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Sarah Rose Bright

VLife: A 4 week online course to empower you to love, pleasure & care for your vagina

by Sarah Rose Bright
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Welcome to VLife and the magical world of vaginas! Though right now you may not feel this, please – do read on.  Whether love, like or loathe your vagina this course has something for you.  VLife is a course to inform, educate, empower and inspire you with a holistic approach to your pelvic health, well being and of course, pleasure! 

The state of the world’s vaginas is not a happy one.  We are surrounded with a culture of vagina-shaming – the distorted images of the ‘perfect pussy’ that leaves so many women feeling their vaginas are deformed or ugly or our vagina’s nicknames are used as insults.  There are so many more. 

This shaming attitude and huge lack of education along with the disturbing amount of trauma women experience in their genitals (from abuse, medical exams, ignorance of partners and more…) sees far too many women disconnected from and unhappy with their vaginas.  The statistics bear this out with increasing numbers of women choosing surgery to change the look of their genitals – and with significant numbers of women experiencing a range of concerns from pain, incontinence and prolapses we can see that this part of our body is feeling weak and unloved. 

The solution is in our hands – to reclaim and reconnect this precious part of our body. Healing our relationship with our vaginas is like getting to know a new friend – it takes time and attention and this course is an invitation to get to know her and to learn to love her both fiercely and gently.  Your vagina is part of you; an alive and wonderful living being who deserves to be treasured and honoured and when you do, she is a gateway to healing and personal empowerment, deeper pleasures and sensuality, vitality and health. 

This four week holistic online course will:

  • Empower your to take responsibility for your pelvic health and pleasure
  • Heal trauma and shame 
  • Increase your confidence and self love 
  • Experience more sensation and pleasure whether single or within relationship 
  • Access the wisdom of your body and explore what feels true and authentic for you 
  • Provide you with tools, practices and approaches to create more health and pleasure in your life from Taoism and tantra through to the current day.  

 This course is for you if:

  • You want to create a new and empowered relationship with your vagina or your want to deepen your existing one. You know that looking after her is key to her future health, pleasure and sensual / sexual confidence! 
  • You don’t like your vagina – this might be how she looks and/or feels. 
  • You want to experience more pleasure.
  • You are experiencing common conditions such as incontinence, prolapse, numbness, pain or discomfort during sex, lack of sensation or pleasure or changes post childbirth or menopause and you are looking for a holistic approach to support your healing. 
  • You want to learn the foundations in how to look after your vagina to prevent future problems. 
  • You are interested in the jade egg but right now that feels a big step. This course is a great course from which to start a jade egg practice. 

The thought of this course might evoke fear and that is totally natural. As George Addair says: “Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.” This has so often proved true for me. When I started my healing journey I was terrified but I knew that I couldn’t go on hating my own vagina as I was not able to enjoy sex, self pleasure felt shameful and it was significantly affecting my confidence.  I have worked with hundreds of women and found that with the right support and knowledge you can transform your relationship with your vagina leading to more health, confidence and of course, pleasure! 

This four week online course includes:

  • Weekly themed webinar with an opportunity for Q&A (all recorded so if you don’t make the live call you will get a copy) 
  • Weekly FB live for Q&A
  • FB group for peer support and inspiration
  • Weekly practices and tasks
  • A resources guide so that you can continue to deepen your exploration and learning 

Week 1 – Love

How do we LOVE our vaginas? We start by looking at the landscape around us, the messages, the cultural norms and how our past is impacting our present.  By connecting we can start to heal trauma, guilt and shame and we begin to reclaim, own and love our vaginas. 

During this week we’ll explore: 

  • The history of vaginas, the myths and the messages
  • The truth – unlocking our power, pleasure and creativity
  • Recalibrating – unhooking from the negative conditioning that keeps you from enjoying a healthy and happy relationship with your vagina 
  • Healing and awakening through connection

Week 2 – Empowerment

We feel EMPOWERED by getting to intimately know our vulva-vagina.  We create space to learn and explore our pleasure with innocence and curiosity. 

