Nofisa Caseman is a confidence coach who helps single women break free of low self esteem and reinvent themselves as self-confident women. She also helps women to let go of their exes, so they can reclaim their life-force. She is a powerhouse and shares her wisdom on self confidence, dating, the power of healing and forgiveness and steps you can take to let go of ex partners.  

Nofisa shares:

  • Her definition of confidence
  • The common themes she sees in women that affect their self confidence 
  • Why self confidence is an inside job 
  • How beliefs affect how you feel about yourself 
  • Why it’s important to investigate your thoughts and how you can start to do this 
  • The 4 questions process from Byron Katie
  • Why it’s important to ‘wear the dress’
  • How self confidence affects intimate relationships 
  • The power of doing what ‘lights you up’
  • How to put yourself first 
  • How to set yourself ‘dares’ 
  • How to enjoy dating by turning it into an opportunity for growth 
  • The power of healing and forgiveness 
  • Why relationship endings need to be done differently 
  • Steps you can take to let go of ex partners 

Mother of one, Author, Coach and Energy healer, Nofisa Caseman helps single women break free of low self esteem and reinvent themselves as self-confident women. 


Website –  

Instagram – @nofisahelpmeheal 

You can buy Nofisa’s two books here:

Chapter 30: Life Lessons From A Perfectly Imperfect Woman & The Gift In Goodbye: Seven Powerful Steps To Letting Go Of Your Ex


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