So happy to share this episode with Tobin Zivon. Tobin is the first guest to return to the podcast for a rich conversation exploring tantric sex and living a tantric life. Tobin shares his definition of tantra, what tantric sex is and some ways to explore tantra, tantra as a way of living and how to be with the difficult stuff in life, his views on polarity, how to invite a partner on a tantric journey with you and more.

Tobin shares:

  • His definition of tantra
  • Tantra as a way of living 
  • What tantric sex is and some ways to explore tantra 
  • The importance of presence
  • Tantra as a way of living 
  • How to be with the difficult stuff in life
  • His views on polarity 
  • How to invite a partner on a tantric journey with you

Tobin Zivon has been wholeheartedly dedicated to spiritual awakening and to serving others in the flowering of their highest potential for over 30 years.  Author of books “The Art of Mindful Living” and the forthcoming “Allies in Awakening: Living the Truth of Unconditional Love in Intimate Relationships,” he has been described as “The Ultimate Guide… A rare, exquisite blend of Therapist, Coach, Spiritual Teacher and Tantra Master all wrapped into one.”

He has worked with thousands of individuals and couples to help them break through stuck patterns and painful dynamics, helping them to find their way into a more fulfilling and connected life of authentic liberation, love and relationship satisfaction.


On Tobin’s website you can download a free e-book, Emotional Alchemy and find details about his private work and online courses:

Find Tobin on Facebook and message him to join his group, The Art of Awakened Relationship


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