Jade Egg (UK Buyers)


This genuine Nephrite Jade Egg comes with a certificate of authenticity, a carrying pouch and one box of unwaxed dental floss. I also include a free video on how to prepare your egg and some tips to get started.

The cost includes ‘signed for’ delivery within the UK. 

Allow 7 days for delivery.

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Buy your genuine certified nephrite jade egg (aka yoni egg) here with everything you need to get started with your jade egg practice. 

The cost includes ‘signed for’ delivery within the UK.  Allow 7 days for delivery. 

The egg is 100% natural and genuine nephrite jade and is manually polished with an outstanding finish and there are no chemical treatments or dyeing in the process. The jade is from the Cassiar mountain area in northern BC of Canada.

This is a medium size egg (43mm x 30mm), with sideway drilled hole at the smaller end of the egg. The medium size is suitable for the majority of women and can be used for all levels of practice and can last a life time.

Do contact me if you’d like to book 1-1 jade egg practice sessions or if you have any questions.

Please note:

  1. This egg is for intimate use therefore no returns are accepted.
  2. This egg is for the jade egg practice and exercises and it is advised to seek professional guidance on how to use the egg. Using the egg is not a substitute for medical treatment. Please stop using the egg if you feel any discomfort when using it and consult your doctor.
  3. Please note that all of these nephrite jade eggs are made of 100% natural and genuine nephrite jade without any chemical treatment or dyeing. Each egg is unique and there may be variations in colour and some eggs may have small visible natural blemishes.


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