Meet Susan & Jen

by | Jun 8, 2023


Susan came to the course feeling shut off from her sexual energy, and as she described ‘hopeless’ about her future. This course was her final attempt to see if change was possible and as she shared, her life has completely changed, more than she ever thought was possible.

Before the course she didn’t like her genitals and felt shame about wanting sex. Now she has reignited her sexual energy, is enjoying self pleasure, loving her genitals, loving her body and loving herself more. She had wondered with menopause if that was it for her sex life. She now knows that is 100% not the case and that pleasurable sex is possible – and for the rest of her life. I love what she shared:

I’ve overcome some very distressing and debilitating programming about being old after menopause and I’m starting to get my ’sexy badass self’ back which makes me happy.” Susan, 54

Jen, 53

When Jen joined the course, she felt that she there was something wrong with her. She described herself as being ‘dysfunctional’ and felt like she needed therapy. She wondered if this was it for her life.

Jen had had a marriage with years of unfulfilling sex and shared that she didn’t trust men and felt they only wanted her for sex so she put up walls around her and didn’t hadn’t let anyone in until very recently.

She felt shame around sex which was often painful. Jen thought sex was about other peoples pleasure, not her own and she felt inexperienced. She believed that she didn’t know what to do or how to do it and this created a lot of stress and performance anxiety.

It’s incredible to see what shifted for Jen. She had a new partner, and she was able to talk about her sexual past in a way that she’s never done before. She made space for her own desires, and found a language and the confidence to make requests. Her vagina, which she described as ‘tense, dry and painful’ during sex ‘relaxed’ and the pain disappeared.

She discovered to her surprise that she really is a passionate person and her identity profoundly shifted. She shared:

I feel sexier and more alive; I’ve got a new appreciation of my body and I feel a new sense of freedom and possibility.  I know I am a healthy sexual and sensual woman and I embrace my femininity … a big one for me as I had always worn the trousers in relationships and been very dismissive of the ‘womanly’ side of me…

She allowed herself to receive from her new partner. This was a huge shift as in the past she wouldn’t let anyone do anything for her, not even make her a cup of tea!  To see Jen become so confident and relaxed with these herself and to witness her desire, sensuality and sexuality awaken was magic.  This rippled out into her life. She thought she wasn’t creative but she got inspired to start an art class and realised she was artistic and is now loving creating.

If this can happen to Susan and Jen, it’s possible for you too.

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