Previous Media and Speaking Events

Wine Dine and 69 podcast, Feb 2022 

Sexual Myths, Desire and Pleasure Mapping 

Bedbible, Jan 2022 

How to Re-Ignite Your Sexual Desire

Cosmopolitan, October 2021
50 Sexperts Share Their Tips, September 2021
Morning Lazziness, July 2021
Sex Unshackled Podcast, June 2021

How to know what you want in bed

Coach Magazine Podcast, September 2020

Awaken Your Sexual Power – An interview with Teresa Brooks. 

Vivastreet, September 2020

“Sex noises: Brits favourite sex sounds revealed”. 

BBC Radio Essex, 29th July 2020

Evenings on BBC Essex with Ian Wyatt
Celibacy and what to do if one partner does not want to have sex.

The Kinetik Fitness Show Podcast, March 2020

An interview with Ali West about sex, pleasure and intimacy.

Dr Bri Talks Lady Bits, March 2020

An interview with Dr Bri of FemFusion Fitness on healing, pleasure and more.

BBC Radio Essex, 26th March 2020

Evenings on BBC Essex
Sex and intimacy during changing times.

The Curiosity Club Podcast, January 2020

Sex, pleasure and confidence

Coaching Magazine Issue 3, January 2020

A feature on my work and the power of sexual energy for transformation. You can subscribe here to download your free digital copy

Soul Connections, December 2020

An interview on how sexuality is the gateway to living your potential.

The Sonya Morton Firth Show, November 2019

An interview about sexual confidence and pleasure

The Calmer You Podcast, 16th September 2019

Sex, Anxiety & Confidence

This is Womanhood, 8th May 2019

Sex, Pleasure & Intimacy

ITVBe, 16th April 2019

Real Housewives of Cheshire
Teaching sexual practices for women

Heart Radio, 24th March 2019

Zoe and Anna Show
Secrets to a great sex life

BBC Radio 5 Live, January 2019

Geoff Lloyd Programme

Sustain Natural, 2018

Female desire.

Marie Claire, 2017

Tantric Sex: Your Need-to-Know Guide

Sunday Times Style, 2016

Everybody Chant Now page 1
Everybody Chant Now page 2

Sensual Healing Harmony, 2016

What is self love and how can we have more in our lives?

That’s TV, 2015

The myths about how sex “should” be and what’s really true
Behind Closed Doors, Part 1, December 2015
Behind Closed Doors, Part 2, December 2015

Huffington Post, 2015

14 Ways to Go From ‘Mum to Yum’

Men’s Health, 2015

Four Ways to be Better in Bed

Sunday Times Style Magazine, 2014

Journalist Jessica Brinton participates in a Tantra workshop
You can read the article here.

The Journal of Sex and Relationship Therapy, 2013

“Extraordinary Sex Coaching: An Inside Look” Co-authored with Dr Patti Britton

Sex & Happiness Web Talk Radio, 2013

Sexual confidence: why people are not enjoying their pleasure and their bodies with simple tips and advice to help you build your confidence
You can download the show here.

The Journal of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care, 2013

‘Psychosexual bodywork: should we refer our patients, and if so why?
You can view the extract here and purchase the full text online.


The Empowered Woman Collective, October 2019 

The Sex Lectures, July 2019

‘How to love a vagina: a guide for vagina owners and vagina lovers.’

The Sex Lectures, December 2018

Ignite the Erotic – Your Erotic Toolkit.

College of Sex and Relationship Therapist 2013 Conference

Keynote Speaker

UK Tantra Festival

Between the Sheets

Spirit Fest

Featured In

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