During this week we’ll explore:

  • Healing through pleasure – so much healing can happen through connecting to our pleasure 
  • Learn the anatomy of your pelvis and vagina for health and pleasure
  • Sensual self pleasure to empower you and learn how to experience more pleasure 

Week 3 – Pleasure 

We continue to explore PLEASURE learning how you can experience more pleasure and sensation.  We also explore communication.  We’ll learn how to ask for what you would like in a way that you feel comfortable and confident with.  

During this week we’ll explore:

  • Deeper pleasures – internal pleasures and orgasms 
  • Communication – how to guide a partner in pleasure leading to more fulfilling and authentic intimacy 
  • Penetration – we’ll explore the possibilities of penetration from enhancing your pleasure to slow sex and toys 

Week 4 – Vitality 

Looking after your pelvic health is key to your overall health and VITALITY. So many pelvic floor problems today are 100% preventable and being told to go and do a few Kegel exercises isn’t enough.  This week is to inspire you to commit to your pelvic health and if you are currently experiencing issues such as incontinence and mild prolapse, this week will offer you many ideas to support your healing. 

During this week we’ll explore:

  • The Taoist approach to pelvic floor health
  • Why pelvic health is vital and the foundations to looking after your pelvic floor 
  • How to get to know your vagina and pelvic floor  
  • How to keep your vagina and pelvic floor toned and healthy – from Kegels and jade egg through to daily life such as posture and lifting 
  • Empowering you in medical examinations and smears 
  • Erotic yoga routine for your pelvic floor and core to cultivate vitality and pleasure 


£175 super early bird – if paid in full by 30th April 2019

£195 early bird – if paid in full by 31st May 2019

£225 full price

Sign up with a friend and both receive a reduction of £25 each! 

Deposit to confirm your place: £50 (non refundable)

Dates: Starts Tuesday 11th June for 4 weeks (11, 18 and 25th June and 2nd July)

From 7 – 8.30pm every Tuesday 

Booking: Email 

This course offers a safe, respectful and inspiring container for healing and empowerment. If you hear this inner call to create a more empowering relationship with your vagina and your body, take this leap of faith – it’s worth it!  You are worth it.  She is worth it!

This course is brought to you by me, Sarah Rose Bright. I am a Sex, Pleasure & Intimacy Coach, Teacher, Educator and Sexologist, bringing a decade of experience of inspiring people to live their potential.  Key to this is your relationship with your vagina –  as we heal and deepen our relationship with our vaginas we can access more pleasure, vitality and confidence. 

I created this course because I see the HUGE need in the world to empower women to love, pleasure and treasure their vaginas.  I have helped hundreds of women transform their relationship with their vaginas and it is beautiful to witness.   I had years of hating my vagina and addressing this was a catalyst for my sexual confidence and happiness and now healing from a prolapse this journey continues. 

I am passionate about creating spaces where people can learn about their natural, wonderful bodies and sexuality with support, safety, permission, education and inspiration, bringing more happiness, pleasure and vitality into their lives. I blend ancient wisdom with modern sexology, distilling this into knowledge and grounded experiences that can make a real difference in your life. I offer 1-1 coaching programmes, online courses and in person events and retreats. You can find out more here

Disclaimer: VLife is not a substitute for medical or psychological diagnosis or treatment. The online course is not designed to diagnose medical or psychological conditions, perform medical treatment, prescribe substances, provide counselling, nor interfere with the treatment of licensed medical or psychological professionals. VLife and any related information is offered as a tool for personal growth and not as medical or psycho-therapeutic advice. 

VLife is a holistic course designed to inform, educate, empower and inspire you in your pelvic health, well being and pleasure.  If you are experiencing specific conditions, this course will empower you to feel more confident when dealing with the medical profession. 

If you have experienced trauma it is advised that you may benefit from support from a trauma specialist or trained therapist or counsellor throughout the course.  Please get in touch if you have any questions about the course or if you want recommendations for specialists. 


  • Your booking on the course is only confirmed when the deposit or the fee is received.
  • All deposits are non refundable and due within 24 hours of accepting a place on the course.
  • The full fee is due one week prior to the course starting.
  • Cancellation of your course place up to two weeks prior to its start: your non-refundable deposit applies only.
  • Cancellation of your course place two weeks or less prior to its start: 100% of your participation fee is still applicable.

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