People are looking for a different way to make love

by | Sep 19, 2023


They know it’s out there, they just don’t know how to make it happen which is why some couples have booked onto our course, INTIMACY.

They know about hot sex and it’s just not working anymore.

Hot sex

Adrenalised sex

Sex in sympathetic nervous system


Where there is often

Tension in the body



Heading towards the goal


The sex I’m talking about is

Relaxed sex

Oxytocin sex

Sex in the parasympathetic nervous system


This is



Slowing down


Hanging out in pleasure


From hot sex to relaxed sex.

Join us to explore a different way to experience pleasure together.

Three months dedicated to this!

What’s not to love!!


We have 1 place available for our first group starting this Thursday, the 21st September. There is a bonus gift for the couple who signs up – reach out asap for more info!!

As our first group sold out and with so many couples interested, we have set up a second group, starting on 28th September which has only 4 places left and we anticipate this second group will sell out too. If INTIMACY is calling you message me for more details. My partner and I are happy to jump on a call to explore if INTIMACY is right for you both. Couples are finding it really helpful to chat with us and there is zero pressure from us on the call.

We are so looking forward to diving deep into love, intimacy and pleasure this Autumn.

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