I’m delighted to share this fascinating conversation with Damien Bohler, founder of Evolutionary Relating. Damien is an explorer who dives deep into the possibilities for intimate relationships finding the ways to support people to truly thrive in life and love. 

We explored relationships from the difficult stuff to the juice and the joy including the potential of intimate relationships, common relationship challenges and dynamics, polarity, attachment styles, what the Gene Keys are and how to work with the shadows and gifts in dating and relationships, the difference between parasympathetic arousal and arousal through intensity and more. 

We spoke about the Gene Keys and the Venus Sequence in our conversation and there are links to both in the show notes. Enjoy!! 

Damien shares:

  • His framework called ‘Evolutionary Relating’
  • Common relationship challenges and dynamics 
  • The potential of intimate relationships
  • His definition of polarity and what ‘polarity sets’ are and how they play out in relationships
  • The need for similarity and difference in intimate relationships
  • Attachment styles and how they impact dating and  relationships
  • The difference between parasympathetic arousal and arousal through intensity
  • What the Gene Keys are and how you can work with them in relationships and when you are dating
  • Working with shadow patterns in relationships using the Gene Keys
  • Why having standards are essential when you are dating 

Damien is a pragmatic visionary, synthesist and deep diver. He is focused on the future trajectory of humanity through relationship, and the practical, actionable tools, concepts and practices to get there. His gift is the interweaving of complex subjects into forms that can be easily integrated and embodied. His range of interest and expertise ranges throughout the realms of human relationship: authentic relating, attachment theory, polarity, sexuality, nervous system regulation, boundaries, Human Design, Gene Keys, transpersonal shadow work, and much more. His joy and delight is to find the ways in which it all fits together in a functioning dynamic tapestry to support us in truly thriving in life and love. He is the founder, director and head facilitator at Evolutionary Relating.



FB :  https://www.facebook.com/Damien.Bohler1/

IG: @evorelating


Gene Keys – get your profile here 


Purchasing Gene Keys courses 

There are 2 of the main Gene Key sequences which you can buy at a great price of $150 each. They are brilliantly done and highly recommended.

The Venus Sequence for love and relationships. This has the attractor sphere in that Damien mentioned in the show)


The Activation (or Genius) sequence 



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Your podcast host is Sarah Rose Bright. Sarah is an Intimacy and Sex Coach who helps women & couples to truly enjoy sex and pleasure and create/deepen intimate relationships that are passionate, happy and healthy so that they can feel good about who they are.