INTIMACY MASTERY For deeply fulfilling

intimate relationships at mid-life 

A 15 week online group programme for women with Sarah Rose Bright, starts Wednesday 31st January 2024

Would you love to:

  • Embrace and feel good about who you are and who you are growing into at mid-life?
  • Trust yourself and and make better decisions? 
  • Turn down the volume of your mind and feel connected to the innate intelligence, sensuality and vitality of your body?
  • Get clarity on what you want and need, become a confident communicator, learn to create healthy boundaries so that you feel empowered and more at ease in intimate relationships, current or future?

“Perhaps we should love ourselves so fiercely, that when others see us they know exactly how it should be done.” Rudy Francisco

Intimacy Mastery is a 15 week journey for women in mid-life to explore your relationship with yourself and your patterns in intimate relationships. It is a gentle space to connect to who you are at this stage of life, what you would love for yourself and who the woman is that you are growing into. 

We’ll look at how to create better intimate relationships that are healthy and deeply fulfilling, whether you are looking to improve or deepen an existing intimate relationship, or you want a better experience of dating or you are currently solo and you want to feel ready for future intimate relationships.

Mid-life can be a time of reflection and powerful alchemy as you move into your Queen years, the second half of your life.  As many women share, with a growing sense that there is no time to waste, they start to care less about what others think and to brave being a fuller version of who they are. Your inner resources (your time, your health, energy levels etc) feel even more precious at mid-life and it is important to know how to look after them and direct them to what truly matters to you.  

Perhaps you feel stuck or lost in the roles of your life or you learnt to repress or put off the desires that whisper to you. Maybe you have never explored what you really want or need, or you have got so used to people pleasing and putting others first. These dynamics affect everything and can be exhausting. I know these places well! 

By gently changing these patterns, your sense of self can expand and it shifts how you experience your life and your intimate relationships, current or future. 

Healthy intimate relationships grow from having a GOOD relationship with yourself 

“This time last year I felt lost and that I needed fixing. I thought there was something wrong with me. Now I feel at peace. My relationship is better than ever and we are very happy. I feel that I’ve really found myself and I realise it’s okay to be me. I’m not running away or trying to escape from who I am.  It’s like a rebirth.  I’ve got more spark and more adventure, more energy as well. If you want to find joy, pure joy, then just contact Sarah.” Millie, 55 

What’s covered?

We are going to set sail on an adventure, starting with the most foundational relationship – your relationship with yourself. By getting to know who you are at this time of life, orientating towards what matters to you and what lights you up, this will gently change how you experience your life and your intimate relationships, current or future. You’ll be supported and inspired within a community of women, witnessing and celebrating each other. 



Deepening your relationship with yourself

Who am I and who do I want to become? 

We’ll be exploring this question through:

  • Befriending and transforming your shadows and exploring and embracing your naturalness and your unique gifts and qualities through two incredible systems: Human Design and the Gene Keys. This will start with a 1hr 30m 1-1 session with Sarah.
  • Looking at what takes your energy in life and what you can do so that you can make shifts to give you more energy/time.
  • Getting clear on what you value, what matters to you and what lights you up so that you live more of who you truly are.
  • Explore how you treat yourself and how to turn down the volume of your mind, moving from criticism to kindness so that you have more space to listen to your heart and soul.
  • Emotional alchemy – how to listen to and move your feelings. 
  • Learning to trust yourself and the wisdom of your body so that this can be a guide in your life and you make better choices. 
  • Tapping into your yin/feminine power and the intelligence of your heart, womb/womb space and pelvis. 
  • Connecting to your sensual/erotic self so that you can feel more alive and connected to what feels good to you.

These are skills for life and foundational for fulfilling intimate relationships. 


We will explore this through:


  • Getting clear on your patterns in intimate relationships, where you are now, what’s important to you, what you bring to a relationship and how you want to show up so that you feel empowered to create or deepen intimate relationships that truly fulfil you. 
  • Looking a what makes healthy, happy and fulfilling intimate relationships. Many women don’t have an empowered map for this and getting clear on what this looks and feels like for you becomes a guiding star going forward.
  • Exploring your relationship to YES, NO and MAYBE so that you feel confident and able to create healthy boundaries. 
  • Finding your voice through clear communication from the heart so that you can deeply listen to another person, communicate your needs and desires and explore vulnerable or tricky conversations with respect and care for yourself and the other person. 
  • How to navigate the erotic with another so that you feel confident communicating in erotic encounters.

