A journey into deepening love & pleasure

With Graeme Waterfield & Sarah Rose Bright 

A 16 week online group programme for couples 

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INTIMACY is a journey into deepening the love you share and the pleasure you experience together.  We’ve gathered together the practices and teachings that we love the most so that you can take your relationship to the next level. 

Would you love to:

  • deepen the quality of love, connection and pleasure that you experience together?
  • have time to prioritise your relationship and/or your sex life?
  • move beyond ‘goal based sex’ and find fresh ways to explore connection and pleasure together (that is not about trying a new sex toy or position!) 
  • experience deeply fulfilling sex that gets better and better?
  • smooth out the places you feel stuck (whether that is down to experiencing different levels of desire, stuck in the ‘same old’ routine or crunchy conversations about intimacy)?

One of the biggest myths about intimate relationships and great sex lives is that they ‘should’ just happen naturally with ease. Creating a great relationship and a delicious sex life is like cultivating a beautiful garden.  It takes practice, commitment and skills that most of us have never learnt. 

INTIMACY is an opportunity to commit to and prioritise your relationship and your pleasure this Spring.  Whether you are looking to revitalise your relationship or your committed to deepening what you have, we’ve got you! 

“I’ve enjoyed every bit of it. It’s been enlightening to slow down and not rush to the end goal. All of it has been enlightening to me.” – Carl

Meet your guides 

Hi! We’re Graeme and Sarah and we have been in a committed relationship for 5 years. Before we met, we spent decades on our own paths, healing and growing and learning about relationships, sometimes painfully.  For both of us, we are in the relationship we dreamed of, and knew in the depths of our heart that was possible. 

It hasn’t always been easy and as we have navigated through the highs and the lows of being together, we have seen firsthand the tools and the ways of being which help us to  come back to our own hearts and to create partnership of respect, radical honesty, playfulness and ever deepening love and pleasure. And yes, sex gets better and better!

We weave together decades of study and teaching to inspire couples to deepen their intimacy, love and pleasure through conscious relating, modern sexology, Taoism and Tantra, energetic practices and Chi Gung and meditation. Teaching together, we are known for being grounded, inspirational and playful.

If you want endless repetition, see a lot of different people. If you want infinite variety, stay with one.”

Joni Mitchell


We will be exploring :

Deepening Love

  • The power of love and presence

  • Emotional intelligence and heart communication – how to speak from the heart and truly hear our partner and how to return to love when we have been triggered/shut down

  • Cultivating day to day intimacy, connection and love 

  • Practices to bring you into deeper connection with yourself and each other such as Chi Gung, meditation, dancing and cuddle yoga 

Expanding Pleasure

How to create a loving, sustainable, passionate and connected sex life through:

  • Understanding the limitations of goal-based sex
  • Understanding why presence and relaxation are the portals to great pleasure
  • Expanding the range of pleasure you experience
  • Learning how to have rich conversations about sex 
  • Solo practices for expansive pleasure 
  • The Wheel of Consent to explore listening to the wisdom of your body and how to know and communicate what you want and don’t want in ways that enhance your connection and pleasure 
  • Practices and games to explore pleasure and the erotic landscape of your bodies
  • Understanding the anatomy and power of your genitals
  • The magic of breast and genital massage 
  • Transforming regular sex into relaxed and loving sex – the Tantric approach to love making 
  • The different types of touch 

INTIMACY is a mix of teaching, practices and Q&A time. One session will be dedicated to sharing for more in-depth exploration and support.  INTIMACY is full of powerful, beautiful and juicy practices that will strengthen the foundations of your relationship and transform the intimacy, love and pleasure that you experience together. 

“There’s a world of intimacy awaiting us if we make the time for it . . . having a close relationship can involve ALL kinds of intimate ‘being together’, not just sex.  It was a revelation to understand the breadth of what comes under the umbrella of ‘intimacy’…” – David

Course format

  • 8 weeks of live teaching including practices, coaching and Q&A (dates TBC)
  • 1 x half day workshop, date TBC
  • 1 x sharing session, date TBC
  • A private WhatsApp group for connecting, sharing and additional support between calls 
  • Home explorations including practices and resources to support your explorations and learning 
  • Access to recordings if you miss a live call or your want to revisit the content. These will be available for a minimum of 1 year.

Important info

  • This will be a small group so that we get to know you and you don’t become ‘lost’ in a big group.
  • INTIMACY is focused on your relationship and during INTIMACY you will work with your partner only. 
  • It is so powerful to be part of a community of couples who have a willingness and a desire to learn and grow together.  You can participate in the sharings and Q&A though it is not essential.
  • Any practices that we do ‘live’, you will do in the privacy of your own home, with your cameras and microphones off. 
  • Same sex and non binary partnerships are welcome.

