An interview with Dr Bri, founder of FemFusion Fitness

by | Mar 2, 2020

FemFusion Fitness, founded by Dr Bri promotes women’s health and well being. When I had a prolapse a couple of years ago (more on this soon as I have recorded some videos about this) Dr Bri’s Youtube channel, FemFusion Fitness was my source of hope as she shares so much useful and positive information about pelvic health problems for all genders.

Women can experience so much shame about challenges like prolapse and incontinence (one study showed that for the latter group, it takes seven years on average for a woman to get support due to this and by then things may have got much worse) yet both are unfortunately very common and the sad part of this is so much of it is preventable with good education and the right support at key times like childbirth.

Dr Bri really normalises these experiences and sends a strong message that healing is totally possible and I can’t recommend her enough. It was very special for me to be interviewed by Dr Bri for her new podcast Dr Bri Talks Lady Bits. You can find my episode here.

We had such a great chat and a key part of that was discussing the importance of pleasure as part of the healing process – a profound part which is so often missed. We’d love to hear how you found it so do let us know in the comments below and please do share.



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