In this episode Susanne McKenna, founder of Happy Breast Balm, shares about breast health.  Happy Breast Balm is a beautiful product, born out of Sue’s experience of healing breast cancer and she shares her story, the benefits of breast massage, why dry skin brushing helps the lymphatic system and breast health, how your thoughts affect your health, her recipe for health and she is the first person to sing on my podcast sharing a verse of one of her ‘greatest tits’! 

Sue shares:

  • How she healed herself of breast cancer 
  • The benefits of breast massage
  • Her massage mantra 
  • Why dry skin brushing helps the lymphatic system and breast health
  • About the Happy Breast Balm
  • How the balm can be used by men
  • How your thoughts affect your health 
  • Her recipe for health
  • The importance of using natural deodorants 
  • A verse of one of her ‘greatest tits’ 

Susanne was born and raised in England and after travelling the world she settled in Australia in her mid 20’s. She lost her mother to breast cancer when she was 13 and has always been into healthy living as a result. After dealing with breast cancer herself in her 40’s using natural therapies, she realised there is a huge gaping hole where breast care should be . We have products and protocols for every other part of the body right! She began her journey with the help of professionals to formulate and create a balm and a routine to inspire women to take the health of their breasts into their own hands.






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