“My partner and I are so happy we did this course…This time we spend focusing on intimacy guided by you, the practices and the conversations we’re having around this – we could not have managed this alone… it was revolutionary for us in many ways, has definitely deepened our already close relationship and elevated the concept of “homework“ into a whole new realm!” – Penny

INTIMACY is for you if…

  • You are in a relationship and you love each other and are committed to exploring with each other, whether you have been in relationship for decades or have just started your journey together, whether you are feeling stuck or you are just curious to learn how to deepen your love and pleasure

INTIMACY is not for you if…

  • What you really need is relationship therapy or counselling 
  • You’re looking for someone outside to “fix” you
  • You’re not going to do the practices

Couples who play together, stay together.” Kris Garden



For T&Cs, visit the policies page.


My partner and I are so happy we did this course, even though I booked us on it without him even knowing about it!  This time we spend focusing on intimacy guided by you, the practices and the conversations we’re having around this – we could not have managed this alone. Being non-goal-oriented is my biggest take-away and an opening to a whole new world. I realised I have sometimes avoided touch because I don’t want sex. I also realise that Intimacy never need stop at any age. After 32 years together, it was a topic we managed to avoid talking about and INTIMACY has definitely changed that – it was revolutionary for us in many ways, has definitely deepened our already close relationship and elevated the concept of “homework“ into a whole new realm!  And Sarah and Graeme, you are the kindest and most sensitive guides we could have imagined.


I would not have dreamed of signing up for a course like this but luckily my partner took the initiative. I am very grateful for that. I feel that this course is a beginning of a wonderful journey for us. I realise that Intimacy can be experienced in so many different ways and there’s a lot more than “goal-oriented” sex.


I would highly recommend this course. The information shared is excellent – why aren’t we all taught these things at school? I thought the structure of the course was excellent too and Sarah and Graeme led with grace, humour, sensitivity and skill. We have gone away with a toolkit of games, practices, and questions to explore further. Thank you both.


We are starting to discover how to give and receive pleasure differently, which makes our intimate relationship much more interesting. It’s not that obvious to me what I want/like, so having some structure around this (i.e. the exercises during the course) has made it easier to explore/think/talk about pleasure.


It has been a pleasure to journey with you all, such a lovely experience and full of honesty, tenderness and courage. Thank you to Sarah and Graeme to holding this process and group so beautifully.


We have both been married before and so we both know that relationships require work – we may only be 5 years into our relationship but want to have all the tools needed to have a wonderful, intimate, conscious and happy marriage.  The course began just days after we returned from our honeymoon and we were both looking forward to it so much.  Our intimacy, on all levels, not just sexual is great when we’re away, but at home, life is busy, stressful, chaotic and conscious time together hasn’t been prioritised enough so Sarah and Graeme’s course was very exciting for us.  From the first session, we knew it was the right decision.  We can’t leave the country every time we want to experience the best parts of each other and our relationship so we had to reevaluate some things.   Learning to communicate my needs without hubby feeling activated and vice versa has allowed us both to experience more relaxation and greater pleasure. Every aspect from conscious communication to sexual intimacy was just perfectly delivered, with compassion, reassurance and knowledge.  Sarah and Graeme are beautiful people with deep love, undeniable magical connection and all of their magic is brought into the space that they hold so well for all of us.  I really hope there will be another, we’ve loved it and highly recommend to anyone committed to their relationship.


About Graeme and Sarah

Graeme Waterfield is a teacher and coach of Sexual Energy Mastery, Soul Connection and Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gung & Meditation.

Sarah Rose Bright is a Love, Sex and Intimacy Coach, host of the Love, Sex and Intimacy and a Gene Keys Guide. She helps women and couples to reset their sex and intimate lives from goal based sex and discover deep intimacy and expansive pleasure so that they feel good about who they are and have intimate relationships that are happy, loving, passionate and sustainable.

Have you any questions?

If you have any additional questions or you would like to book a 30 minute call with Sarah and Graeme to see if INTIMACY is right for you both, please email Sarah.


I would prefer private coaching

If you would like private work, Sarah has a 6 month coaching programme for couples and Sarah and Graeme offer bespoke retreats for couples. Email Sarah about bespoke retreats.

I am not sure about doing a course with a group of couples?

The focus of the course is you and your partner.  Any practices that we guide you through, you get to do in the privacy of your own home with your camera and microphone switched off.

Couples are there for many different reasons. Some couples will be experiencing specific challenges, others want to deepen their pleasure and intimacy.  It is rich and inspiring to be in a group of other couples committed to their relationships.  You will not be asked to share anything that you do not feel comfortable sharing.

There may be some sessions when we are in different locations due to work commitments. How will that work?

That is totally fine. You can both join the group and if you let us know in advance we can put you in a break out room for specific exercises and if the exercises involve touch, we can give you another practice to share then you can catch up when you are together.  Or, you can miss the session and watch the recording instead.

How much time do we need to commit outside of the live calls? 

We would recommend that you make Tuesday nights your night so that on the weeks we don’t have a live call, you have that evening for connection and practice. Just committing to the fortnightly calls may be all that is possible for some couples and that can be a very significant step! 

INTIMACY weaves together the best of our twenty plus years of exploring intimacy, sexuality and pleasure and years of coaching and teaching 1000s of clients and students with powerful results.  Committing to INTIMACY will offer you the knowledge, guidance and structure to make significant shifts in your relationship and you will reap the benefits long after you complete the programme.

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