This programme will help you to:

  • Expand the range of how you experience yourself as a woman, have a stronger sense of self and feel good about who you are – sometimes you don’t know what is possible until you explore! 
  • Release guilt, shame, fear and negative self talk.
  • Increase your capacity for being kind and loving to yourself.
  • Connect to a deeper knowing of who you are and what really matters to you and  lights you up. 
  • Feel more empowered in trusting, valuing and acting on your feelings and inner knowing.
  • Increase your sense of aliveness and vitality.
  • Connect to your feminine intelligence and power.
  • Feel connected to your sensuality and eroticism. 
  • Expand your capacity for love and presence with yourself and another.
  • Feel more resilient, have healthier boundaries and make better decisions. 
  • Learn new tools for intimacy and relating and expand your capacity to communicate with and guide lover/s or partner/s.
  • Shift patterns of shutting down/withdrawing or fixing and controlling. 
  • Experience the best intimacy ever (even in long term relationships!). 

This unique programme is packed with practical tools you can apply immediately in your life, which will change how you experience your life and your intimate relationships, current or future.  Intimacy Mastery is designed to guide you through transformation in your life so that you can feel anchored in who you are as a woman. The effects show up in every area of your life – in intimate relationships and also with your family, friends, work, community, creativity, finances and more. And when the seas of life get choppy, they can be easier to sail.



“The course reaches into so many aspects of life – personal (family, friends, intimate relationships) and professional – we should be taught this from a young age before life starts conditioning us all with behaviours that lead to decisions being made that don’t necessarily reflect what we truly want or feel. Priceless learning!”  Freida, 45

Who is this for?

You identify with at least two of the following : 

  • You are 40+. 
  • You want to get to know who you are and what you want at this time of life – whether you feel that you have never really known or you are questioning what you have or what you thought you wanted. This could be in intimate relationships, sexually, in life or all of these.
  • You are ready to break patterns of people pleasing / looking after everyone else or finding it difficult to say ‘no’. 
  • You’re a workaholic, “busyaholic” or high achiever who is yearning for more fulfilment in intimacy. 
  • You want to feel more at ease with yourself, and in intimate relationships. 
  • You want to get better at communicating and making decisions.
  • You are in a time of transition whether an intimate relationship is getting started or has ended or you are dating/would like to date, or you may be approaching a big birthday, just had children or somewhere on your menopause journey and more.
  • You are in a relationship and you want to deepen the intimacy and connection you experience together. 
  • You are done with not enjoying sex and/or having low libido/desire and you have a hunch that not knowing what you want and/or not being able to communicate what you want is a key part of this.
  • There is a spark inside of you that is SO ready to embrace the next version of you and you are committed to showing up for this.
  • You would benefit from the support, structure and the magic that happens in a group. It is so deeply healing to be in a group of women exploring this together!

In this programme, there are many aspects that will enhance and inform your sex life, including will, desire, sensuality, your erotic energy and communication. It will not focus on sexual technique. Connect with Sarah to find out if this programme will be a match for your situation.

This course is not a good fit for you if you are in active trauma, you have mental health issues such as BPD or a history of psychosis, you’re looking for quick fixes whether that is for yourself or a current relationship, you want dating coaching strategies or a therapeutic or counselling approach. If you are unsure, reach out and we can have a chat. 

Programme format

  • Wednesday nights from 31st Jan to May 8th, 7pm -9pm UK time. (There are 14 sessions over a 15 week period as there will be 1 Wednesday during this time where we won’t be meeting – date TBC).
  • Sessions will include a mix of exercises, practices, teachings, sharing and movement. Supporting these explorations will be a range of beautiful, gentle yet powerful practices including lots of movement and embodiment, slowing down, stillness, rest and relaxation, ceremony, working with the seasons, The Wheel of Consent, The Gene Keys and Human Design, attachment styles, Taoist and Tantric erotic energy cultivation practices, shifting ancestral patterns, archetypes, Chi Gung, Breathwork and more.  
  • Private Facebook group for connecting, sharing, questions and deepening exploration.
  • Resources, worksheets and guided practices to deepen your learning. 
  • Access to recordings if you miss a live call or your want to revisit the content. These will be available for a minimum of 1 year.  
  • This will be for a small intimate group of 15 women maximum so that the group get to know each other and everyone gets individual support. 


Cost includes a 1.5 hour Gene Key & Human Design session with Sarah.


