In this episode, I am joined by Lauren Ohayon. Lauren is the founder of “Restore Your Core” (RYC®) and creator of the RYC® method for resolving core and pelvic floor issues. 

I invited Lauren on the podcast as pelvic floor issues are so common and they can have a huge effect on how a woman experiences sex, pleasure and intimacy.  So many women experience issues like prolapse and incontinence and can feel fear and shame. 

To me, the saddest thing is that these issues are not talked about enough and so many of them are preventable. I know if I had had more knowledge I would not have experienced a prolapse so it is important to create space for these conversations. 

I personally came across Lauren’s work on my journey of healing my prolapse and found RYC to be such a well put together programme and I could feel the difference in my body from building the strength in my core. 

Whether you have pelvic floor concerns or you want to know how to look after your pelvic floor, there is something here for you. I am delighted to share Lauren’s work and her wisdom. 

Lauren shares:

  • The common issues that Lauren supports
  • How common pelvic floor issues are 
  • Why there is nothing to ‘fix’ when you have a pelvic floor issues
  • The difference between a ‘weak’ and a hypertonic pelvic floor 
  • How the healing journey can take time
  • What to do if you find you are not getting the support you would like from your doctor
  • Why so many women can take years to reach out for support
  • Restore Your Core’s unique ‘whole body’ approach to pelvic floor issues 
  • How Restore Your Core trainers support women to access their own ‘felt sense’
  • When a pelvic exam is appropriate 
  • How shame can impact pelvic floor issues
  • How to look after your pelvic floor 
  • Why the health of your core is so important
  • Advice on sex with a prolapse 

Lauren Ohayon is the founder of “Restore Your Core” (RYC®) and creator of the RYC® method. With more than two decades’ experience as an internationally renowned yoga and pilates instructor, Lauren focuses on resolving core and pelvic floor issues minus the “burn and shred” mentality. The Restore Your Core® program is a comprehensive and sustainable fitness program that empowers women who aim to be strong, long, mobile and functional. Restore Your Core® also boasts highly trained movement teachers around the world; from India to Alaska and Australia to North America and Europe. Lauren and the Restore Your Core® teachers are helping women across the globe to gain core strength, achieve ideal pelvic floor function, and learn to move efficiently and exercise optimally—in a safe and nurturing community-driven environment.



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