Why it’s important to prioritise your relationship

by | Sep 19, 2023

One of the biggest and most damaging myths about relationships is that they should happen naturally and effortlessly, and if they don’t, then something is potentially wrong with you, your partner or your relationship.

So many couples have shared this fear with me over the years and for 99% of the cases, it’s not true.  I never forget the relief of one particular client when I shared that relationships, intimacy and sex are not going to be effortless. For this couple, their sex life was stuck and he was worried they had transitioned into the ‘friend zone’ and it would mean the end of their relationship.  They needed a little support to get out of the rut they were in and their sex life is thriving.

We have no helpful sex education, and we also have no great relationship education. Many of us don’t have good relationship models and we often learn what doesn’t work rather than what does.

Like anything, if you want to get better at it, there is so much to learn. As you learn, sometimes things are frustrating, crunchy and feel hard. Whether it’s learning to cook or play the guitar or how to practice yoga – learning about sex and relationships is no different.

The time and money I have spent working through the challenges I have experienced in sex and relationships, and learning how to thrive in these areas have been absolutely priceless. I don’t regret a moment of it and cannot imagine where I’d be now in my life if I wasn’t committed to healing, learning and growing.

This is why Graeme and I created INTIMACY, a three months online program for couples. The other day Graeme and I were chatting about what we are covering in the programme and Graeme said, “This is so good I wish we’d had this!!”

You might choose to join us because you are feeling stuck in your sex life. You may have different levels of desire or the sexual pleasure you experience together feels like the ‘same old’ routine.  This may be a sticking point where you go around in circles with the same conversations and nothing shifts.

Perhaps you have a longing to deepen the quality of love, connection and pleasure that you experience together. You have a sense that there is so much more pleasure available to you but you are not sure what that ‘more’ is or how to get there.

Whether you are experiencing challenges, whether you are looking to revitalise your relationship or you’re committed to deepening what you have, we’ve got you!

I often use the gardening metaphor when talking about relationships. Relationships are like gardens and each aspect needs tending to from time to time whether that’s finances, how you parent, your home or your vision for your life. Your relationship and sex life also deserve tending to too.

We’ve designed these 3 months to bring you grounded teachings and practices to support you to deepen the love you share and expand the pleasure you experience together. These are teachings and practices that Graeme and I have been exploring for years and also share with our clients.

Ways to enhance your communication and connection, experience more pleasure, including how to unwind together, erotic massage, relaxed love making, and more. These are practices that you can explore for many years to come.

Each session will be a mix of teachings, guided live practices in the comfort and privacy of your own home and time for Q&A. We would recommend a minimum of a couple of hours each fortnight to explore at home to.

If you cannot make the live calls, you can still sign up and listen to the recordings and join in in the Facebook group where you will you can ask questions and be supported throughout our 3 months together.

You can read all the details here. If you’re interested, you can book for via this link or message me to arrange a call with Graeme and I to explore whether INTIMACY is a good next step for you and your relationship. There is zero pressure from us on the call.

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