Early bird – £1097

4 instalments of £300

8 instalments of £150

12 instalments of £100
Early bird available until midnight Sunday 14th January. 

Regular price – £1197 

4 instalments of £330

8 instalments of £165

12 instalments of £110

Please note that you need your birth time for Human Design and the Gene Keys. If you don’t have an accurate birth time there is an additional cost of £55 (if you have an estimated birth time) or £99 (if you don’t know what time of day you were born). This is to work with a specialist who can investigate your birth time. 

Your Guide, Sarah Rose Bright

Love, Sex & Intimacy Coach and host of The Love, Sex & Intimacy Podcast 

Hi! I’m Sarah Rose Bright, Love, Sex and Intimacy Coach and host of the Love, Sex & Intimacy podcast and I help women & couples to truly enjoy sex and pleasure and create/deepen intimate relationships that are passionate, happy and healthy so that their lives can thrive. I have been featured across a range of media outlets including The Sunday Time Style Magazine, Marie Claire, iNews, Glamour Magazine, Huff Post, BBC Radio 5 and more. I am fascinated by our human potential and evolution and how we can flourish. I have studied and explored relationships and sex for 20 years and I am still learning.

Great intimate relationships and sex felt like a mystery to me, something I thought every one else was amazing at and wondered why it was such a struggle for me and I felt like a failure. I have spent years healing and learning about sexuality but there was a huge piece missing – intimacy. This was the piece I needed more than anything. 

When I accepted that I didn’t know how to create a great relationship, I spent 5 years single and I took this time to really get to know and accept myself as I was, to forgive myself, to trust myself and to truly love myself.

In my mid 40s, I met a man who I have now been with for 5 years and I am now experiencing the love and intimacy that I always believed in my heart was possible. It was scary as I committed to showing up differently in relationship – to not try and fit into my partner’s world or to try and change them. Instead to be honest, authentic and vulnerable, even when I would rather hide. As I navigated this new terrain, magic happened and we are in a relationship that gets better and better on every level. It’s not perfect. It’s crunchy at times but we are committed to ourselves and to each other and to growing and evolving together. My relationship is one of my greatest joys in life and it is my passion to help others find their most wonderful relationship – with themselves and with another.

Praise for Sarah’s programmes for women

If you are in a place where you are unsure of who you are as a woman, especially around your devotion to yourself and others and your intimacy and sexual comfort, with yourself and with others, then do not hesitate in connecting with Sarah. I almost nearly didn’t. And when I did I almost convinced myself that this wasn’t for me. But do it. I am so incredibly proud of myself for stepping into an unknown and letting it unfold. Currently I am feeling the benefits tenfold. Reach out and take the step. You’ll be held in a wonderful container and will learn so much that you never knew you needed to know. There will be something that will change the way you think of yourself or view yourself as a woman for ever. It really is the best gift I have given myself in a long time. And now I know my worth and I expect the very highest and best from others too. Life changing xx

Ruby, 48

Sarah is a wonderful facilitator and wise woman who creates a beautiful space to explore pleasure and what it means for you.  I loved this course and it came at a time in my life where having the anchor of a weekly group to journey with was a real gift.  I felt very able to go at the pace that felt right for me and never felt I wasn’t doing enough. One of the main things I learnt again and again was that I am enough. I always need reminding of this! There is so much incredible learning to be had, and amazing resources as part of the course. The power of being in a group with other women sharing with such intimacy is a so valuable. I’d love to do it again!

Caroline, 51

didn’t realise how ingrained in my personality it is to please everyone – personal and professional – and push myself to do too much, with very little time to check in on how I feel. You make so many decisions in life, learn to trust yourself – what do you want, what is your body telling you – and stop the default of I should, it’s expected, I need to, I was asked…The course reaches into so many aspects of life – personal (family, friends, intimate relationships) and professional – we should be taught this from a young age before life starts conditioning us all with behaviours that lead to decisions being made that don’t necessarily reflect what we truly want or feel. Priceless learning!

Freida, 45

Contact Sarah

Have you any questions?

 If you have any questions that are not answered in the FAQs below, please email Sarah.

Book a call with Sarah

If you would like to book a 30 minute call with Sarah to see if Intimacy Mastery is right for you, book here. If you cannot find a time that is good for you, email Sarah.


What if I can’t join the live sessions? This sessions will be recorded. Some of the practices will be done in pairs/small groups in breakout rooms and these parts won’t be recorded. 

