Davina Mackail is one of my favourite astrologers so I invited her to share her take on what’s coming in 2024. Davina talks us through the key themes for 2024, a wood dragon year in Chinese Astrology. She shares about the qualities of a wood dragon year, why now is a good time to pause, her wisdom on how you can ride the waves of 2024 and why it’s time to dream big. 

Check out Davina’s previous appearance on this podcast, where she talked about Feng Shui for the bedroom (episode 32). 

Hay House author of Feng Shui Made Easy and The Dream Whisperer, feng shui maestra, shamanic seer and mentor, Davina has inspired miracles of positive transformation in people’s lives for more than 25 years. A popular workshop leader and speaker, she offers her Wisdom that Works consultations to thousands of clients all over the world.

Her love of adventure has seen her leading retreats among the Q’ero communities of the high mountains of Peru for the last 20 years. She recently returned to the UK after two years caretaking 47 hectares of rainforest in the Peruvian Amazon.

A sought-after mentor and guide, Davina is known for her compassionate straight talking and masterful good spirits. A gifted seer, she embodies the wisdom of the mountains in her shamanic practice and teaching.


Davina’s website: https://www.naturalwisdom.co/

Details about Davina’s course which starts in Feb 2024: https://www.naturalwisdom.co/mesa-of-alchemy

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