Love making for couples, an online course

Transform how you make love, experience deeper intimacy

& greater pleasure 

With Graeme Waterfield & Sarah Rose Bright

Starts 22nd September 2024

Would you love to:

– prioritise your relationship and your sex life?

– shift to a mindful/tantric approach to love making?

– learn how to keep intimacy alive in a long term relationship?

Most of us learn that sex ‘should’ include penetration and orgasms for it to be ‘successful’. This type of sex leads to performance pressure, the same old routine and eventually, disconnection. 

Whether your sex life feels monotonous and stuck or you sense there are untapped dimensions of intimacy and pleasure available, we’re here to support you to discover a deeper and more fulfilling approach to sex.


So many people spend years having unfulfilling sex.  We’ve been there too! Sexless marriages, lack of confidence and quick ejaculations – between us, we’ve experienced it all!

As experienced sex and intimacy educators in a blossoming six year relationship, we’re here to show you everything that transformed our sex lives, and the relationships of the many couples we’ve worked with.


Sarah Rose Bright is a Love, Sex and Intimacy Coach, authorised teacher of The Making Love Retreat, host of the Love, Sex and Intimacy Podcast and Gene Keys Guide who helps women and couples to reset their sex and intimate lives away from goal-based sex and to discover deep intimacy and expansive pleasure so that they feel relaxed in who they are and have relationships that are happy, loving and passionate.

Graeme Waterfield is an authorised teacher of The Making Love Retreat, a teacher of Tai Chi, Qi Gung & Meditation, coaches men individually and in groups in sexual energy mastery, and supports humans in connecting to their higher self.


Exploring a different way of making love invites you to unlearn the beliefs and habits you have around sex and intimacy and opens you to whole new levels of intimacy, pleasure and connection.  In this course, you will explore:

Relaxation practices – Creating space to unwind from the busyness of life so that you can drop into deep presence and intimacy together.  These are practices that you can do in as little as a five minutes a day. 

From goal-based sex to mindful pleasure – Practices to support you to shift from goal-based sex so that you can drop into deep presence and pleasure with each other including how to become a masterful communicator to navigate the erotic realms, feeling and moving sexual energy, breast and genital massage, mindful touch and solo practices. 

Relaxed Love Making – Change the way you have sex from enjoying a tantric quickie through to luxuriating in slow love making. 

Online Course Format

  • 7 weeks of live teaching, practices and Q&A every other Sunday morning (10am-1pm BST on 22nd September, 6th & 20th October, 3rd & 17th November, 1st and 15th December).
  • Bonus Q&A sessions – 2 x 75 min Q&A sessions, 7pm Monday 28th October and 25th November).
  • A private Telegram group for community support. 
  • Practices and resources to support your explorations.
  • Access to recordings if you miss a live call or your want to revisit the content. These will be available for a minimum of 1 year.  

Important info: 

  • This course is focused on teachings and practices so that you can explore a new approach to love making with Q&A sessions to support your learning.
  • During the live calls, any practices you will do with your partner in the privacy of your own home, with your cameras and microphones off. 
  • Same sex and non binary partnerships are welcome.
  • This is not relationship therapy or counselling. If you are unsure whether this course is for you, do get in touch with Sarah.
  • More info is in the FAQ section below.

READY TO CHANGE HOW YOU MAKE LOVE? It’s easy to get started


Sign up today – Reawaken your erotic life by saying yes to Love Making for Couples.


Join us online on October 6th and we’ll start our journey together.


Spend as little as 5 minutes each day exploring the practices to transform the intimacy, pleasure and connection that you share together. 


Regular price £997 per couple

2 payments £549

4 payments £279

If you genuinely cannot afford the cost, we offer a limited number of a bursary places. Please email Sarah for more information.

Love Making for Couples gives you the tools and the dedicated time to open to a new depth of love, intimacy and pleasure in your relationship.  

Don’t let your erotic/intimate life fade away due to the busyness of the day to day or a stagnant sex life.  In Love Making for Couples, we’ll share practices that will bring fulfilment and freshness even in busy lives and long term relationships.

This course is for you if you are in a relationship and you love each other and are committed to creating time to learn and exploring together, whether you have been together for decades or are just starting your journey together.


On this course you will:

  • Let go of the pressures and expectations of how sex ‘should’ be and transform your whole approach to sex so that you can experiencing deeper intimacy, passion and confidence in love making, 
  • Change the way you communicate and have deeper conversations with your partner on intimacy and sex so that you feel closer and have more ease in your connection,  
  • Cultivate a deeper connection and trust with your body so that you can feel more relaxation, aliveness and pleasure in your body. 


Learning to communicate my needs without hubby feeling activated and vice versa has allowed us both to experience more relaxation and greater pleasure… We’ve loved it and highly recommend to anyone committed to their relationship.


My partner and I are so happy we did this course…it was revolutionary for us in many ways, has definitely deepened our already close relationship and elevated the concept of “homework“ into a whole new realm!


I feel that this course is a beginning of a wonderful journey for us. I realise that Intimacy can be experienced in so many different ways and there’s a lot more than “goal-oriented” s3x. Completely amazing.


I’ve enjoyed every bit of it. It’s been enlightening to slow down and not rush to the end goal. All of it has been enlightening to me.



I am not sure about doing a course with a group of couples?

It is rich and inspiring to be part of a community of couples who have a willingness and a desire to overcome any challenges and to learn and grow.  The focus of the course is you and your partner and all practices you do in the privacy of your own home with your camera and microphone switched off.

Will I have to share in the group? 

No. We are not doing ‘sharing circles’.  There will be time for Q&A in each session. If you choose to share, you will not be asked to share anything that you do not feel comfortable sharing. 

How long will the recorded content be available for?

This will be available for a minimum of 1 year.  

What if I can’t join the live classes or we are in different locations due to other commitments. How will that work?

You can both join the group from different locations and we can give you solo practices to explore or you can watch the recording together instead. 

How much time do we need to commit outside of the live calls? 

We recommend that you make Sunday mornings your time so that when we don’t have a live call, you put that time aside for connection and practice. Just showing up to the live calls may be all that is possible for some couples and that can be a very significant step! 

Do you offer private coaching?

If you would like private coaching, Sarah has a programme for couples. Graeme and Sarah offer bespoke private retreats for couples. Email Sarah for more info. 

In Autumn 2025 they will be offering a Making Love Retreat® in the UK. This is a group retreat and all intimate explorations are done in the privacy of your own room. 


If you have any additional questions or you would like to book a call to see if Love Making for Couples is right for you both, please email Sarah.

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