Why couples retreats don’t always lead to lasting change (and what does!)

by | Oct 4, 2023


Some of the couples booked on INTIMACY have done retreats like Tantra workshops and have had a great experience but found it difficult to integrate the learning into their every day. 

I love retreats. I love getting out of my every day surroundings. I love spending however many days diving into what we are exploring with no distractions or pressures. This can un-hook you from familiarity, habits and patterns which can be deeply transformative. Retreats can be valuable and wonderful and Graeme and I will be offering them in the future. 

Yet one of things I hear couples say is that they go on retreats and have an amazing time but they cannot translate that into their life.  One of the reasons we set up INTIMACY is that change can take time, especially change that lasts. It takes practice. It takes curiosity. It takes a willingness to mistakes. It takes time to adjust and adapt. It takes time to integrate new learning so that it becomes a part of your life. 

As Lao Tau says “Knowledge is a treasure, but practice is the key to it.”

With INTIMACY we spend 3 months exploring and practising intimacy and pleasure.  We meet every fortnight and we have a private Facebook group, creating a community of support and learning. When you get stuck or something crunchy comes up, we are here to support you to move through it.  It is 3 months committing to prioritising your relationship.

INTIMACY is 3 months of grounded teachings and practices to support you to deepen the love you share and expand the pleasure you experience together. With ways to enhance your communication and connection and experience more pleasure including how to unwind together, erotic massage, relaxed love making and more.

You can read all the details here and message me to arrange a call with you and your partner to explore if INTIMACY is right for you both. Couples are finding it really helpful to chat with us and there is zero pressure from us on the call.


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