How much time will I spend on the programme each week? In addition to the live sessions, there will be suggested home explorations and practices which can be woven into busy lives. A lot of the course is doing what you already do, just differently so that doesn’t need extra time. Ideally it is great to have at least 1 hour to explore the home practices. 

What kind of support is there? There will be a Facebook group for the duration of the live classes where participants can support and inspire each other.  You can ask Sarah questions in the Facebook group in between sessions. Sarah will be available UK time, 11-6pm Monday – Thursday and 11-5pm Friday

I would prefer private coaching with Sarah. Is that an option? If you would like private work, Sarah has a 6 month coaching programme for women. Email Sarah for more information.

I feel a little nervous about sharing about my personal life in a group. Is that normal? We promise you, you won’t be the only one feeling that! Women can understandably feel nervous about sharing around these subjects and this can be for many different reasons. Women are often surprised how they start to open and what a relief it can feel.  You will never be asked to share anything you don’t want to share or you are not ready to share – you make those decisions for yourself.  One of the many gifts women often share is that they realise that they are not alone and how liberating that can feel. 

I am nervous about being in a women’s circle. Do you think this programme is right for me? Some women have not had positive experiences of other women in their lives. We live in a culture where there is so much criticism, comparison and competitiveness.  The space created will be the opposite of that and over the years of running events for women, many women have shared how powerful and healing it has been to be in a women’s circle which values connection, community, celebration, respect and care for each other. 

I am not dating. Will this programme work for me? Yes. Sarah works with so many women to help to feel ready for dating/starting an intimate relationship. 

I am in a relationship and I am worried that doing this programme might affect that. What are your thoughts?  Women who are in relationship work with Sarah for many different reasons. Some women want to explore dynamics such as not feeling able to ask for what they want and without their partner it feels easier to do this.  They then take what they learn back to their relationship. It is a gentle process and it is space to explore patterns and dynamics so that you can experience deeper intimacy together. 

What are your T&Cs for this course? For T&Cs, visit the policies page.

Intimacy Mastery may feel like a big step to you and it may seem out of your comfort zone.  It did for many of the women who have worked with me and they were so glad they did.

A teacher once said to me, ‘you are your greatest project in this life’. This isn’t from a place of selfishness but from curiosity and reverence at the magic and mystery of life and what is possible. You are a treasure trove and as you let go of the things that take your energy and orient to what nourishes and matters to you, you will have more energy, you will feel happier, more confident, stronger and it will change how you experience intimate relationships, current and future.

This course weaves together the best of my twenty years of exploring intimacy, sexuality and pleasure and years of coaching and teaching 1000s of clients and students with powerful results.  Committing to Intimacy Mastery will offer you the knowledge, guidance and structure to make significant shifts in your relationship with yourself and your intimate relationships, current or future. I can’t wait to share this with you!

More Praise for Sarah’s programmes for women

I had no idea beforehand that I could so clearly feel a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ in my body and it has helped me to understand why I feel so resentful in my life when I do things I don’t want to because I am not being true to myself. Before this course I thought I didn’t have a clue what I wanted sexually and had zero confidence in asking for what I wanted. As a result of the course I feel much happier about the way forward. It has taken a lot of worry away.

Lyn, 48

This is a wonderful space to learn things you didn’t realise you needed to know! I’ve learned so much about who I am and what I’m capable of. I feel more connected to myself and my voice. The feeling of powerlessness that I had, doesn’t feel like it’s part of my identity anymore. It’s not what I expected! To have the guidance of an expert who is very grounded, accessible and caring, and doesn’t push a pressurising ‘sex goddess’ agenda is so valuable. It’s a rich opportunity to learn from other women and be inspired, and there is a lifetime’s worth of material to explore. If you want to connect more deeply to yourself, your pleasure, to let go of shame, and know you are enough, this is a great course.  So happy I invested in this course.

Sara, 57

I’ve been guided through a process I wouldn’t have been able to do on my own.

Polly, 54

I am more aware of my needs, and not everyone else’s, because I’ve spent so many years worrying about everyone else that is a big step. One of the biggest things that I’ve learned is the slowing down. And I would always feel really, really guilty because I take so long to have an orgasm or to get aroused. And I’d always felt really guilty while making love. And then I’d want to rush it and not really enjoy it. And that’s one of the biggest things I’ve learned is just slow down, just slow down and really enjoy it. I’m also asking for more and talking more to my husband about what I want as well and my needs and my desires.

Kath, 45

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