Today is a big day!! Graeme and I are heading off to the UK Independent Podcast Awards where the Love, Sex and Intimacy Podcast has been nominated for awards in 2 categories so send some good vibes our way!!  

I am very excited to be off to London and to meet fellow podcasters. The UK Independent Podcast Awards created a new category for podcasts focused on sex and relationships. Podcasting feels particularly important at this time when there is so much censorship on social media, especially in the arena of sex. 

Myself and so many of my colleagues are committed to providing quality information, to helping people and contributing to making the world a better place. Yet, every week I see shadow banning of posts and accounts disappearing overnight and in many cases these have taken years of dedication to grow.  As we are at the mercy of big tech in this way, podcasting is an essential space to freely have conversations that are censored elsewhere. 

This is also why it really helps to spread the word about the podcast so that I get more gorgeous messages like this!

“I’ve been loving your podcast, Sarah Rose Bright! It’s really helped me in my relationship. Thank you SO much for putting such quality content out there”

I would so appreciate it if you can follow the podcast, leave a 5 star rating on Spotify or Apple and if you have the time, to write a short review on Apple. It also really helps spread the word about the podcast so people can find it organically. 

It felt good to put out an extra podcast episode out in celebration of today. You, beautiful listeners, asked for more conversations and perspectives from men and here we are! 

In this episode with Graeme Waterfield, we talk about the power of sexual energy for men. Graeme has been working with Taoist sexual energy practices for two decades and he now supports men through his course ‘Sexual Energy Mastery for Men’. Graeme talks about what sexual energy is and why it is important, the healing power of bringing sexuality from the unconscious to the conscious, how to start working with this, his views on ejaculating/not ejaculating and more. I hope you enjoy this conversation! 

Graeme shares:

  • What sexual energy is and why it is important 
  • The healing power of bringing sexuality from the unconscious to the conscious 
  • The difference between ‘down and in’ practices to ‘up and out’ practices 
  • His views on ejaculating/non ejaculating 
  • How to start consciously working with your sexual energy 
  • How sexual energy can amplify emotions 
  • The themes that he sees in his work with men
  • How he defines masculinity 
  • What the still face experiment is

Graeme Waterfield helps men become all they are capable of being, through understanding and mastering their own sexual energy. He does this primarily through Taoist and yogic meditation and guided energy practices.

With his partner, Intimacy and Sex Coach, Sarah Rose Bright, he also assists couples in exploring practices for deeper intimacy, connection, and pleasure through group programmes and retreats.

With 20 years of experience as a teacher and coach and having been on his own 30 year journey, Graeme offers grounded practical guidance, and has come to see what helps men evolve and heal physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.

Being a qualified Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gung & Meditation teacher with a background in counselling, Graeme offers unique packages of somatic, psychological and energetic tools to help men transform themselves and their lives to become everything they want to be.

We all have a unique set of skills, our own unique soul expression or purpose. Once we can awaken and identify this, we can turn our life into a masterpiece. People often don’t maximise their potential as human beings because they haven’t yet learnt to harness their mental, emotional and spiritual power.

Using ancient technologies and modern psychological approaches, Graeme shares tools to help individuals and couples to break free of self-imposed limitation, to meet their greatest potential as human beings and create their own unique experience of heaven on earth in their relationships, work and life.


Graeme’s Sexual Energy Mastery for Men course – next group starts January 2024




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Your podcast host is Sarah Rose Bright. Sarah is an Intimacy and Sex Coach who helps women & couples to truly enjoy sex and pleasure and create/deepen intimate relationships that are passionate, happy and healthy so that they can feel good about who they are.