intimacy and sex coaching and education which have been developed from over a decade of working with clients. These 2 road maps give you the structure and tools to support you to awaken / transform your sex life and intimate relationships, in a way that feels true to you. We do this through a mix of coaching, education and practices:

Coaching – From understanding your sexual story to exploring and transforming beliefs about sex, pleasure and intimacy, my approach is holistic in that we may look at all areas of your life as the patterns showing up in your sexual and intimate life can be reflected elsewhere and sometimes we need to address other aspects of your life such as stress at work for you to create space for your pleasure.

Education –  There is so much to learn about how your body, your anatomy for pleasure, desire, arousal, your orgasmic potential, how to move beyond goal based sex and SO much more.

Practices – This is a transformative programme because it is experience based learning meaning, you don’t just sit around and talk about these things, I invite you to practice and embody what we explore and this is what creates lasting change.

When intimacy and sex have been a source of stress or worry, my clients find that the sessions bring fun and lightness to these areas of your life. The programme gives you the focus and the structure for lasting change to happen.

If you’d like to learn more about me, you can read this page.

Well, that’s me! Now, over to you. Get in touch via the Contact page or visit me on my social media pages (links below) – I can’t wait to go on this journey of transformation with you.

With pleasure,
Sarah xx

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