I’m very happy to share this conversation with Jade Lotus of the Art of the Bedchamber. I love the Taoist sexual arts. I have studied and explored these deeply and continue to do so, so it was a real pleasure to chat with Jade about this. I feel we have only just got started! Jade shares why there is a big lack of understanding about sex and sexual energy and how this affects people, the Taoist approach to sexuality, the power of sexual energy for healing, what the arts of the bed chamber are, how sexual energy is an amplifier, how your emotions effect sex, what sexual reflexology is, how to practice Taoist arts safely, the difference between healthy and unhealthy polarity teachings, the benefits of both shallow and deep penetration and more! Did you know the vagina has a suck reflex that you can activate? Listen to find out more. 

Jade shares:

  • Why there is a big lack of understanding about sex and sexual energy and how this affects people 
  • The Taoist approach to sexuality
  • Her definition of sexual energy and how it can be platonic 
  • How Taoists harvest their hormones 
  • The power of sexual energy for healing and getting to know more of who you are 
  • What the arts of the bed chamber are
  • How sexual energy is an amplifier
  • How you learn to repress your feelings and emotions  
  • How your emotions effect sex 
  • What sexual reflexology is
  • The suck reflex of the vagina 
  • The Taoist inner smile practice – an opportunity to join Jade in the practice 
  • How to practice Taoist arts safely 
  • The difference between healthy and unhealthy polarity teachings 
  • The benefits of both shallow and deep penetration 
  • Why sexual arousal takes time 

Jade Lotus is a Tantra Educator And Teacher Of The Taoist Sexual Arts. Her job and passion is to help people to come into their sexual power. She has worked with thousands of men, women and couples to help them to overcome their blockages to sexual fulfulment. She is a certified Tantric Therapist and an Instructor of the Universal Healing Tao. She also has a degree in Chinese Medicine as well as having studied many modalities of bodywork and massage.


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Your podcast host is Sarah Rose Bright. Sarah is a Sex and Intimacy Coach who helps women and couples to truly enjoy sex and pleasure and create/deepen intimate relationships.