Intimacy Mastery

A 6 month programme for couples to reset your sex & intimate life and discover deep intimacy and expansive pleasure

With personalised 1-1 coaching and the best sex and intimacy education, transformational Love, Sex and Intimacy Coach, Sarah Rose Bright, is here to support you to reset your sex life by moving beyond goal-based sex and discover deep intimacy and expansive pleasure. 

One of the biggest myths about intimate relationships is that sex and relationships ‘should’ just happen naturally with ease. Creating a great relationship and a delicious sex life is like cultivating a beautiful garden. It takes practice, commitment and skills that most of us have never learnt. 

Intimacy Mastery is an opportunity to commit to and prioritise your intimate life. Whether you’re looking to revitalise your relationship, committed to deepening what you have, or you just sense there is more, I’ve got you! 

Would you love to:

  • Deepen the quality of love, connection and pleasure that you experience together?
  • Have time to prioritise your relationship and/or your sex life?
  • Move beyond ‘goal-based sex’ and find fresh ways to explore sex that is rooted in intimacy and pleasure?
  • Smooth out the places where you feel stuck and feel more ease with each other (whether you are stuck in the ‘same old’ routine, you’re experiencing different levels of desire and not sure how to navigate that, or your conversations about intimacy get heated or are avoided)?
  • Experience deeply fulfilling sex that gets better and better?

“Great lovers are made – not born.” Dr Peggy Kleinplatz 

Intimacy Mastery is…

Intimacy Mastery is a 6 month personalised 1-1 journey which is bespoke to both your needs and to your life. This unique programme is designed to guide you through significant transformation in your sex and intimate life so that you can discover the depths of intimacy and pleasure available, and enhance the quality of your sex life and your relationship. 

Packed with the best practical sex and intimacy education as well as the tools and practices to support your relationship to flourish, Intimacy Mastery will not only transform your relationship with yourself, sex and intimacy, it will transform your whole approach to it. 

You will see this ripple out into other areas of your life as you feel more ease and connection in your relationship. 

“It’s a revelation. Redefining what sex is has taken a huge weight off my shoulders. I don’t feel the pressure I felt in hot sex and my performance anxiety has gone. Feeling is returning to places in my genitals that were numb and I am getting more erections.” Georgio, 57 



We will explore this through:

  • Shifting unconscious blocks and beliefs that you currently hold about your intimate life and releasing guilt, shame, fear and ‘shoulds’ so that you have more space for the good stuff
  • Getting clear on what drains your relationship/lives so that you can make shifts to give yourself more energy/time
  • Identifying and shifting your patterns and habits in intimate relationships that are not serving you, and getting clear on what matters to you both and how you would like to enhance your relationship so that you can bring more of that into your lives
  • Getting better at communicating with each other, including vulnerable and tricky conversations
  • Exploring your relationship to your YES and NO and how to listen to the wisdom of your body so that you feel confident communicating what you want and don’t want, and are able to create healthy boundaries in ways that enhance your intimacy and pleasure
  • Practices to bring you into deeper presence, relaxation with yourself and each other, and grow intimacy day to day



How to create a loving, sustainable, passionate and connected sex life. We will explore this through: 

  • Getting comfortable talking about sex and learning how to communicate during sexual experiences so that you feel more ease 
  • Understanding the limitations of goal-based sex (which takes the pressure off and is a relief to everyone I work with!) 
  • Understanding why presence and relaxation are the portals to great pleasure
  • Getting in touch with what you desire and what lights you up
  • Finding ways forward that work for you both if you are experiencing different levels of desire or desiring different things
  • Bringing fresh energy into your sex life by discovering new ways to experience pleasure together including getting confident with touch, practices and games to explore each other and the erotic landscape of your bodies, and the magic of breast and genital massage
  • Understanding your erotic anatomy and the power of your body and genitals
  • Transforming goal-based sex into relaxed and loving sex – the Tantric approach to love-making 

This extensive programme also includes:

12 x 1-1 sessions with Sarah over 6 months (first 2 sessions are 90 minutes each then 10 x 75 minutes)

1 x 60 minute session to reflect on your transformation and your next steps at the end of the programme 

Support from Sarah in between the sessions via Voxer (like What’s App) so that you can ask questions throughout our time together and be celebrated and supported to keep the momentum going

Practices designed for you so that you can explore, experiment and embody what we are covering

Your Intimacy Guide – your personalised guidebook with home explorations, guided audio practices and other resources to support your transformation 

Intimacy Mastery is designed to strengthen the foundation of your relationship and transform the intimacy, love and pleasure that you experience together. It will support you to create new behaviours and patterns in your intimate relationship that will give you both confidence and tools so that you can continue to explore and grow together and you will reap the benefits long after you complete the programme.

It weaves together the best of Sarah’s twenty years of exploring relationships, intimacy and sex, and her 15 years spent coaching and teaching 1000s of clients and students with powerful results.

Each stage of Intimacy Mastery is designed to build on the next, with the combination of coaching, education (it is the intimacy and sex education that you never had!), and practices. This unique programme creates strong foundations for transformation and lasting change. I want this for you! 

Say hello to your coach:

I’m Sarah Rose Bright. My passion is helping people just like you to discover the depths of intimacy and pleasure available and enhance the quality of their intimate life. 

I know you sense that there is more to sex and intimacy than you are experiencing. I know as I have been there myself.  Great intimate relationships and sex felt like a mystery to me, something I thought every one else was amazing at and wondered why it was such a struggle for me and I felt like a failure. 

After years of suffering and challenges, I’ve spent many years discovering and understanding why my life was that way and learning how to feel good about myself, to feel deeply connected to my body and my sensuality, and to create an incredible sex life and a thriving intimate relationship. Even when I have challenges in my life or in my relationship I can navigate them now with so much more ease.  

Few of us have had quality sex and relationship education and great role models in these areas of our lives; not to mention the influence of our life experiences, education, the media, culture and more! 

Just as you might have 1-1 support with a personal trainer, life coach or therapist, I am your guide for intimacy and sex. Feeling good about yourself and creating great sex and intimacy happens like learning any skill, with time and practice.  Committing to Intimacy Mastery will offer you the knowledge, guidance and structure to make significant shifts in your relationship with yourself, your sex life and your intimate relationships, current or future. The result?  Get in touch with me and let’s find out!!


My partner and I are now having the best sex of our lives and we’re communicating and just functioning better as a couple…You have rescued my relationship and changed my life.
Joanne, 42

Before it was a great relationship yet big hole in this. Sex was a negative area in our life and a thing causing stress and anxiety for both of us. We have achieved an intimate and fun sex life which has brought us together as a couple more as well. This is something we wouldn’t have been able to do on our own. It’s something we knew we needed to up level so we called the expert.
Mark, 47

I felt dead inside and really calling to awaken my femininity and feel you have been brilliant guiding us towards that. We feel so much more closer in our relationship and feel totally different and really exciting. Feels like a huge transformation.
Alice, 39

If every man knew what I know now, porn would disappear tomorrow…I’ve nothing but glowing praise for the work Sarah does and cannot recommend her highly enough.
Andy, 44

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