Your sexual energy is for you

by | Jun 8, 2023

This is a revelation for many people that I work with.

The women I work with often grow up to believe that their sexual energy is for other people and usually that means it’s for men – whether lovers or partners.

This run so deep in our world. Just look at marketing where sexuality is everywhere, a commodity used to seduce and sell.   You may have used your sexual energy in healthy and not so healthy ways to attract, seduce, manipulate. I know I have.

Few people have been told – ‘there is this precious part of you that is yours and you get to choose how you express it and who you share it with.’ Imagine the world we would be living in if we grew up to respect, honour and value our sexual energy.

For some women I work with, they’ve never had the space to really consider what feels pleasurable for them because they believed that sex is all about making the other person happy. They then wonder why they don’t love sex.

For others, they know there is more to their sexual energy than they are experiencing and they are curious to know what that more is.

Experiencing your sexual energy for you first and foremost starts with having a relationship with your sexual self. It’s befriending and getting to know your sexual self, who she is, what she likes, what she wants to explore, what she’s curious about. If she were an archetype, what would she be? Is she playful, shy, powerful, mischievous, ecstatic, soft or wild. Maybe she is all of those things!

Just like anything in life, it takes time to get to know your sexual self and your sexual energy. See it as starting a new friendship.  You invest time. You get curious.  And it is not static. It is life long learning and connection as we’re are always growing, changing and evolving. It’s a journey that is so so worth it.

Your sexual energy is for you, and you can choose how you are with it, how you cultivate it, how you express it and who you would like to share it with. You have choice.

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