The Temperatures of Pleasure

The Temperatures of Pleasure and more… Welcome to my latest blog and newsletter. I hope you enjoy reading my blog on the temperatures of pleasure (below). I have been inspired to write this as it is an area I frequently explore in my client sessions.  As my clients start to discover the full spectrum of pleasure available, this can help them resolve sexual […]

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Summer retreats & workshops

Hello to you all! I wanted to share with you some really gorgeous events that I am involved in during July especially the one day Dream Quest in Manchester and Luminary Emergence, a very special women’s retreat in Spain where I am going to be running workshops on BodyLove and sexuality. Scroll down for full information on both. Also, please […]

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Welcome to my newsletter! I hope life is flourishing for you. I’ve just landed after a couple of amazing retreats. First, co-teaching level 6 of the Shakti Tantra mixed programme with Hilly Spencley. The week was a juicy combination of Tantra and Shamanism and was called “Bliss” and and bliss it was! The magic culminated with a […]

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Viva La Soft Cock Revolution!

Welcome to my spring newsletter. I hope you enjoy my latest blog, Viva La Soft Cock Revolution! And scroll down for: – another blog I have written on labiaplasty; – links to a TV show I appeared on; – my latest events including a wild weekend for women in Wales and my BodyLove workshop; – events from […]

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Labiaplasty is not the solution…read on to find out what is…

Dear Embarrassing Bodies, In response on your Channel Four show on “enlarged labia“. I am writing as I am really surprised that you agreed for the participant in this show to have labiaplasty when a) no medical reason and b) the participant was not experiencing any physical discomfort. The programme gives mixed messages as the […]

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What are your dreams for 2016?

Hello beautiful people Wishing you the most wonderful of years! I’ve started the year with much magic including co-hosting three sold out Dream Quest events with my treasured friend and colleague Steph Magenta. Have you made any New Years resolutions? Forbes Magazine states that only 8% of people achieve their New Years resolutions. They’re often things people feel they […]

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Love’s Mystery Tantra festival and more…

Welcome I hope you’ve had a truly wonderful summer. I am back after six weeks off feeling nourished, energised and inspired after many incredible adventures. My vision is a world in which all adults have access to high quality sex education and support so people can truly learn about their bodies, pleasure and intimacy and […]

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A Pill for Desire or a Voyage of Possibilities?

Flibanserin, dubbed the ‘pink viagra’ is a controversial new drug created by Sprout Pharmaceuticals. Its nickname is misleading as Flibanserin is purporting to help women with ‘low sexual desire’ whereas a man can be feeling desire but uses Viagra to help his erections function. A Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advisory committee has recently voted in favour […]

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Compared to what?

Hello to you on this stunning June afternoon! One of the biggest gifts I have given myself is to stop comparing myself to others. Every time we compare ourselves to others, we tell ourselves what we are not rather than accepting and celebrating who we are. This is ingrained in our culture and our lives from […]

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Spring newsletter: Change the way you breath, change your life

I’m happy to share with you my latest blog “Change the way you breath, change your life” (see below) as well as details of some wonderful events coming soon. My women’s circle, now called ‘Future Soul Circle’ is back, I know a number of you have missed it! The first one is April 21st and […]

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