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Sarah Rose Bright

Jade Egg Weekend Workshop

by Sarah Rose Bright
Ticket Information

Early bird £150 if paid in full by 6th September.
After that date the cost is £175.

The jade egg is an ancient Taoist practice. The egg is inserted into your vagina and you practice a series of exercises – sometimes called ‘yoga for your vagina’ or ‘yoni yoga’ (yoni being the Sanskrit word for vagina). The egg can also be made of stones such as rose quartz and obsidian and are sometimes referred to as ‘yoni eggs.’

A profound self-healing tool

The jade egg is a vital, natural way to take responsibility for our pelvic health. If we don’t look after our pelvic floor this can cause loss of sensation during sexual activity, incontinence and prolapse where the bladder, uterus or rectum drops; whilst getting to know this potent place has many benefits for your pleasure, health and wellbeing.

You may already possess a jade egg (possibly lost somewhere in your home and never used!) and you’re wondering how to get started with it. Or you might be already using the jade egg and wanting to deepen your practice. So whether you’re a convert or curious this weekend is for you!

The jade egg is a profound self-healing tool, it:

  • Brings connection with your pelvis and genitals – places women often have little or no relationship with
  • Strengthens and tones your pelvic floor which increases sensitivity, sensation and orgasms
  • Activates and helps cultivate your sexual energy, desire, pleasure and sensitivity, vitality and radiance
  • Cultivates self-love and body love, empowering you to make difference choices about your life as you learn to access the wisdom and intelligence of your body
  • Shows us how to slow down, relax and soften – a wonderful antidote to our often fast and stressful lives
  • Offers a natural way to heal after childbirth, mild prolapses and can assist with urinary incontinence
  • Brings balance to your menstrual cycle and helps with lubrication and muscle tone through peri-menopause and menopause
  • Teaches us the foundational skills for relaxed love making whether with yourself or with another

During this initiation weekend we’ll be learning and exploring:

  • Taoist philosophy on cultivating energy with the jade egg
  • Your pelvic anatomy for health and pleasure
  • Why the health of your pelvic floor is so important, how to get to know the health of your pelvic floor and what to do to look after it
  • Creating a new relationship or deepening your existing relationship with your vulva/vagina and your true sensual nature
  • The benefits and practice of breast massage
  • The magic of Chi Gung to open up, clear and transform your energy including Sexual Vitality Chi Gung to activate, circulate and transform your sexual energy
  • Practices to cultivate pleasure and sensuality
  • Practicing safely and respectfully with the jade egg with a beautiful ritual. This is optional. You are welcome to do the ritual and the practices without the jade egg then explore at home. Any questions about this, do get in touch

You leave the weekend feeling nourished and inspired with a practice manual and audios/videos to support you in your home practice.

Meet Sarah Rose Bright

Sarah Rose Bright is a leading certified Sex, Pleasure & Intimacy Coach empowering women and couples to discover and express their true sexual nature.

Sarah has trained with Minke De Vos, the grandmother of the jade egg movement and is a certified teacher with Universal Healing Tao and a Tao Tantric Arts facilitator.

A pioneer as the UK’s first certified sex coach and one of the first somatic sex educators Sarah blends extensive training and experience with a coaching style described as inspirational, safe, warm and intuitive, for clients to fall in love with their sexual nature and create a life they love.

Sarah Rose Bright: “I love the jade egg.  Not only for the multitude of benefits to your sensuality, health and wellbeing; but also for the practices that go with it. From Chi Gung, which literally means to cultivate your life force, to breast massage to activate your health and sexual energy. I practice these regularly and they work!”


Early bird £150 if paid in full by 6th September.
After that date the cost is £175.

Dates and Timings

Oct 5th, 2019, 10:00 – 18:00
Oct 6th, 2019, 10:00 – 17:00
Location: Space, Manchester.
Booking: Email


Where can I buy a jade egg?

Certified nephrite jade eggs will be available for sale on the day for £42.50 with unwaxed dental floss. They can be posted in advance for £47.50 including postage. You can buy them here.

Is the jade egg suitable for every woman?

No, there are contra-indications to the Jade Eggs. Jade eggs are not suitable if trying to get pregnant, whilst pregnant or until six weeks after having given birth; if you have an IUD/coil (though some women choose to practice with an IUD except the weight lifting practices); if you have a moderate or severe pelvic organ prolapse; if you’ve had recent pelvic surgery or you currently have infections (vaginal, bladder etc). However, there are always exceptions so do get in touch if you’re not sure. The jade egg is not usually used when menstruating so if you have your menses at the time of the workshop you can still do the practices without the egg inside the body.

Will this qualify me to teach the jade egg?

The teachings in this weekend are for your personal practice only. This workshop does not qualify you to teach the jade egg. If that interests you, do seek out professional trainings.

Here’s what past participants say:

“Skilfully guided by Sarah you gracefully share, deep wisdom from anatomy, science, myths, yoga traditions and Tao practices and your own personal journeys in a way that makes it safe, fun, deep, light and encouraging. A beautiful space.”

“I have come home to myself, got in touch with my hidden sacred femininity and feel safe within and without.”

“Wow the egg sat in my bag for years is now out of the bag. I needed this weekend to understand and embody the jade egg teachings. I couldn’t have learnt this from a book.”

“I finally know who my inner pilot light is and she’s awesome. I love her. Thank you Sarah for holding a space for me to meet her.”

“For the first time ever I don’t feel ashamed or awkward about my sexuality. I realise the love I seek from another is all that I hold within.”

“A true investment in being a magical woman.”

“A dynamic, sensitively delivered weekend of self discovery.”

“The idea of a weekend workshop with other women where the theme is jade egg and vaginas may feel very scary but I assure you that this is an amazing opportunity to learn, experience and enjoy. It’s a great investment in your well-being and womanhood. Sarah is an awesome facilitator.”


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Cancellation of your event place up to two weeks prior to its start: your non-refundable deposit applies only
Cancellation of your event place up to seven days prior to its start: 50% of your participation fee is still applicable.
Cancellation of your event place seven days or less prior to its start: 100% of your participation fee is still applicable.
If you cancel and the event is full, I will endeavour to re-sell your place and if successful, you will be given a full refund less £25 to cover administration costs.


Date And Time

2019-10-05 - 10:00 AM
2019-10-06 - 06:00 PM


Wellington Mill, Duke St, Manchester M3 4NF, Manchester


Space @ The Mill, Manchester

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